Podcasts to learn French (the ultimate 2024 guide)

podcasts to learn French

We found and reviewed 18 high quality podcasts to learn French. This list has great shows for beginners, along with intermediate and advanced learners.

Learning this ‘romance language’ from scratch might seem daunting, but the high calibre of podcasters providing great language learning content will be a big help.

You might even be able to throw out those old-school language text books!

And if you’re simply seeking a resource to help you maintain your French fluency, the good news is there are a number of great shows created for exactly this purpose – you’ll find them also featured in this best podcasts list.

Before you get into the list of podcasts to learn French, if you’re considering having a go at other languages be sure to read the following Podbam articles.

The best podcasts to learn French

French Made Easy (for beginners)

If traditional classroom French left you overwhelmed (or perhaps underwhelmed) we recommend trying the French Made Easy podcast.

The podcasts is hosted Mathilde Kien, a French-born teacher and entrepreneur who comes across as engaging, accessible, and intelligent.

Her podcast is delivered in concise bite-sized episodes which run 3-10 minutes in length. Each episode focusses on one language topic, which makes following along and absorbing information about the French language really easy. To give you a taste of what to expect, episode titles include; How to order coffee in French, 10 French verbs + the preposition ‘à’ , and How to conjugate ‘Devoir’ (To Have To) in French (future tense).

Podcasts to learn French
Mathilde Kien, host of French Made Easy (https://www.mathildekien.com)

With around 5 million downloads, we’re sure this podcast will be a great additional to your language learning took kit. For those who want to go a step further, Mathilde also offers courses and other additional resources on her website.

Duolingo French Podcast (for beginners)

This is another great podcast by the operators of the world-renowned language learning application, Duolingo. The podcast will help you boost French literacy through real-world stories relating to French, culture, travel and everyday life.

While the interesting stories are mostly told in French, multilingual host, ​Ngofeen Mputubwele​, guides listeners by cutting into the conversation and explaining French vocabulary and phrasing, in English.

The format provides seamless switching between French and English, which keeps contexts comprehendible for language learners. It’s a unique way of learning which is proven to appeal to many students.

Ngofeen Mputubwele​ is a great host. He is a French-speaking journalist and lawyer, based in New York City. Each episode runs for around 20 minutes, it is recommended new listeners start from episode one, recorded back in June, 2019.

Learn French | FrenchPod101.com (for beginners)

Learn French | FrenchPod101.com

Learn French by the expert team at LanguagePod 101, can make learning French addictively fun with its unique blend of lessons and community engagement.

This podcast comprises of a 50 episode series. It’s very helpful for those who are planning a holiday to France (or another French speaking country), and equally as helpful for the those who are starting out on a mission to master the French language.

Episodes tagged ‘Survival Phrases’ offer lessons on basics such as Learning how to say ‘you’re welcome’ in French and Using public transport in France. Then there are some more in-depth episodes with tips on how to get started learning French, basic vocabulary lessons, and training on how to say common phrases.

Episodes are mostly bite-sized, with length varying from 2 minutes to 11 minutes. Dedicated listeners are encouraged to sign up for more education on the FrenchPod 101 website.

Coffee Break French (for beginners)

As the name suggests this is a podcast for busy French beginners wanting to build foundational French skills on-the-go… Or while on your “coffee break”.

The podcast is produced by the Coffee Break Languages organisation which has a great reputation for helping thousands of students learn a range of languages.

Coffee Break French is hosted by Max, a French native who lives in Scotland. He’s joined in episodes by Mark Pentleton, the founder of Coffee Break Languages, for engaging and educational discussions about the foundations of the French language.

The 10-15 minute episodes focuss on vocabulary, pronunciation, key phrases, and some of the common errors non-native French speakers makes.

It’s another well-structured and valuable podcast from the Coffee Break Languages network. New listeners are advised to work their way through the podcast’s various series from the very beginning.

Learn French with French Podcasts – Français avec Pierre (for intermediate and advanced learners)

Learn French with French Podcasts - Français avec Pierre

This valuable podcast provides entertaining lessons from qualified and experienced French language teacher, Français avec Pierre.

The 10-15 minute episodes cover very helpful themes – from debunking common myths to navigating Paris’ public transport network. Francais’ enthusiastic explanations and conversations teach vocabulary and grammar in a friendly and conversational tone, rather than rigid lecturing.

Though Francais mainly targets intermediate learners, his steady speech and clear articulation can be helpful for even advanced ears. And if you’re a beginner, he offers help on his blog.

Be sure to also take a look a Francais’ YouTube channel. He has over 2.6 million subscribers – a testament to the quality of his teaching!

