Top Christian Podcasts to Transform your Life in 2024

Top Christian Podcasts

Selecting a list of the Top Christian Podcasts of 2024 was no easy task. There are literally thousands of them out there and, as a Christian myself, I can confidently tell you that many simply aren’t worth your time.

So, when I conducted my comprehensive research, I looked for shows that will not only hold your attention, but bring value to your life.

My judging criteria included the following:

  • Biblical soundness: Shows grounded in scriptural truth.
  • Production quality: Well-made, easy to listen to.
  • Host knowledge: Insightful, experienced Christian perspectives.
  • Relevance: Discussing topics applicable to modern Christian living.
  • Positivity: Uplifting, inspirational tone and messages.
  • Accessibility: Appeal to a wide Christian audience from various backgrounds.
  • Engaging format: Dynamic conversations, interesting delivery of ideas.
  • Transformative: Sparks self-reflection and spiritual growth in listeners.

I understand that each person who views this list will be looking for a Christian podcast that can offer help and advice specific to their unique situation. For this reason, I’ve tried to select a diverse range of shows.

Whether you want to rekindle your relationship with god, save a struggling marriage, or help a friend understand your beliefs, there will be a Christian podcast for you!

What are the top Christian Podcasts?

16. The Plugged-In Show

Top Christian Podcasts - The Plugged-In Show

The Plugged-In Show podcast from Christian group Focus on the Family offers families biblically-grounded insights on entertainment and pop culture.

These days, it can be very difficult to know which media is worth consuming, but Plugged-In does the analytical work for listeners, with each episode providing reviews of movies, music and TV shows through a Christian lens.

The hosts aim to help believers to make responsible choices as they navigate today’s ever-changing media landscape! Well worth a listen if this is something that concerns you and your family.

15. Christian Podcasts – Sermons by Mike Mazzalongo and Jon Arvin

Top Christian Podcasts - Sermons by Mike Mazzalongo and Jon Arvin

Recorded during worship services at the Choctaw Church of Christ, these weekly sermons tackle a variety of biblical texts and topics relevant to modern Christian living.

Delivered with passion and clarity, Mike Mazzalongo and Jon Arvin take complex theological ideas and make them easy to understand.

Their messages aim to encourage growth in faith, knowledge of scripture, and advice on developing a personal relationship with God. Listeners appreciate the balance of intellectual exploration and practical application.

14. Teach Us to Pray

Top Christian Podcasts - Teach Us to Pray

Hosted by author and speaker Christina Patterson, this weekly podcast provides practical biblical teaching on prayer.

With grace and wisdom, Patterson equips listeners with insights and tools to revitalize their conversations with God. Episodes offer encouragement, address common struggles, and explore various prayer methods and disciplines.

Patterson’s relatable style makes her guidance accessible for new and mature believers alike. Listeners appreciate the balance of biblical foundation and real-life application tailored for everyday prayer.

For inspiration and guidance to enrich your prayer journey, Teach Us to Pray is a great option!

13. Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Hosted by author and speaker Jennifer Slattery, the Faith Over Fear podcast delivers weekly inspiration for devout Christians.

With authenticity and grace, Slattery shares biblical wisdom, personal stories, and practical tips to help Christians cling to hope in difficult times.

Episodes tackle feelings such as anxiety, worry and insecurity by steering listeners to scriptural truths that dispel fear.

Slattery offers compassionate counsel, reminding believers of God’s presence and power when things seem overwhelming.

12. Lead Stories Podcast

Top Christian Podcasts - Lead Stories Podcast

Blending inspiration and practicality, Lead Stories equips Christian women to live out their faith.

Hosted by authors Jo Saxton and Steph O’Brien, this podcast explores leadership, influence, and purpose from a biblical perspective. With warmth and wisdom, Saxton and O’Brien engage listeners through timely teaching and empowering conversations.

Recent topics include stewarding emotions, cultivating diversity and balancing ambition. Their thoughtful insights faith shine light on challenges women face.

Lead Stories offers a rich space for women to grow in influence and impact for Christ.

11. Compared to Who? A Biblical Approach to Body Image

Top Christian Podcasts - Compared to Who? A Biblical Approach to Body Image

For Christian women exhausted by constant body comparisons and the associated negativity, Compared to Who? uses biblical truths to transform how you see yourself.

Having battled the scale and the mirror for decades, host Heather Creekmore knows firsthand the struggles women can have with appearance and self-worth. But now, she now helps others break free.

Each refreshingly honest episode confronts topics many shy away from, including body shame, dysmorphia, disordered eating, weight loss and aging insecurities.

Listeners appreciate Creekmore’s relatable candor and humor as she speaks powerfully to our deepest selves!

10. How to Study the Bible

Top Christian Podcasts - How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible is high on our list of the top Christian bodcasts for its practical guidance and advice.

Hosted by pastor and Bible teacher Nicole Unice, the show provides a road map for understanding and interpreting the Bible and how scripture can be applied to the listener’s every fay life.

Unice’s upbeat energy and gift for storytelling makes for compelling listening as she manages to unpack complex ideas in a simple way.

9. Compelled – Christian Stories & Testimonies

Top Christian Podcasts - Compelled - Christian Stories & Testimonies

This show highlights the powerful, real-life testimonies of Christians around the world who are living out their beliefs.

From a Marine returned from Afghanistan to a young woman rescued from sex trafficking, their candid stories reveal Christianity as a transformative way of life beyond just Sunday devotion.

Compelled offers a persuasive apologetic for the gospel through this diverse mosaic of lives changed by Christ.

