The Catholic podcast dominating U.S. charts early in 2023

The catechism in a year

The American Apple Podcast charts early in 2023 have been dominated by a somewhat unlikely show.

The Catechism in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz), has held the coveted top position on Apple for 5 days and counting, ahead of major podcasts like NBC’s Dateline, Crime Junkie, and NPR.

The Catholic podcast, produced by Ascension Press, is the sequel to the The Bible in a year (with Fr. Mick Schmitz) which was also a top podcast early in 2021, and has now been downloaded 430 million times.

Podcast host, Fr. Mike Schmitz has been described by the New York Times Magazine as “an affable 48-year-old Midwesterner who exudes strong Ted Lasso vibes.”

He works fulltime as a Catholic priest and campus minister for the University of Minnesota Duluth, as well as for his diocesan office for young adult ministry.

“As Christian affiliation declines across American society, it is notable that the top podcast on Apple at the beginning of 2023 is focused on guiding listeners through a traditional Catholic text,” said podcast producer Ascension’s president and CEO, Jonathan Strate.

“To have a podcast about the Catechism of the Catholic Church reach #1 in the United States in all categories is an astonishing moment for the Catholic Church.”

The Catechism in a Year will have 365 20-minute daily episodes throughout 2023, with host Fr. Mike Schmitz reading every line of the Catechism, and adding his own short prayers and reflections.

According to Ascension Press, special bonus episodes will feature Catholic leaders and experts Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Jeff Cavins, Dr. Mary Healy, and Sr. Miriam James Heidland.

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