10 Spooky Podcasts for Halloween

This list was contributed by Holly Brown from Tink Media.

Halloween is here, which means it’s the perfect time to get into the spirit of the season with some spine-tingling podcasts.

Whether you’re hosting a spooky party, braving a haunted house, or just looking to give yourself chills while going about your daily routine, these 10 spooky podcasts are sure to put you in the Halloween mood.

From narratives of urban legends and unsolved mysteries to immersive fictional horror stories, this list has something for all thrill-seekers.

Turn down the lights, queue up an episode or two, and prepare for a frighteningly fun time. With Halloween just days away, these podcasts are your ticket to all things creepy, eerie, and downright scary before All Hallow’s Eve arrives.

Listen if you dare!

10 Most Spooky Podcasts

Let’s Make A Horror

Spooky Podcasts - Let’s Make A Horror

Let’s Make A Horror is the latest podcast from the team behind the Webby award-winning Let’s Make A Sci-Fi and the New Yorker’s Best Podcast of 2022, Let’s Make A Rom-Com. In this third season, comedians Mark Chavez, Maddy Kelly, and Ryan Beil blend humor with terror as they explore what it takes to make a horror movie.

Over 10 episodes, they chat with Hollywood writers, directors, and enthusiasts, unearthing their deepest fears and crafting their own spine-tingling short film. It’s a unique look into the dedication and hard work required to create compelling scary stories. Whether you’re a horror aficionado or just seeking a good laugh while unraveling the mysteries of horror storytelling, this podcast is a must-listen.


Spooky Podcasts - Eerie

EERIE is an electrifying 8-episode anthology audio series featuring original horror stories, bound to quicken your pulse. Hosted and crafted by author Anna Bogutskaya and featuring contemporary voices in horror from literature, film, and TV, each story delivers a unique brand of fear – from the haunting to the grotesque, tailored to satisfy various terror thresholds.

Whether you’re a seasoned horror enthusiast or someone in search of a new experience, this show immerses you in a world where every creak and rustle will make you question if you’re truly alone.

Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest

Spooky Podcasts - Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest

Step into the whimsical world of Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest, where bestselling author Adam Gidwitz weaves captivating retellings of classic fairy tales for an audience of curious kids. What I love most about this show is that it empowers the kids to take control of their own comfort levels with scary stories through their grim, grimmer, grimmest scale.

The interactions between Adam and the kids listening is such a fun added element –  you can join them in anticipating plot twists, hear them share their perspectives, and even crack a joke or two. The stories, rooted in European folklore, frequently feature characters facing challenges, displaying bravery, and navigating fantastical worlds. Listen as a family or let your child take these spooky stories into their own hands. 

Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

Spooky Podcasts - Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

Spooked unveils real-life supernatural encounters, narrated by those who experienced these eerie events firsthand and can hardly believe it themselves.. Produced by Snap Judgment Studios in partnership with KQED and PRX, the podcast is hosted by Glynn Washington.

The stories are not only fantastic but, at times, bone-chillingly terrifying. Glynn is an exceptional host whose storytelling I could listen to endlessly. The production quality is top-notch, and I’ve gotten goosebumps countless times from Glynn’s touching, vulnerable, and insightful narratives from his own life.


Spooky Podcasts - Palimpsest

Palimpsest is a captivating audio drama exploring memory, identity, and the haunting aspects of our lives. Each season offers a unique and self-contained story, blurring the lines between horror, fantasy, and psychological realism. The podcast is a slow burn, so if you have any skepticism at the beginning, you will soon be absolutely hooked.

The voice acting adds a compelling layer, and the stories are incredibly eerie, filled with unexpected twists and turns. Palimpsest has a way of reminding us that every memory, every piece of the past we remember, is like encountering a ghost. It’s a great time to start listening – season 5 has just dropped! 

Hi Nay

Spooky Podcasts - Hi Nay

Hi Nay, which translates to “Hi Mom,” is a supernatural horror fiction podcast centered around Mari Datuin, a Filipina-Canadian immigrant. Mari’s family background as a babaylan, a religious and spiritual leader, unintentionally draws her into a world of perilous supernatural events in Toronto.

It combines Filipino folklore and lore-building and strives to place the spotlight firmly on the minority character. One thing I love about this show is it’s LGBTQIA+ representation, effortlessly featuring queer characters without making it a focal point because that’s just show they are. It’s engaging, refreshing and gripping. 

A Funny Feeling

Spooky Podcasts - A Funny Feeling

A Funny Feeling is the perfect blend of comedy and the paranormal, as hosts and comedians Betsy Sodaro and Marcy Jarreau share true ghostly encounters and spooky tales from their listeners and celebrity guests.

Regardless of your beliefs in the supernatural, this podcast is a delightful treat for anyone who enjoys two hosts with fantastic chemistry discussing their shared excitement. With an engaging dynamic, entertaining stories, and a charming lineup of guests, it’s easy to get hooked on this podcast. Don’t miss out on the hosts’ non-judgmental and hilarious take on all things spooky!

Ghost Town: Strange History, True Crime, & the Paranormal

Spooky Podcasts - Ghost Town: Strange History, True Crime, & the Paranormal

If you’re into mysteries and have a knack for history, Ghost Town is the podcast you didn’t know you needed. Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib, the hosts, are like a tag team of curiosity and wit. They bring you stories that range from chilling paranormal encounters to the most perplexing historical events.

It’s like a thrilling journey through time and the unexplained. With their engaging storytelling, you’ll be hooked from the get-go. If you’re looking for a podcast that’ll both entertain and educate, Ghost Town is the hidden gem you’ve been searching for!

Death By Dying

Death By Dying

Death by Dying is like a darkly hilarious roller coaster ride into the absurd. Imagine the Obituary Writer of Crestfall, Idaho, who’s just supposed to be penning obituaries, stumbling into a web of strange and mysterious deaths.

From murderous farmers to man-eating cats, haunted bicycles, and eerie shadows, this show is a thrilling blend of mystery and black comedy. It’s the kind of fiction podcast that keeps you guessing and laughing all at once.

Monstrous Agonies

Spooky Podcasts - Monstrous Agonies

This radio write-in/call-in show for the supernatural and the monstrous offers advice on relationships, career, self-image, and more. Monstrous Agonies is the podcast that adds a supernatural twist to everyday advice. It’s like tuning into a radio show for creatures of all kinds, including werewolves in the doghouse and new ghouls at work.

Despite its playful premise, this podcast offers genuine pearls of wisdom. It explores why those on the fringes often relate more to the world of monsters than to mainstream society. With its unique blend of humor and insightful advice, Monstrous Agonies is a delightful and thought-provoking listen this Halloween.

Enjoy your Halloween!

With this sinister selection of podcasts, you’ll have plenty of bone-chilling listening to fill the dark days leading up to Halloween night.

Whether you opt for true tales of the paranormal and unexplained, immersive horror fiction, or just some good old campfire scares, these podcasts will deliver frightful fun and help set the mood for a spook-tacular holiday.

Just be sure to leave a light on and don’t listen alone because some of these stories may haunt you long after Halloween has passed!

However you choose to celebrate the season, let this list of creepy podcasts provide the backdrop for a scary good time.

Happy halloween!

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