Best Value Investing Podcasts (for the serious value investor)

Best Value Investing Podcasts
Legendary value investor, Warren Buffet.

Unleash your inner Warren Buffett, it’s time to go hunting for value.

Finding cheap, under-appreciated stocks that the majority of other investors are ignoring (a.k.a. value investing) is proven to be one of the best long-term investing strategies.

But it takes skill. There are a lot of stocks trading on low valuations for a reason – they’re shot!

So, check out these value investing podcasts if you want to master the art of fundamental analysis, stock market valuations, and investing with a contrarian mindset.

The Best Value Investing Podcasts

The Acquirers Podcast

Value Investing Podcast

The Acquirers Podcast is for serious value investors and stock market geeks. It’s an authentic conversational-style podcast between three finance guys who met… wait for it… at a Berkshire Hathaway meeting.

They are Tobias Carlisle, Bill Brewster, and Jake Taylor.

Tobias Carlisle is the founder and managing director of an L.A.-based deep value investment management firm, and he also happens to be the author of multiple value investing books.

Bill Brewster is a prominent stock market commentator and the founder of Sullimar Capital Group. While Jake Taylor is the CEO of the Buffet-inspired investment firm, Farnham Street Investments.

During episodes that usually run for around one hour, the trio will venture down stock market rabbit holes to a place where few other podcasts dare. They discuss all manner of financial ratios and valuation metrics and deep dive into their views on stocks, macroeconomics, and topical issues in the world of finance. Plus, you’ll regularly hear intriguing insights from books the hosts have been reading and discussions surrounding listener questions and comments.

Expert guests will occasionally join the show too.

If you’re a passionate value investor, you’ll love The Acquirers Podcast.

Value Hive Podcast

Value Investing Podcast

Value Hive features exceptional interviews with an unparalleled calibre of expert investors and market strategists, all with a value-style bent. Subscribers are sure to get interesting investing ideas and new perspectives on the stock market.

A unique feature of the Value Hive Podcast is episodes labelled Investor Audibles. In these episodes, the Value Hive team access the investor letters and updates of prominent institutional asset managers, and they are read word-for-word for listeners.

The host, Brandon Beylo is a professional value investor and the co-fonder of a market research platform called Macro Ops. He also happens to be a first-class podcast host and interviewer.

New episodes are released at least once a week.

Yet Another Value Podcast

Value Investing Podcast

Of all the podcasts on this list, Yet Another Value Podcast, is where you’ll get some of the most stock-specific analysis. In most episodes, host Andrew Walker speaks to fund managers and other experts about a stock idea they believe offers a compelling value investing opportunity.

Through episodes that usually run for around one hour, you’ll hear Andrew and the guest dive into the investment case, company fundamentals, valuations, competitors, and much more.

There are few places you’ll get better analysis of individual value stocks – many of them, under-the-radar, and unloved by the broader market. Just the type of companies true value investors live for.

Andrew is a portfolio manager himself, and a chartered financial analyst. Throughout his career, he’s been employed by the likes of JP Morgan and McKinsey and Company. He brings great knowledge and high energy to the show.

At the end of each episode, you may just have a new portfolio addition… But as they always say… Not financial advice, do your own research!

After Dinner Investor

Value Investing Podcast

This is predominately a solo podcast containing the stock market musings of host Jason Rothman, but from time to time Jason will release interviews with special guests.

Jason describes the show as “a value investing podcast on the hunt for no-brainer stock investments.” That gives you a good idea of what you can expect.

But it does go further. Jason is a complete ‘open book’. He shares his personal stock market portfolio on his blog and will discuss his own portfolio positioning, justifications for his investing decisions, and the value investing ideas he’s considering next.

New episodes are recorded every Saturday night (after Jason has his dinner). Definitely a show worth checking out if you’re keen on new value-investing ideas and analysis.

Good Value

Value Investing Podcast

Good Value is a podcast hosted by Alison Savas, a portfolio manager at a multi-billion dollar Australian value investing firm known as Antipodes. This podcast provides a unique insight into the thinking and strategy behind a large and respected institutional asset manager.

Alison is joined by other portfolio managers and analysts for discussions about the stocks, sectors and countries the firm is investing in (and avoiding), along with analysis on key macro themes, industry trends and other topical issues. The podcast also attracts interviews with some big-name executives from companies that Antipodes invests in.

New episodes are published once a month. They run for 20-30 minutes and are jam-packed with insights that can help any value investor navigate the markets.

If you’ve been through this list of value investing podcasts but still want more, check out our article on the best stock markets podcasts for 2023.

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