Podcast Francais Authentique (for intermediate learners)

Podcast Francais Authentique is an exceptional resource for intermediate French language learners. The podcasts has been a huge success since launching in 2012, leading to French host, Johan Tekfak, leaving his auto industry job to focus full-time on French language content. 

Johan is now often joined on the podcast by his partner Celine. The show is aimed at helping those who can understand French, but struggle when it comes to engaging in a fluent French conversation. 

Episodes run for around 10 minutes and involve discussions about what’s happening in Johan and Celine’s world, current affairs, personal development, and French culture and history. 

The hosts do well to structure the friendly dialogue around strategies for converting passive comprehension into confident self-expression. The content includes tips for articulating thoughts in French more fluidly – from mastering common idioms to nailing tricky pronunciations.

Multiple new episodes are released every week, so it’s well worth subscribing. You should also check out Johan’s Francais Authentique YouTube channel where you’ll find more great Franch language lessons. The channel has amassed almost 2 million subscribers.

Cultivate your French – Slow French (for intermediate learners)

Cultivate your French - Slow French

French publisher and long-time podcaster Laetitia Perraut aims to help intermediate French language learners improve their listening skills and comprehension of native French.

While listeners glean insights into pronunciation, phrasing and new vocabulary, Laetitia who lives just outside of Paris, also provides captivating insights about everyday life in France.

Each 5-10 minute episode features Laetitia first reading a short text slowly and clearly to allow learners to grasp the words and phrases. She then reads it at a normal conversational pace to challenge listening abilities. It’s a clever format that could help you take the next step in your French language journey.

A new episode is published every Wednesday.

One Thing In A French Day (for intermediate and advanced learners)

One Thing In A French Day

The is another podcast by Laetitia Perraut. She also host the Cultivate Your French podcast, listed above.

Laetitia has been producing this great show for over 15 years!

She describes it an “an audio blog that can be located between your French textbook and France”. In each 5 minute episode, Laetitia shares her daily experiences in France, including encounters with interesting people, experiences with food and culture, and thoughts on family, personal development and daily life.

The podcast will expose you to everyday French language, common expressions, and natural sentence structures.

Laetitia is certainly someone to follow if you’re an intermediate or advanced learner seeking engaging, real-world French language development.

Check out her website for more resources and language insights.

Easy French: Learn French through authentic conversations (for intermediate learners)

Easy French: Learn French through authentic conversations

Easy French is a podcast where you’ll hear a good mix of humour, cultural insights, and language education.

The show is hosted and produced by Hélène Moissset and Judith Benzadon – both are French natives and experience language teachers.

Dialogue on East French is 100% in French, but it is spoken at a steady pace that’s helpful for intermediate learners. Hélène and Judith cover key French expressions and phrases. They also often discuss the type of French slang you might commonly hear from locals in France.

Like other Easy Languages podcasts, a great feature is listener interaction, with the hosts regularly answering listener questions which are sent via voice messages.

The Easy Languages teams offers transcripts and additional French language resources for members on their website. Easy French also has great video content on YouTube.

There’s a new 20-30 minute Easy French podcast episode each week.

Le français avec Fluidité (for intermediate learners)

This is another great podcast for intermediate leaners very worthy of a spot on any list of the best podcasts to learn French. 

The title translates to French with Fluency in English. It is hosted by Fabien Sausset, a French professional language coach and content creator who has a very methodical approach to language learning developed from his personal experiences in learning multiple languages including English, Spanish and German. 

Fabien provides listeners natural and engaging French conversations on a wide variety of interesting topics spanning art, history, geography, culture, and travel (to name a few). Of course, these discussion come packed with his unique language learning insights. 

His smooth articulation helps learners grasp new vocabulary and better understand phrases from what is truly authentic French speech. A great feature, when listening to these conversation on Fabien’s YouTube Channel are multilingual subtitles, which ensures everyone can follow along. 

Episodes vary in length (from 10-30 minutes) and there a multiple new episodes published every month. 

Little Talk in Slow French: Learn French through conversations (for intermediate learners)

Hosted by French-Japanese actor Nagisa Morimoto, the Little Talk in Slow French podcast is a very engaging French comprehension resource that will help to train your ear to better recognize French words and phrases.

In episodes that usually run between 15 and 20 minutes, Nagisa shares engaging insights into her professional acting life and interesting hobbies, and also discusses topics such as health and beauty, history, travel and current affairs. It’s all done with exceptionally clear French annunciation and at a slow pace.

The weekly episodes will help you to boost your French language confidence and build comprehension over time.

Nagisa is a great podcaster who interacts with listeners in a relaxed and friendly way. You can also follow Nagisa on Instagram to keep up with her life, acting career, and hobbies (including playing Taiko drums!).

