Podcasts to learn Italian in 2024 (20 best for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners)

podcasts to learn Italian

Pasta, Pizza, Coffee, Negroni, Football, and History… What’s not to like about Italy? If you love the food and the culture, why not learn the language too?

Podcasts can be very helpful for anyone wanting to learn a new language. There are also many language learning podcasts dedicated to helping intermediate and advanced learners further refine their multilingual conversational abilities.

When it comes to podcasts to learn Italian there are many great shows helpful for learners at all levels.

We uncovered 20 of the best for this article, spending hours reviewing each one to help you find the perfect shows for your journey to Italiano perfection.

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Now, here’s the list.

List of best podcasts to learn Italian

For intermediate and advanced learners (scroll further to find podcasts for Italian beginners)

L’italiano Vero

L’italiano Vero (which translates to Real Italian in English) is hosted by natural podcaster, Massimo Paolo. It provides subscribers an entertaining look at colloquial Italian – as it’s really spoken.

Massimo generates a great connection with his listeners through discussions with a rotating panel of Italian friends.

The at-times humorous discussions focus on Italian language and culture, with the aim of providing unique insights about speaking Italian in real situations, like in a bar or while shopping with friends.

This is a genuinely helpful and entertaining podcast for Italian language leaners at an intermediate or advanced level. It’s particularly great for those who may have lived in Italy for a period of time and want to maintain their Italian vocabulary while living in another country.

Massimo publishes a new episode every two weeks. Episodes usually run 20-30 minutes in length.

Learn Italian with LearnAmo – Impariamo l’italiano insieme!

This podcast is for intermediate and advanced Italian language learners who’ll gain some very valuable insights into the Italian language.

The upbeat hosts, Graziana Filomeno and Rocco Dabellonio Graziana from Puglia, discuss everything from pronunciation tips to verb conjugations. Podcast episodes are built sequentially with workbooks, quizzes and videos on the LearnAmo website and various social media platforms.

Beyond language, the hosts of LearnAmo also share modern Italian music, films, guest interviews and news that provide a pulse on Italian life.

LearnAmo boasts over 400,000 subscribers from all across the world.

Podcast Italiano

**Predominately for intermediate and advanced level learners but beginner episodes are occasionally released**

Podcast Italiano is one of the most well-rounded learning resources for anyone wanting become fluent in Italian.

When exploring this podcast, you’ll notice episodes are grouped by the following categories; Avanzato (Advanced), Intermedio (Intermediate), Principiante (Beginner), and Interviste (Interview). These are self-explanatory but it seems the majority of recent episodes are Intermediate, Advanced or Interview – all of which are 100% in Italian.

The podcast host, Davide, created Podcast Italiano back in 2016 to help foreigners learn Italian. He has established a great podcast with a wide variety of content providing not just language lessons, but also discussions about diverse topics including history, politics, music, sports, events, and news related to Italy.

He also interviews great guest in the Interviste episodes.

Aside from this Podbam top podcast, Davide also has almost 200,000 subscribers on the Podcast Italiano YouTube channel.

Learn Italian With Music

Traditional Italian lesson not working for you? Maybe it’s time to mix it up with music.

Learn Italian with Music is for those seeking a more creative approach to language learning. This podcast dynamically blends grammar, vocabulary, and culture.

In each short episode, host Laura Sparsi discusses (in English) an Italian word, phrase, concept or cultural phenomenon and shares an Italian song (or various songs) that relate to that topic. After the episode, you can then find the song (usually they can be found on Spotify), listen to it and consider what Laura discussed.

Laura has a soothing voice. This combined with the chilled-out production, makes each short episode an easy-listen. At least one new episode is published every month.

There is also a Learn Italian with Music blog, where Laura offers language lessons.

The Italian Coach – Learn Italian independently

“Ciao Italiano Rockstar!” That’s how bilingual (Italian and German) host Moreno begins each episode. Subscribe and listen to this podcast and it might not be long until you really do become an Italian language rockstar!

The podcast is 100% spoken in Italian, so you must have at least an intermediate level of Italian language skills.

Moreno provides unconventional language tips and insights – the type of stuff you won’t find in conventional text books or learning programs. He also occasionally publishes interesting guest interviews.

Along side The Italian Coast Podcast, Moreno offers courses built from his practical experience on his blog, The Italian Coach.

Italiano con Amore

This is a podcast that provides some truly unique content to take you deep into the rich linguistic and cultural tapestry of Italy.

Host Eleonora Silanus is a law graduate who has been living in Assisi and teaching Italian since 2016.