Listeners will find their own faith strengthened and perspective expanded through these courageous, heartfelt testimonies of Christianity compelling people toward purpose and service.

8. Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

Top Christian Podcasts - Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

The Cold-Case Christianity podcast, hosted by J. Warner Wallace, provides insightful discussions about the historical evidence for Christianity.

As a cold-case homicide detective, Wallace approaches Christianity using his detective skills, analyzing the gospel accounts and early Christian writings as eyewitness testimony.

Each episode tackles a different topic related to Christian apologetics, from the reliability of the New Testament to the resurrection of Jesus.

Wallace interviews Christian apologists and scholars, examining arguments and evidence in a thoughtful, rational way. For those seeking an intelligent Christian perspective and reasoned defense of the faith, the Cold-Case Christianity podcast is a superb listen.

7. Daily Grace

Top Christian Podcasts - Daily Grace

For women hungry for substantive Bible teaching, Daily Grace satisfies.

Hosted by Kristin Schmucker, the show blends rich theology and practical study methods and helps listeners mine scripture for transformational insights. Schmucker’s relatable style and ability to simplify complex concepts opens the Bible’s wisdom to all.

Listeners find nourishment in the shows blend of intellectual and emotional depth.

6. The Holy Post

Top Christian Podcasts - The Holy post

The Holy Post podcast, hosted by Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani, offers an entertaining yet thoughtful Christian perspective on pop culture and theology.

With humor and wit, Vischer and Jethani tackle topics ranging from Christianity in politics and social media to challenges facing the modern church.

Each episode provides intelligent yet accessible conversations about living an engaged Christian life in a post-Christian world.

From dissecting the latest films and music to discussing current events, The Holy Post challenges listeners to examine pop culture through a biblical lens. For those seeking timely cultural analysis from a Christian viewpoint, The Holy Post delivers entertaining insight.

5. Ask Pastor John

Top Christian Podcasts - Ask Pastor John

Ask Pastor John, hosted by renowned theologian John Piper, provides biblical wisdom and perspective to listeners’ questions about the Christian faith.

With compassion and knowledge, Piper addresses practical topics from singleness to evangelism to doctrinal issues, grounding his answers in scripture.

Each episode feels like sitting down for a chat with a trusted mentor, as Piper thoughtfully engages with complex aspects of following Jesus.

For those seeking guidance on applying the gospel to everyday challenges, Ask Pastor John offers truth and grace. This podcast is a helpful resource for gaining insight on the Christian life from a theological legend.

4. That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Top Christian Podcasts - That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs offers a fun and uplifting listen for Christians seeking positivity and spiritual growth.

Downs infuses humor and energetic curiosity into faith-centered conversations with a diverse range of Christian authors, speakers, and artists.

Her friendly demeanor creates an approachable space to explore topics from friendship to pop culture from a biblical perspective.

For a dose of joy and inspiration anchored in the Christian faith, That Sounds Fun provides an enjoyable escape. Downs’ infectious enthusiasm and knack for mixing faith and fun makes this a delightful podcast.

3. WHOA That’s Good Podcast

Top Christian Podcasts - WHOA That's Good Podcast

WHOA That’s Good Podcast features uplifting conversations with celebrities and public figures from a Christian perspective.

Host Sadie Robertson engages guests ranging from authors to athletes to actors, asking a simple but profound question – what’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Their thought-provoking answers provide inspirational takeaways for young Christian audiences.

Robertson’s friendly and relatable interview style creates an intimate, conversational vibe. For those looking to hear stories of growth and wisdom from their favorite stars grounded in biblical values, WHOA That’s Good is definitely a top christian podcast!

2. BibleProject

Top Christian Podcasts - BibleProject

The BibleProject podcast provides accessible yet in-depth discussions about biblical texts and theology.

Hosts Tim Mackie and Jon Collins create an engaging learning experience for listeners of all backgrounds. Their upbeat banter and dynamic teaching style bring the Bible to life as they expound on its narratives, themes, and connections to theology.

For those seeking a better understanding of the overarching story and meaning behind scripture, The BibleProject podcast delivers essential insights in an entertaining format.

Their unique blend of conversation, illustrations, and videos makes biblical study refreshing and illuminating. This is a top christian podcast for grasping the big picture of the Bible.

1. The Catechism in a Year Podcast

Top Christian Podcasts - The Catechism in a Year Podcast

Ascension’s ‘The Catechism in a Year’ podcast has captivated listeners worldwide, at one stage holding the #1 spot on Apple ahead of major shows like Dateline and Crime Junkie.

Hosted by Fr. Mike Schmitz, the show guides listeners through the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church in 365 episodes. Yes, that’s one for every day of the year.

Whilst the episodes were launched throughout 2023, they are timeless and can be consumed from Episode 1 right now if you wish!

With over 430 million downloads and described as radiating “strong Ted Lasso vibes” by the New York Times, Fr. Schmitz makes comprehending Catholic theology warmly accessible.

His explanation and reflection on each Catechism reading provides education and inspiration for spiritual growth.

As Christian affiliation declines in America, this podcast’s broad appeal affirms an ongoing hunger for traditional Catholic teaching. Listeners appreciate how Fr. Schmitz and Ascension Press make absorbing the faith’s intricate tenets feel achievable amidst busy modern life.

Enjoy our Top Christian Podcasts!

The vibrant world of Christian podcasting offers a wealth of wisdom, community, and inspiration to deepen your faith.

My hope is that in the list of the top christian podcasts, you can discover new voices and perspectives to enrich your relationship with God.

Let the hosts stir your mind to learn, soften your heart to serve, and point you always to the transforming work Jesus wants to do in and through you.

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