Real Life French (for intermediate learners)

Real Life French

Real Life French keeps you up to date the everyday lives of French hosts Julien and Louise. They discuss real-word events – it’s the stuff that might seem like monotonous life topics, but for language learners its content that provides vocabulary insights hard to gain from traditional learning methods.

In clear French dialogue, hear about the hosts hiring a locksmith, their thoughts on the struggles of going back to work after holidays, even their experiences with L’hypnose (hypnosis)! It’s the practical language that you’ll likely come across in daily life if moving to a French-speaking country.

Subscribers will be treated to a short new episode every day. They run for 5-7 minutes.

Inner French (for intermediate learners)

The Inner French podcast is the French listening comprehension podcast for anyone who wants deeper, intellectual conversations and thoughts about global affairs, economics, history, and the world around us.

Host, Hugo has a great talent for clearly explaining complex ideas and he structures episodes to help listeners subconsciously learn new French words and phrases. His learning method is based on the premise of learning through real-life topics, and not worrying about grammar.

The podcast has been producing great content since 2017, and a new 20-30 minute episode is released every two weeks. Inner French also has a popular YouTube channel with more insightful content.

LanguaTalk Slow French: Learn French With Gaëlle (for intermediate learners)

You’ll need a basic level of French language skills to get the most out of the Languatalk Slow French podcast. The show is a product of the Languatalk language tutoring platform and is delivered 99% in French by host Gaelle, a certified language instructor from France.

The lessons in the podcast are delivered at around 60-70% of normal speed, making it easy to follow and useful for developing listening comprehension skills and picking up new words. The content often features interviews with French guest involved in interesting work and studies, and there are with solo episodes where Gaelle shares insights into cultural and societal topics.

The show provides a strategic blend of reduced-speed speech and compelling subject matter, which creates an engaging way for French language students to boost their abilities.

Episodes run on average around 25 minutes and you can expect several new episodes to be released each month.

Passerelles : a French podcast for intermediate learners

Passerelles transaltes to Gateway in English. It is hosted by French teacher Emilie, who aims to help intermediate French learners become better listeners and assist them in working towards fluency.

With a warm hosting style, Emilie expertly guides learners in advancing their listening abilities and verbal expression. Each episode involves an exploration of engaging cultural and lifestyle topics, with easy-to-grasp explanations of language principles interweaved throughout.

Emilie releases a new episode every two weeks. Most run for around 20 minutes.

Learn French with daily podcasts (for intermediate learners)

If you want to infuse small, achievable French lessons into a busy life, learn French with daily podcasts offers a practical solution. The podcast is part of the highly regarded Choses à Savoir network of French culture podcasts (Choses à Savoir translate to Things to Know in English).

The hosts are two teachers in Paris. Brief 2-5 minute episodes are structured around a common expression, phrase, or in some cases a word.

Listeners get an explanation of the subject matter, along with all the vocabulary and grammar nuances in a clear and concise way.

New episodes are released every day (Monday-Friday), and some episodes recap previous concepts. Over time, this daily repetition can be a great help in cementing the fundamentals essential for conversation and literacy.

French Blabla (for intermediate learners)

French Blabla

If stale grammar books have left you speaking unnatural or awkward French, French Blabla brings you language lessons from native French teacher, Caroline.

Caroline aims to provide the missing pieces for those struggling to develop verbal fluency and the ability to converse like a modern native speaker.

The podcast has casual, mostly French dialogue. It covers varied topics including French culture, travel, business, and personal development.

Guests regularly join the show and it’s easy to immerse yourself in the authentic exchanges.

Episodes are brief, usually running no longer than 5 minutes. There’s a new episode published each month. Caroline also provides study guides and courses on the French Blabla website.

News in Slow French (for intermediate and advanced learners)

Last but not least on Podbam’s list of the best podcasts to learn French is News in Slow French from the News in Slow language learning network.

As the name suggests, the podcast provides the major news stories from France and across the world, in slow-paced French. The news presenters are all native French speaking individuals.

If you’re interested in news or just want to catch up on what’s happening in the world while simultaneously developing your French then this is the podcast for you.

If you love the format, then check out the additional courses and resources covering grammar, pronunciations and common French expressions, offered on the News in Slow French website.

Discovering the podcasts to learn French that suit YOU

We’re amazed by the incredible quality of podcasts to learn French available to anyone in the world.

Now, the trick is try a few… Maybe even subscribe to give them a go for a few weeks. Eventually we’re sure you will find one that suits the way you like to learn – everyone is different!

By consuming French language learning content on your preferred podcast platform, you can learn in your spare time, while on-the-go, or even while you’re on the plane to France!

Good luck and bonne journée!

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