In the podcast she takes listeners on journeys through the streets of Italy, shares her knowledge on Italian traditions and culture, discusses significant people and events in Italian history… and whole lot more. These insights come with language tips as she clarifies grammar nuances and highlights interesting language quirks.

Eleonora says she aims to help her listeners speak Italian in a “spontaneous and natural way”.

Multiple new episodes are published each month. They are usually 10-20 minutes in length and are completely in Italian, so the show is most suited to people with intermediate or advanced knowledge of the Italian language.

Eleonora also offers courses and other Italian language learning resources on the Italian with Love website.

Easy Italian: Learn Italian with real conversations | Imparare l’italiano con conversazioni reali

Easy Italian is a podcast by the Easy Languages crew – an expansive video and podcast network helping people around the world learn different languages.

Easy Italian has three main hosts; Matteo and Raffaele who are both for Naples, and Katie who’s from England but currently lives in Milan.

The show provides an entertaining look at modern Italian culture and language. The host’s laidback dialogue provides context about less common slang and dialects to arise naturally during engaging discussions.

New episodes are published weekly and they run for around 30 minutes.

The Teacher Stefano Show

The Teacher Stefano Show is another great option for intermediate level learners. The podcast is entirely in Italian.

It is hosted by full-time Italian language coach, Stefano, who guides listeners through language and life lessons. He blends humor and expertise cultivated from years of teaching the Italian language to thousands of students across the world.

Along with teaching language skills, Stefano often provides tips for newcomers to Italy about topics such as public transport, personal administrative tasks, and navigating the Italian healthcare system.

Stefano drops a new 10-20 minute podcast episode each month. In addition to the podcast, he also has over 150,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Italiano Bello

Host Irene Regini has been producing this popular podcast since 2020. With an upbeat nature, she infuses wit and wisdom to provide comprehensive Italian learning content for intermediate and advanced level learners.

Italiano Bello’s 10 minute episodes discuss lifestyle, language, literature, and culture. Irene structures clear conversations to subtly reinforce grammar and vocabulary. She speaks entirely in Italian.

Her personal reflections are a great touch and can help motivate learners to continue improving their Italian language skills.

Irene is also a popular YouTuber. She has over 20,000 subscribers on the Learn Italian with Italiano bello YouTube channel.

Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Learn Italian with Lucrezia is an extremely helpful podcast for intermediate and advanced Italian language learners.

Lucrezia, who is based is Rome, has various university-level qualifications in language studies, so she is very well adept in providing listeners important tips and insights into the Italian language and culture.

The podcast aims to help learners improve their listening skills while learning more about the Italian way of life. Lucrezia’s insights, explanations and stories are all in Italian, but she speaks slowly and clearly.

Lucrezia also has a very popular YouTube channel, with over 600,000 subscribers and a blog with some additional Italian language content.

Italiano Automatico Podcast

An authentic and wholesome podcast by long-time language YouTuber, Alberto. The Italy-based tourism and languages expert hosts this podcast in his native Italian language but he can also speak Spanish, French, Romanian, German and Russian!

The conversational podcast is aimed at helping listeners gain a better understanding of how real Italians speak. The short episodes cover essential phrases and grammar, along with more advanced peculiarities of the Italian language and culture that will help listeners sound more like native speakers.

A lovely addition to the Italiano Automatic Podcast (and Alberto’s Youtube videos) is his Grandmother Elide who’s in her 80’s. She makes regular appearances, sharing stories and tips.

Speak Italiano – Pensieri e Parole

Pensieri e Parole translates to Thoughts and Words in English. In this podcast you will hear the thoughts and words of language and literature academic, Linda Rioli.

Linda hosts the podcast in ‘slow Italian’, making it easy to follow for intermediate learners. Along with the Italian language, the podcast has a big focus on Italian culture and literature.

In each episode Linda shares a story from the past, the present, or the future to help grow listeners’ Italian vocabulary and knowledge of Italian traditions, customs and way of life.

Linda is also the publisher of the Piccolo Mondo Italiano blog. The blog is another great resource for people wanting to further enhance their Italian language skills.


This podcast is hosted by Italian globe-trotter and respected language coach Simone Pols. Apart from his native Italian, Simone also speaks English, Slovenian, Russian, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese – quite remarkable!

Simone says, “Languages are more than just words to me; they are windows into art, literature, and the beautiful tapestry of human expression.”

The Simple Italian Podcast aim is to provide language insights through discussions. Those discussion range from the travel adventures of the host, to topics such as ecology, culture and religion. Simone is very mindful of the learners listening – speaking slowly and providing key grammar and vocabulary tips throughout which can help improve your conversational Italian.

