The most popular podcast host (by a long way) in February 2024

most popular podcast host

It’s not difficult for podcast hosts to spin market share data in order to create a more favourable picture for themselves. However, looking at share of new episodes provides a fairly objective way to compare platforms.

It removes ambiguity that can arise from the hosting of millions of inactive shows.

This is the method podcast data company Livewire Labs has employed in order to reveal the most popular podcast host.

Livewire Labs independently verifies every single new podcast episode published (that was around 1.7 million in February 2024) and identifies which podcast hosting company it belongs to.

“We use the actual media file url (ignoring any non-host tracking redirects) to identify the host. It is not based on the feed url domain, which can often undercount hosts that offer custom domains,” says Livewire Labs analyst John Spurlock.

“In cases where a retail podcast host uses another podcast host to serve the audio, we credit the first host. In cases where a podcast migrates from one host to new host, we credit the new host. In general, the intent is to identify the podcast host the podcaster would say they are dealing with.”

The most popular podcast host in February 2024 was by far Spotify for Podcasters with an extraordinary market share of 31.2%.

The top ten most popular podcast hosts (ordered by new episodes published during the month) according to Livewire Labs is as follows.

  1. Spotify for Podcasters 31.2%
  2. Buzzsprout 8.8%
  3. Spreaker 4.7%
  4. Omny Studio 4.2%
  5. Megaphone 4.1%
  6. Podbean 3.9%
  7. Libsyn 3.7%
  8. Soundcloud 2.8%
  9. 2.2%
  10. Acast 2.2%

Other host including Simplecast, iVoox, Transistor, and Captivate narrowly missed out on a top 10 spot.

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