‘Serial’ Returns for a Tenth Anniversary Season on Guantanamo

New Serial Series

The hit podcast ‘Serial’ is returning for a tenth anniversary season on March 28th with a nine-episode deep dive into the history of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Hosted by Sarah Koenig and produced by Dana Chivvis, Season 4 of ‘Serial’ promises to use intimate interviews to provide a human perspective on a deeply controversial site.

“It’s fitting that this show is coming out on Serial’s 10th anniversary, because we’ve been trying to make a show about Guantanamo for almost a decade,” said Sarah Koenig.

“Dana and I tried for years to figure out how to make a story that captures what it’s really like there for the people caught inside this massive, flawed experiment – not just the prisoners, but also the staff who built it and ran it.

“For so long, all the best stories we heard were off the record. But now people are ready to talk.”

Sarah Koenig Podcaster
Podcaster Sarah Koenig has worked with Dana Chivvis on ‘Serial’

The new season sees Koenig and Chivvis speak to more than 100 people intimately connected to Guantanamo. They include former prisoners, guards, interrogators, commanders, lawyers, chaplains and translators.

The first two episodes of ‘Serial’ Season 4 launch March 28th, with subsequent episodes released weekly. Listeners can subscribe through any major podcast platform or directly through the New York Times Audio app.

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