Side hustle podcast to reveal celebrity entrepreneurial stories

Canadian serial entrepreneur, author, and recording artist Brad Woodgate has joined forces with podcaster and global media personality Dr. Rod Berger to launch the ‘B-Rad Side Hustle Podcast’.

The new podcast will share the entrepreneurial stories of celebrities, influencers, athletes and musicians, aiming to highlight the importance of side hustles, and provide insights into the process in which they develop.

“There is no such thing as just being an athlete, actor/actress or musician you are a walking brand… And with that brand comes a lot of side hustle opportunities. Some fail, some are enormously successful, and that’s what this new podcast will uncover with each guest,” said Brad Woodgate, speaking on the launch of the podcast.

“There’s an entrepreneur in all of us, and sometimes it just takes the story of a beloved icon to inspire us to take that chance or risk we’ve always wanted to take.

“What you will see with each guest is a vulnerability like they’ve never shown before, as their side hustle is something they are learning on the spot based on the new opportunities in front of them. 

“Many succeed, but many fail, just like all of us in entrepreneurship. We want to create a community where we can grow and learn from each other.”

In 2020, over 45% of Americans started a side hustle, with 15% making over $1,500 a month.

The B-Rad Side Hustle podcast will be available on all platforms from March 2023.

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