WordBirds Podcast to feature big-name content experts

WordBirds Podcast

Acrolinx, an AI-powered content software developer, has announced the launch of a new podcast for content creators, named the WordBirds Podcast.

According to Acrolinx, episodes will feature content experts from some of the largest global corporations. The following upcoming guests have just been named:

  • Megan Nixon, Senior Content Strategy Manager at Wayfair
  • Josh Duffney, Sr. Cloud Advocate at Microsoft
  • Cheryl Platz, Design Director at Riot Games
  • Anne Godbold, Non-Financial Risk Specialist at Accenture

The WordBirds Podcast will be hosted by Acrolinx CMO and Chief Pipeline Officer Christopher Willis.

“This podcast lets us do what we love doing – talk about great content and how to make it. And it enables us to gain insights from leaders of some of the world’s top enterprises,” said Willis.

The podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major platforms.

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