Positive Podcasts to Inspire Hope and Optimism (2024)

Positive Podcasts

Feeling the weight of 2024 a bit too much? It sounds like a splash of optimism could go a long way, especially with National Optimism Month in March. Given the gloom that seems to hang around these days, I’m excited to share a list of positive podcasts designed to lighten the load on our minds, give our weary hearts a boost, and soothe our anxious spirits.

These shows don’t just skirt around the tough stuff – they face it head-on, weaving in stories of hope that truly resonate. Each podcast brings something unique to the table when it comes to looking on the bright side of life, whether it’s insider tips, personal growth hacks, or just good old-fashioned optimism.

So, if your playlist needs a positivity boost, this lineup is for you. Let these positive podcasts remind you that, despite the ups and downs, there’s always a silver lining and plenty of reasons to stay optimistic.

Trust me, your mood (and maybe your outlook on life) will thank you for giving them a listen!

Positive Podcasts for 2024

Blue Sky

Positive Podcasts - Blue Sky - Podcast to Inspire Hope for National Optimism Month

On the Blue Sky Podcast, Bill Burke, host and founder of The Optimism Institute, has a knack for lighting up hope in even the toughest skeptics.

Every week, Bill sits down with leaders, authors, and innovators for real talks on tackling the world’s challenges with an optimistic spirit. Serendipitously aligning with National Optimism Month, the podcast hits a high note with its milestone 50th episode featuring a special chat with author and PBS host Kelly Corrigan.

What I love most is the show’s real-world grounding, where conversations like this capture true optimism, the kind forged by life’s experiences and not just wishful thinking.

How My View Grew

Positive Podcasts - How My View Grew - Podcast to Inspire Hope for National Optimism Month

How My View Grew is a new podcast from Amiel Handelsman, a seasoned executive coach, that explores humanity’s challenges with a twist: by examining how leading voices have shifted their view.

From climate action to the nuts and bolts of democracy, he chats with thinkers like William Deresiewicz and sustainability guru Gil Friend, unpacking how influential leaders’ ideas evolve.

This show is perfect to help listeners make sense of global challenges and use them as stepping stones for personal growth.

The Good Mood Show with Matt O’Neill

Positive Podcasts - The Good Mood Show with Matt O'Neill - Podcast to Inspire Hope for National Optimism Month

It’s hard to not love a show that starts with the promise of a good mood, guaranteed. The Good Mood Show covers everything from making better choices to building a stronger connection with your future self, offering practical tips that can really change your day-to-day.

Host Matt O’Neill has a friendly vibe that makes you, the listener, feel like you’ve been friends for years, effortlessly blending professional advice with a personal touch.

If you’re on the hunt for ways to boost your well-being or just need a dose of optimism, The Good Mood Show is the perfect mix of positivity and advice. 

The Science of Happiness

Positive Podcasts - The Science of Happiness - 
Podcast to Inspire Hope for National Optimism Month

Even if you’re not the typical self-help podcast enthusiast, The Science of Happiness might change your tune.

It’s not your average motivational speech; instead, it examines the psychology and neuroscience behind what makes us truly happy, using scientific evidence and real-life stories to make it super accessible, relatable and engaging. Plus, it’s served up in easy, 20-minute episodes.

So, if you’re curious about the brainy side of happiness or just looking for practical tips without the fluff, this podcast offers a fresh take on boosting your mood and overall well-being.

Happier in Hollywood

Positive Podcasts - Happier in Hollywood - Podcast to Inspire Hope for National Optimism Month

You don’t need to have ever stepped foot in tinseltown to fall in love with Happier in Hollywood. Liz Craft and Sarah Fain, the writing duo that has worked on hits like “The Shield” and “Fantasy Island,” dish out a perfect mix of personal stories and pro tips about surviving and thriving in

Hollywood’s male-dominated entertainment industry and, in their words, “guided by blind optimism and a Midwestern work ethic”. Their podcast isn’t about glitz and glamor; it explores ways to make work and life happier, no matter where you are. It’s like getting advice from friends who’ve been through the trenches and come out smiling on the other side.

Whether you’re chasing creative dreams or just craving some behind-the-scenes scoops, you’re bound to leave entertained and chalk full of life-hacks. 

A Social Life, With Friends

Positive Podcasts - A Social Life, With Friends

In this digital age, we’re all feeling a little wobbly socially, but this show will leave you feeling more connected and inspired in social settings and your relationships.

Host Madeleine perfectly weaves conversations with experts and creatives to gain a fresh perspectives on navigating life’s social complexities. I’ve been hooked for a while, finding each episode a mix of insightful interviews and stories that challenge how I think about connection and creativity.

Madeleine’s approach is a breath of fresh air, proving there’s no one way to harness creativity or cultivate relationships. It’s the reminder we all need: creativity isn’t about productivity; it’s about embracing the energy within us. For anyone looking to enrich their understanding of human connections and stay positive in a world that often feels disconnected, this show is for you. 

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Positive Podcasts - Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris - Podcast to Inspire Hope for National Optimism Month

For many, Ten Percent Happier has been a game-changer for their mindfulness journey. Dan Harris has a way of demystifying meditation and mindfulness that’s both enlightening and incredibly relatable.

The podcast is a blend of personal anecdotes, expert advice, and genuine curiosity about how to make life ten percent happier—a goal that feels refreshingly attainable.

Each episode explores practices that can enhance our daily lives and conversations with psychologists, mindfulness gurus, and even skeptics, and the balanced perspective to the conversation is amazing. What I appreciate most is Dan’s honest approach to his own skepticism and how mindfulness has shifted his perspective. It’s the perfect gentle guide to finding more joy in the everyday.

Stay Positive

I hope you can kick back and enjoy these positive podcasts during National Optimism Month! Please be sure to also check out some of our other favourite personal development podcasts here.

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