New 20 minute episodes are published every week.

Slow Italian, Fast Learning

If you have Italian friends or family, you’ll know they can sometimes speak fast, very fast! This can make it a challenge for those with intermediate Italian language skills to keep up in conversation, and learn more.

This is where the Slow Italian, Fast Learning podcast can help. The podcast is produced by Australian multilingual television and radio broadcaster, SBS.

In each episode, an Italian-speaking Journalist from SBS provides a 7-10 minute news update in Italian. But they speak SLOWLY, so all those who have a reasonable level of Italian (but maybe haven’t yet mastered the language) can follow along, and pick up new Italian language words, and vocabulary subtleties.

News in Slow Italian

News in Slow Italian provides the biggest Italian and global news headlines in Italian, but spoken slowly… 60-70% of regular speech speed to be precise. This allows intermediate Italian speakers great practice in decoding fluid speech patterns and everyday terms.

The readers enunciate clearly with added pauses for listener comprehension, yet without overly artificial intonation that can reduce enjoyment. It’s a smooth, nuanced delivery that mimics natural native conversation.

Each new episode runs for around 15-minutes. The show is produced by the News in Slow media network which has a number of News in Slow podcast in different languages.

Italian Stories In Italian

For the plunge into comprehending fluid Italian speech, Italian Stories In Italian delivers compelling tales (entirely in Italian) for intermediate learners.

UK-based language teacher, Barbara Bassi is the narrator. She does well to strategically incorporate idiomatic phrases, grammatical structures, and cultural context to take intermediate learners to the next level.

This podcast is part of an Italian language school and blog operated by Barbara. Podcast subscribers will find a new ‘Italian story in Italian’ published most months.

Best podcasts to learn Italian for beginners

Learn Italian with Joy of Languages

Learn Italian with Joy of Languages is one of the best podcasts we could find to help beginners learn Italian basics.

From the correct pronunciation of Italian dishes, to everyday phrases to help you interact with Italian friends of family, and travel tips, this podcast is a great learning resource.

Its two hosts, Matteo and Katie are expert Italian language teachers. Their guide listeners in an engaging way with easy-to-follow English explainers accompanied by Italian words and phrases.

Episodes are brief (at 5-10 minutes) so you can learn on-the-go. There’s a new episode published each week covering topics such as; A guide to saying ‘cheers’ in Italian, How to say and write dates in Italian, and ‘Avere: How to use this Italian verb (and mistakes to avoid).

For those determined Italian language learners, Matteo and Katie also have an Italian language school.

Coffee Break Italian

For those looking for helpful discussions about Italian language basics, check out the Coffee Break Italian podcast.

In 10-15 minute episodes, the hosts (currently Maurizio and Francesca) provide listeners invaluable tips on Italian language basics. The CoffeeBreak Languages team often provide a free accompanying article relating to each episode on their website (you can also access paid courses, if you’re serious about learning).

Episodes cover subjects such as; How to apologise in Italian, How do you know if a noun is masculine or feminine in Italian?, and Tips for pronouncing double consonants.

The hosts – who are professional language teachers – present in a friendly and engaging manner. This is a genuinely useful free learning resources for Italian language beginners. Intermediate learners might also find this podcast valuable.

Learn Italian | ItalianPod101.com

This is a top podcast for English speakers starting their Italian language learning journey.

In short 10 minute episode you will learn key phrases, words and grammar conventions. The bite-sized episodes also incorporate culture and current issues to give listeners a well-rounded overview of Italian language and life.

The podcast is backed by the italianpod101 website, where listeners can also access learning tools, videos, and paid courses.

A great feature of the podcast is the Italian Survival Phrases episodes. These a perfect for anyone travelling to Italy for a holiday or business and want to learn the basics as quickly as possible.

Stories in Slow Italian – Learn Italian through stories

An intimate podcast hosted by Elena Marci. Dialogue is in English and Italian.

Elena tells personal stories about her life and various topics covering culture, personal development and current affairs. She provides English explainers of Italian phrases in a dynamic way which helps listeners learn Italian through conversation, rather than more traditional structured lessons.

New episodes are usually published fortnightly and run 10-15 minutes in length.

Elena has been producing and hosting this podcast since 2021. She also has a popular YouTube channel to further help people learn Italian.

We hope you enjoyed this list of podcasts to learn Italian

As you can see there a many exceptional podcasts produced and hosted by passionate Italian language experts.

If you think we’ve missed a podcast, let us know on X (formerly Twitter). You can find us by searching Podbam Podcasts.

Good luck on your language learning journey!

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