Looking for a Real Estate Investing Podcast? We’ve Uncovered the Best For You!

Real estate investing podcasts

Ninety per cent of millionaires became so, through owning real estate

That’s a quote we found on the internet. And no, we haven’t fact-checked it.

We’re sure though, you’ll find some far better-researched information in a real estate investing podcast below. This list features podcasts suitable for all types of real estate investors – from the beginner to the property tycoon.

We’ve compiled what we see at the best real estate investing podcasts, taking into account the calibre of information and tips provided on the shows, the expertise of hosts and guests, along with podcast production and format.

What are the Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts?

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Real Estate Investing Podcast

The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is a long-running authority in the real estate investing podcasting landscape. It is hosted by successful U.S. real estate investors, David Greene and Rob Abasolo.

This podcast really has it all. Once a week, in episodes labelled Seeing Greene, David takes questions from listeners. These turn into in-depth coaching calls as David provides guidance on solving challenges in real estate investing and shares practical, actionable tips for investors.

In other episodes, hear Rob and David interview expert guests on their pathway to real estate investing success and the duo also break down topical issues in the world of property.

New podcasts drop every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday and usually run for around one hour.

This podcast also features in Podbam’s Best Podcasts for Investing in 2023 list.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show

Real Estate Investing Podcast

This podcast’s content does live up to its bold name.

The podcast is hosted by Joe Fairless, the type of guy you want to listen to if you’re serious about real estate investing. He’s the co-founder of Ashcroft Capital, an investment firm which boast a real estate portfolio valued at over $2 billion.

Joe has been hosting this podcast since its launch in 2014, and new episodes drop daily. Given Joe’s prominence in the U.S. real estate industry, he gets big-name guests on his show who all provide pragmatics tips and advice, without hype or fluff.

Joe also shares his knowledge and experience with listeners, and after almost a decade of podcasting, he’s a natural host.

RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast

Real Estate Investing Podcast

Each week, the hosts of RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast, Mayu Thava & Austin Yeh, tap into the knowledge and experience of a diverse range of expert real estate investors.

What great about this podcast is the diversity of the guests it attracts. They all open listeners’ minds to the multitude of different ways that anyone can break into the real estate game.

Who are Mayu and Austin? Both are respected Canadian real estate entrepreneurs, with backgrounds in finance and banking. Mayu is Chartered Professional Accountant, while Austin quit his job as a commercial banker to become a full time real estate investor.

Real Estate Investing with Coach Carson

In mostly solo podcast episodes of around 20-30 minutes, Chad Carson, shares tips and strategies to help listeners achieve financial independence through real estate investing. Occasionally Chad also interviews guests with expertise in real estate investing and personal development.

Chad operates a real estate investing firm in South Carolina and is the author of a book titled “Retire Early in Real Estate”.

The podcast is a great listen for anyone seeking ways to solidify their financial well-being through real estate.

Investing in the U.S.

Real Estate Investing Podcast

Investing in the U.S. has a focus on real estate, business and entrepreneurship, but there is a clear skew to the real estate sector which is why this podcasts gains a mention in this list. The host is Reed Goossens, an LA-based multi-family real estate investor and best-selling author.

This is great podcast if you want to hear success stories from a range of different real estate investors and be inspired on your investing journey. Additionally, some guest will also share advice on broader themes such as entrepreneurship, mindset, and business and marketing.

New interviews are released once a week.

The Real Estate Investing Podcast

Real Estate Investing Podcast

Ron and Daniel Apke are brothers, business partners and co-hosts of this podcast. They claim to have bought and sold over 500 properties in just the past two years.

Episodes generally run for around 20 minutes. Some feature expert interviews, while in others Ron and Daniel provide investing tips and break down strategies in a way that’s easy to understand for any listener.

Don and Daniel also run a property investing discussion forum on Discourse, and in most episodes, they respond to questions posted in the community about real estate.

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