New data: Podcast reach doubles in the U.K. but live radio still dominates

Podcast data UK

A new audience survey conducted by the United Kingdom’s leading radio industry body, RAJAR, has provided insights into the changing nature of audio content consumption across the region.

RAJAR’s MIDAS Autumn 2023 survey shows the reach of podcasts in the U.K. has almost doubled over the past six years – from 10.3% in 2017, to 20.1% today.

However, live radio remains the most popular audio medium, with the report claiming an 88% share of weekly reach.


When it comes to the overall share percentage of audio mediums, the Rajar data shows podcasting has enormous room for growth.

Live Radio recorded a 70% share of audio services, while On-Demand Music (such as Spotify and Apple Music) recorded a 13% share, with Podcasts at 6%.


Podcast listener insights

The report provided some additional key insights into podcast consumption.

When it comes to demographics, 15-35 year olds are the U.K.’s biggest podcast consumers, making up 38% of listeners. The 35-54 age group closely follows at 36% of listeners, while the 55+ age group makes up 26%.

This is consistent with global podcast listener demographic trends.

The report also noted the follow key points:

  • 61% of survey respondents sad they listen to podcasts at home.
  • 13% listen in their vehicles, 12% on public transport, and 8% listen at work.
  • 63% of Podcast listeners listen to more than half of all the episodes they download.
  • 72% listen to all or mostly all of each episode they download.
  • 80% of those asked listen to between 1-3 podcasts per week.
  • The most favoured genre of podcast listening is Comedy, followed by News and Politics, Sports and True Crime.
  • Listeners claim that ‘Word of Mouth’ and ‘Social Media’ are their go to sources to find new Podcasts.

      The survey was carried out over two weeks in September 2023, with a sample of 2,410 former RAJAR respondents’ adults aged 15+ completing a 7-day online diary.

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