14 Awesome Podcasts to Learn German in 2024

Podcasts to learn German

Learning to speak German could be hugely beneficial for your career or social life. Whether you drive a BMW, party for Oktoberfest, or geek out of Einstein’s physics theories, German things are everywhere in the world today.

You might also be surprised how many people speak Deutsch. According to the German Government, around 130 million people speak German as their mother language or as a second language. It is the most widely spoken language in the European Union and an official language in six countries – Germany, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

So let’s get started. If you’re thinking about paying for a course… Hold on! This list of the best podcasts to learn German includes some exceptional free resources for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners.

Before you read on, if you’re considering learning other languages, check out these other Podbam language learning podcast lists.

Best podcasts to learn German

Coffee Break German (for beginners)

First up we have the Deutsch iteration of the popular Coffee Break Languages podcast network.

Coffee Break German is hosted by German-born content producers Thomas and Olivera Vrabac, along with the Scotland-based founder of Coffee Break Languages, Mark Pentleton. The show is masterfully structured around conservations between Olivera, Thomas and Mark about the foundations of the German language.

All three hosts speak great English. Olivera and Thomas are the German masters and are great at instructing German, while Mark asks many of the questions you (as a learner) would ask any language instructor. Thus, the podcast is like sitting through days of high-quality German language lessons.

Dedicated listeners will gain solid knowledge of German pronunciation, key words and phrases, and all the grammar nuances that can trip up beginners.

The podcast also has some older German travel episodes that listeners might find interesting.

Learn German | GermanPod101.com (for beginners)

The Learn German Free podcast is an all-in-one resource for anyone seeking to grasp the German language.

In succinct episodes that rarely run for more than 10-minutes, English explanations of German words, phrases and grammar nuances are expertly delivered. The episodes cover critical topics such as German greetings in 3 minutes, Introductions in German, Learn the German writing system, and Learn German manners.

Some episodes also cover useful tips for travelling and doing business in Germany.

The podcast series was published between 2021 and 2023. While there are no longer regular updates, it remains a hugely valuable resource for beginners.

The podcast is produced by the highly-regarded languagepod101.com team. They offer paid courses for listeners wanting to advance their German language skills further.

Auf Deutsch gesagt! (for advanced learners)

Auf Deutsch gesagt!… It translates to Said in German!

This is podcast specifically for advanced German language learners. It aims to help listeners advance to native fluency.

The episodes are intelligently structured to include a un-scripted conversation between host, Robin Meinert, and a guest. These conversations span a diverse set of topics including personal development, popular culture, history, and current affairs. It doesn’t end there though.

Meinert then provides listeners with very thoughtful analysis and explanations about the more difficult vocabulary, phrasing, and pronunciation that formed part of the conversation – it’s the type of stuff text books just can’t teach!

The podcast has top production values and Meinert is an excellent host. The qualified teacher releases a new longer-form episode every two weeks.

Easy German: Learn German with native speakers | Deutsch lernen mit Muttersprachlern (for intermediate learners)

This is a podcast with full German dialogue, so we think it is most suitable for intermediate learners and above.

Interestingly, this was the first podcast ever created by Easy Languages – a popular language learning media network that now offers 10 different podcasts.

The native German speaking hosts of Easy German discuss hot topics from Germany and across the world, while also stopping to explain words and expressions that language learners might find difficult.

The hosts also address listener questions about living and working in Germany, and the German language which is a great feature.

The podcast currently has a catalogue of over 450 episodes and there are multiple new episodes published each week. The Easy German team also create great video content for YouTube. They have around 2 million subscribers!

Das sagt man so! | Audios | DW Deutsch lernen (for advanced learners)

This podcasts title translates to That’s what they say! | Audio | DW Learn German.

It is a fun and informative show from German public broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, and another exceptional resource for advanced German learners.

The focus of this show is to teach common German idioms and proverbs which are hard to learn unless you’ve been living in Germany and speaking German for a long period of time.

The German speaking hosts explain the literal and figurative meanings of the interesting sayings, as well as their origins and how to use them in everyday life.

Episodes in this podcast are short – most run for less than two minutes. New episodes are released weekly.

Deutsches Geplapper (for intermediate learners)

This is a podcast for those wanting to drop into authentic German conversations. The theme is embodied in the show’s title, Deutsches Geplapper, which translates to German Chatter in English.

In each episode, host Fleming Goldbecher chats with a guest about interesting things in Germany, German culture, and the German language.

By listening, intermediate or advanced German language learners are bound to improve their German language skills and get closer to achieving conversational fluency.

Fleming Goldbecher is a prominent German language teacher who offers paid courses on his website. He also has a popular YouTube channel, if you prefer to watch the conversations.

A new episode on the Deutsches Geplapper podcast is released each week.

Deutsch Podcast – Deutsch lernen (for intermediate learners)

The two hosts of this podcast, Sandra and Virpi, have decades of combined experience in German language teaching.

