‘PodLottery’ to help podcasters gain Apple Podcasts reviews

PodLottery get Apple Podcasts Reviews
Alex and Alecia Sanfilippo, co-founders of PodLottery.

PodPros, a Florida-based podcasting-focussed technology company, has announced the launch of its latest platform for podcasters, PodLottery.

The web-based software promises to help podcast hosts grow the the number of reviews they have on Apple Podcasts.

Developers say the reviews generated will maintain integrity because honest reviews are generated through a lottery-style system, involving a network of podcasters.

When a podcast host joins the PodLottery network, they must leave reviews on previous lottery-draw winners in order earn ‘tickets’ for upcoming draws.

When they win a draw, they’ll then gain reviews from other podcaster in the system, wanting in on future draws. Podcasters can stay in the network and continuing earning tickets and winning draws (and subsequent reviews) indefinitely.

“Most podcasters have few, or even no, Apple reviews on their podcast because it’s tough to convince people to take the time to help, but it’s beyond important! The reason Apple reviews matter so much is the perceived value from guests, sponsors, and listeners,” said PodLottery co-founder, Alecia Sanfilippo.

“The number of Apple reviews is oftentimes metric an outsider can use to gauge the success of a podcast. The other thing that reviews help with is fueling the host’s motivation to continue producing episodes.

“A 5-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts is the most motivating and encouraging gift a host can receive from their listeners. The more reviews a show receives, the more likely it is to continue. We created PodLottery to solve this problem.”

The PodPros team is aiming to attract 6,000 active podcasters to PodLottery, which is says will likely generate thousands of Apple Podcasts reviews when at full scale.

A beta test with 240 podcasters has just been completed in which PodPros says “hundreds” of reviews were won, including by Tanner Campbell (Host of Practical Stoicism) who gained 63 reviews for his podcast.

“Ultimately, we decided to create this solution because we’ve found that podcasters who regularly receive Apple reviews on their podcast continue podcasting longer than those who do not receive any reviews,” added Sanfilippo.

“Our purpose at PodPros will always be to help independent voices get heard through podcasting, and the longer we can help a podcaster continue, the more we’re able to succeed in serving the world.”

PodPros, is the creator of two other podcasting software platforms, including PodMatch.com, which matches guests and hosts for interviews, and PodcastSOP.com, a project management software for podcast hosts.

You can check out PodLottery here.

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