Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts for 2024

social media marketing podcasts

Social media networks are now such a huge part of our lives, it’s not a surprise you’ve come looking for the best social media marketing podcasts for 2024!

More than 59% of the world population or 5.7 billion people are present on social media according to SmartInsights. Further, the data shows social media users spend roughly two and a half hours each day on platforms.

Getting in from of a valuable audience is key to marketing, so consequently, social media has now become a core marketing pillar for companies big and small.

Very few marketing strategies today are complete without including at least one social media channel.

But where do you start?

If you are looking to expand your business’s footprint online via social media, gathering tips and advice from experts in this area is vital. 

To give you a hand, we analysed dozens of social media marketing podcasts in order to compile this list of the very best.

What are the Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts for 2024?

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social media marketing podcasts

Overview: 550+ episodes, published weekly and having a duration of 40-50 min.

Who: This is Social Media Examiner’s show, a prestigious player in the social media industry for over a decade now, and has been on-air since 2012. 

The host is Michael Stelzner, the founder of Social Media Examiner. 

Each podcast features an interview with marketing experts and pro leaders that have huge success with their social media strategies. Among the panelists, you can listen to are Pat Flynn, Ann Handley, Jeff Oxford, Melanie Deziel, Andrea Vahl, etc.

What: The podcast is first and foremost dedicated to real social media tactics and strategies that bring results. Offers insightful success stories and tips to optimize your social media efforts. And your overall marketing. 

You can expect subjects like video strategies, Instagram strategy audit, Facebook ads, how to generate leads with Youtube, how to sell more on Instagram, how to grow your influence on TikTok, and many more.

Social Pros Podcast

Social media marketing podcasts

Overview: 480+ episodes, published weekly, having a length of about 40 min.

Who: Social Pros is a podcast from the Convince & Convert team. The hosts are Anna Hrach and Daniel Lemin. 

In each episode, they interview social media specialists and experts from leading companies that live and breathe social media, daily practitioners that reveal their strategies, tips, and tricks

What: This show depicts all things social media, from tactics and best practices to trends, challenges, and keys to success.

It showcases strong social media strategies and ways to make them work for your business, and how to get an edge over competitors. All these are delivered by social media pros from a large variety of industries. 

The interviewees are social media marketers from companies like Twitter, Ford, Sanofi, IBM, Reddit, Peloton, etc. Each episode is closed with two sharp questions that require a pro answer from the invited guest. 

The Science of Social Media

Social media marketing podcasts

Overview: 180 episodes, usually published weekly, with a length between 10 and 20 min.

Who: “The Science of Social Media” is a show hosted by the Buffer team. Buffer develops and manages a popular social media scheduler. And it comes naturally that they are social media, subject experts. 

Even if their publishing schedule was inconsistent last year, having 25,000 weekly listeners is not an audience to neglect. And we suppose they will continue to publish their podcast on a more regular basis from now on.

What: If social media is a topic that interests you, this show will bring you real benefits. Listen to product managers and other experts from Buffer answering questions and depicting tactics and strategies that work today in the social media environment. 

Learn how to build a brand, promote a small business, how to overcome budget restrictions, and the secrets of the most prominent social media networks. 

The Foundr Podcast with Nathan Chan

Social media marketing podcasts

Overview: Almost 400 episodes, published weekly, with a length between 40 min and 1 h.

Who: As the name indicates this is a podcast from Foundr, a well-known entrepreneurship magazine, and educational company. It is hosted by Nathan Chan its founder. 

And it found its place on our list of best social media marketing podcasts in 2024 as they first found great success on social media and they sell premium social media courses. 

Get the opportunity to learn from our era’s marketing giants: Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Jim Kwik, Mark Cuban, Sophia Amoruso, and Pat Flynn, among others.

What: In short, this is the go-to show to learn from the best in terms of entrepreneurship and hugely successful marketing.

You’ll get answered questions like how to start a business, how to get more customers, how to promote your business, and how to scale a business. 

And review lots of case studies from highly successful entrepreneurs revealing their failures, processes, challenges, and polished strategies that got them massive impact and global fame. 

Build Your Tribe | Grow Your Business with Social Media

Social media marketing podcasts

Overview: 650+ episodes, publishing several times a week, and a length between 10 and 25 min.

Who: Your hosts are the serial entrepreneur, business coach, and New York Times Best Selling Author Chalene Johnson together with Brock Johnson, her son, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist.

 The show aims to teach its listeners how to use social media platforms to expand their reach and grow their business, or just how to make some extra income. 

Each episode shares expert perspectives packed with actionable tips and tested strategies. 

What: If you are interested in adding additional streams of income using social media, this is your show. 

No matter if you plan to bring your business to the next level or just start a side hustle.

You will find out pro tips on how to build a social media following, how to share your story, how to increase engagement, how to convert followers into paying clients, apps to use for your social media, trends, updates, etc.  

You might find more podcasts to help your online marketing efforts in our list of best digital marketing podcasts for 2024.

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