Together, in native German, they discuss a wide variety of topics and explain the cultural norms and German language nuances relevant to the topic. For example; Love in German, and Giving gifts in German culture.

The podcast provides a comprehensive yet accessible German learning experience that incorporates both culture and language. It is a good way for intermediate and advance students of German to continue their journey to native fluency.

New episodes are released every two weeks and they run for around 20 minutes.

Learn German | Deutsch lernen | ExpertlyGerman Podcast (for intermediate learners)

From Germany’s taxation system to Football vocabulary, the Learn German podcast provides a wide range of German language insights that are hard to grasp through traditional courses and text books.

Host, Tom speaks clearly and slowly as he discusses the different topics and occasionally interviews special guests. He does well to unpack those tricky German pronunciations and provides invaluable insights into German cultural quirks.

Tom has a big following on Instagram with over 150,000 followers. He also offers a 10-week German language course on his blog.

With dialogue completely in German, this podcast is only suitable for intermediate learners and above.

Deutsche im Alltag – Alltagsdeutsch | Audios | DW Deutsch lernen (for advanced learners)

Title translation: Germans in everyday life.

For advanced German language students seeking full fluency, Deutsche im Alltag – Alltagsdeutsch is a complete package. Not only does this podcast expose language learners to organic German conversation that will help in better understanding the language, it also provides engaging feature stories and interviews that would interest most people.

Episodes cover a variety of topics – everything from interviews with health experts, to discussions about travel and food.

By exposing learners to relaxed dialogue with some regional accents at near-normal speed, the podcast helps train the ear for colloquial German language.

New episodes are released each week. They usually run for 10 minutes or less.

14 Minuten – Deine tägliche Portion Deutsch – Deutsch lernen für Fortgeschrittene (for advanced learners)

Patrick and Jan from Hanover, Germany are the hosts of 14 Minuten. In English the full podcast title translates to 14 Minutes – Your daily portion of German – learn German for advanced learners.

In 14-minute episodes which are released daily, the hosts discuss German history, culture, society and current affairs. They do this in clear German and at a steady pace, helping listeners expand their German vocabulary and enhance their listening abilities.

Patrick and Jan also post regular video content on YouTube and offer one-on-one lessons at the 14 Minuten website.

Deutsch mit Schmidt | Advanced German Language Learning Podcast (for intermediate and advanced learners)

This is a well structured German language podcasts that aims to expand listeners’ German vocabulary.

In each episode, host Sascha Schmidt examines two new words.

He expertly explains how the words are used in everyday German language, and provides sentence examples. There are many great tips and insights in this show’s compact 10-12 minute episodes which are released fortnightly.

Along with podcast transcripts and vocabulary lists, Sascha also has a series of self-published German language learning books which are available on the German with Schmidt website.

Slow German (for intermediate learners)

Slow German is a good option for intermediate learners seeking relaxed, yet productive, German listening practice.

The show is hosted by podcaster and YouTuber Annik Rubens. The German native discusses many interesting aspects relating to life in Germany – some of which might surprise listeners who live outside of the country.

Annik speaks with clarity and a steady pace that suits those still trying to grasp the language.

Episodes are brief – they run between 5 and 10 minutes. Additional learning materials are posted on the Slow German website and Annik also has a popular YouTube channel for German language students.

Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten (for intermediate learners)

This is another great option for intermediate learners wanting to improve their German skills through listening to interesting content, spoken by native speakers.

Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten translates to Slow Spoken Messages in English. The podcast is produced by German state-owned broadcaster, Deutsche Welle. Its format is simple – each episode features the latest daily German and international news from the Deutsche Welle network read at a slow pace and with great clarity.

Like many other similar language learning podcasts, it offers listeners a great way to improve their comprehension and vocabulary skills while also consuming interesting content.

Various professional presenters from Deutsche Welle newsrooms host this podcast. Episodes run for less than 10 minutes and there’s a new episode published daily.

News in Slow German (for intermediate learners)

The final podcast on this list of the best podcasts to learn German is News in Slow German.

The podcast is produced by the News in Slow organisation, which produces various similar podcasts for other languages.

Subscribers can expect a weekly wrap of the biggest news from Germany and around the world, read by a native German speaker at a slow pace. In addition, listeners are also treated to some discussion about the German grammar and expressions learners might find difficult to understand. It’s a great way to continue on your path to full German fluency.

Producers say this show is aimed at those who already possess a basic vocabulary and some knowledge of German grammar.

These great podcasts to learn German might be all you need!

The Podbam team is super-impressed by the calibre of podcasts to learn German that are available on all the major podcast platforms.

There’s a great range of expert hosts and formats out there, so it’s worth spending some time looking through this list and finding the perfect podcast that suits you and the way you like to learn.

If you think we’ve missed an awesome podcast to learn German, please email us or reach out to us on Twitter at this link.

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