Best Options Trading Podcasts

options trading podcasts

If you’re into puts, calls and strikes, chances are you’ll love these options trading podcasts

Options trading is certainly not as straightforward as buying and selling stocks. The gains can be far greater, yet so can the losses… Just check out Wall Street Bets on Reddit!

If you want to get serious about options trading, turn off Reddit and turn on some of these options trading podcasts. You’ll find experts that’ll help you better understand all aspects of the world of stock market options.

What are the Best Options Trading Podcasts?

The Option Genius Podcast

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Who is the Option Genius? It’s a guy named Allen Sama, who claims to make a living through trading options. He also offers various paid options trading courses and trading services, but in this podcast, you will get a huge amount of options insights completely free.

Allen breaks down the complexities of options trading and in many cases provides step-by-step guidance on different trades and how they’re executed.

Along with trading strategy insights, there are also regular interviews with successful options traders which can be inspiring and thoroughly interesting.

Options Insider Radio Network

Trading Podcasts

New episodes drop just about every day and provide an exceptionally diverse mix of options trading insights, options education, and the latest market news and views. In one episode you might hear about the latest moves in Agriculture futures options, then the next day you may get a great option trade idea on a NASDAQ tech stock.

This podcast aggregates all the options trading podcasts from the Options Insider Network. They include:

  • The Option Block
  • Options Boot Camp
  • The Advisors Option
  • The Long and Short of Futures Options
  • Volatility Views
  • Options Insider Radio

Most episodes are hosted by the Founder and CEO of Options Insider, Mark Longo. Mark is an options trading veteran and former member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Option Trades Today

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Option Trades Today is hosted by Tony Battista who has over three decades of experience in option trading and is one of the most enthusiastic options trading educators you’ll come across.

If you want actionable content – this podcast has it. Each day Tony shares two option trading ideas. The catch is, he talks through the trades by referring to charts and options trains on the tastytrade platform which he is associated with. But nonetheless, it provides great insights for listeners and if you like what you hear, you can always watch Tony on the podcast’s YouTube channel.

The Modern Stock and Options Trading Show

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In this podcast you’ll hear the market and macroeconomic views of host, Russ Matthews, along with how he his trading stocks and options, based on those views. Russ has a 25-year investing career and has produced various educational resources on options trading.

This is a great resource for options traders looking to increase their knowledge. Russ provides well-articulated overviews of various options strategies and technical terms. Recent episodes have covered topics such as the Put/Call Ratio explained, the Poor Man’s Covered Call and Strategic Overwriting of Covered Calls.

The Modern Stock and Options Trading Show is a great blend of topical insights and trading education.

CNBC’s “Options Action”

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Hosted by popular CNBC journalist, Melissa Lee, this podcast is recorded from the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square. It attracts some of the most respected options traders in the world, who break down big market and economic news and discuss how investors can trade options to exploit opportunities.

There’s one new episode each week. The episodes are action-packed. Along with high-quality guest experts who reveal how they’re trading options, you’ll also hear from a range of CBNC market analysts and journalists who help demystify some of the more complex elements of options trading.

In the Money

Trading Podcasts

In the Money is a podcast produced by brokerage giant Fidelity. It is hosted by various staff members from the Fidelity U.S. trading desks.

Episodes generally run for only around 15 minutes. In each, you’ll get actionable options trading ideas, along with analysis of the latest economic data, company results, and major news events impacting markets.

What’s great about this podcast is it is suitable for anyone – from the beginner to the experienced trader. Complex terminology and strategies are always well explained by the knowledgable hosts and guests. It’s a must-subscribe if you’re looking for a great options trading podcast.

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