15 Podcasts for Dads to Help Navigate Parenthood (2024 update)

Podcasts for dads

Dads are so important to any family. There is nothing more precious than the look on a father’s face when he holds his baby for the first time. One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is from the movie, Hook. When Peter Pan (Robin Williams), finally finds his happy thought near the end of the movie, he says his happy thought is the birth of his son!

So, whether you’re looking for parenting guidance, or simply just a laugh and some relatable content, check out these top podcasts for dads.

Top Podcasts for Dads

Dad Tired

Podcasts for Dads

Dad Tired was built for a community of men he felt was being left out. The media focuses a lot on women and mothers, and rightfully so, but men need help navigating the atmosphere of parenting as well. 

They go over important topics, such as leadership, marital intimacy, raising strong-willed children, the environment, four styles of parenting, grief, miscarriage, and infertility. They also discuss less heavy topics such as sports, Star Wars, Halloween, and fixing your day-to-day schedule.

They interview many guest stars ranging from sports stars, actors, and prominent counsellors.

Host Jarrad Lopes is a speaker, author, and the founder of Dad Tried.

From Dude to Dad

Podcasts for Dads

These guys cover topics like nighttime routines, social media, time outs, managing conflict, death, and things dads wish they knew before they became dads.  

The co-hosts are Chris Pegula (a father of three, and the author of From Dude To Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide To Pregnancy), and Bryan Laurel (an entrepreneur and father of two).  

The duo do a great job of exploring and discussing how dads can navigate the trials and tribulations of parenthood and they aren’t afraid of addressing the tough issues in life may dads encounter. 

Episodes are in easy, fifteen-minute, bite-size pieces, making it even easier to multitask and give them a listen.

The Dad Edge Podcast

Podcasts for Dads

Larry Hagner is the founder of The Dad Edge and the father of four boys. He spent half of his life with toxic fathers not sticking around for very long, and the other half of his life with an absent father. This motivated him to always be there for his sons but also to get control of his issues when he became a father. 

After knowing firsthand, the devastation fatherlessness brings and the impact his change had on his family, he has begun this podcast. Here they tackle topics like protecting your family, staying focused and compassionate as a father, and building strong relationships with your kids, as well as so many other amazing and life-changing topics. 

Dungeons and Daddies

Podcasts for Dads

A great dad podcast, especially for all you geeks out there like me and my husband (who is in love with the idea of four fathers gaming).

Not only does this podcast help the men feel young again like they’re back in their good old glory days of playing Dungeons and Dragons with the guys (or girls), but it’s a great way to destress and laugh at all the inside joys that only DnD players would get.

Legacy Dads with Dave and Dante

Podcasts for Dads

This is a great faith-based podcast for dads of faith. No matter what your beliefs are this podcast runs into important lessons like how to be a caring father, how to be a humble man, and how to live every day with a purpose in and compacting a toxic culture. 

One of the great things about this podcast is it speaks to so many different men of variating perspectives and sides of the aisle on real issues.  They have so many great guest speakers and even often feature great celebrities such as Kirk Cameron.

The show can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. There are usually two new episodes every week.

Dads with Daughters

Podcasts for Dads

Dr. Christopher Lewis is the fantastic host of Dads with Daughters and a great source of support for fathers striving to learn the ins and outs of fatherhood. He interviews a wide variety of guests – from financial experts to doctors.

Some of the topics he addresses include adoption, puberty, the empty nest, and fitness. This podcast will help you connect to other fathers that are going through the same struggles as you as well as learn some new things about why you think the way you do as fathers.

I recommend this for people who like to keep learning no matter how old they get and love to take in a variety of different opinions and views.

The Solo Dad Podcast

Podcasts for Dads

This is a unique podcast that focuses on being a single parent, but often due to the loss of a spouse. Much of the discussion centers around trying to navigate being a single parent along with the overbearing weight of grief and loss they have to carry.

One of the most touching episodes I found was Episode 2.12 where host Matthew Bradly talks with Jim T, a dad who’s been widowed twice. This is a good podcast for any spouse grieving and for any dad tackling parenthood alone. The various interviews conducted on the show provide insight into loss on many different levels – from the shock to the moving on part. This a must-listen podcast if you are going through a loss in your life or even if you’re curious about how they are navigating it. 

The DadLands

Podcasts for Dads

This podcast is brilliantly hosted by Jamie Kaler, a comedian, actor, and father. He hosts celebrity guests who all talk about their parenting experiences. You can expect to hear relatable, intriguing, and often hilarious discussions about fatherhood.

The great thing about this podcast is the support that is provided not just between guests, but also to listeners. Don’t miss a single episode, these guys are hilarious, and they offer great parenting advice too. 

If you like hearing parenting and comedy come together, check out my list of some of the funniest parenting podcasts.

Dumb Dad Podcast

Podcasts for Dads

The Dumb Dad Podcast is hosted by Kevin Laferriere and Evan Kyle Berger, two comedians who know how to dad and how to make the whole family laugh. They have lots of content that fathers can relate to. The show is a great reminder that as a parent, you’re never really alone!

They talk about everything from home maintenance to children’s homework. They have very good reviews on all of their platforms and if you prefer seeing people in video format as I sometimes do; they also have a great YouTube channel.

One of my favourite things about the podcast is that it’s hosted by stay-at-home dads, so they give an extra bit of relatability in there for moms like me who take care of the kids full-time.  

So, that’s my pick of the best podcasts for dads. But there are so many more great podcasts out there that any father might also enjoy.

Some other podcasts for dads worthy of a mention

Five’s a Crowd Podcast

Podcasts for Dads

Here’s a fun bonus podcast. Most of these men are dads and so it is unavoidable that the topic of parenting and how these dads navigate it comes up quite regularly, but it’s not mainly focused just on parenting. Find it on Apple, Google, and Spotify.

If you’re a Christian dad, I also recommended searching for these four great shows, wherever you listen to podcasts:

  • The Journey of a Christian Dad
  • Christian Dad’s Podcast
  • Encouraging Christian Fathers: Parenting Advice for Men With Vision
  • That Christian Dad 

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