Traditional sports media OUT: NBA champion Jason Williams and comedian Jerry Morgan launch ‘No Media’ show

No Media Show
Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams (Left) and Jerry ‘Bubba Dub’ Morgan. (Image: Supplied)

PlayersTV, an athlete-owned media network covering the NFL, NBA, WNBA, and MLB, has announced the launch of its newest original series, the No Media show.

This show, hosted by NBA champion Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams and renowned comedian Jerry ‘Bubba Dub’ Morgan, could revolutionize the way fans engage with sports narratives.

It promises fresh and unfiltered perspectives directly from athletes and sports personalities.

American sports lovers are told to expect “thought-provoking and spirited discussions delivering candid insights, untold stories, and plenty of laughs along the way”.

“We’re ready to bring the No Media show to people everywhere. In today’s media landscape and even dating back to when I played, athletes have found themselves at the mercy of media narratives that are often far from the truth. With this show, we take back control of athletes’ stories and share them in our own authentic voices,” said co-host Jason Williams.

The legendary figure in the basketball world is set to bring his unparalleled experience and charisma to the table.

Williams’ co-host, Texas-based comedian Jerry ‘Bubba Dub’ Morgan, will be an additional drawcard, with a social media following exceeding two million. Morgan is known for his quick wit and infectious humor.

“It’s time to break free from traditional media and showcase the real. The No Media Show is our platform to speak the truth, entertain audiences, and expose all the TRASHH takes along the way,” Morgan told Podbam.

Challenging the traditional media norm

The No Media show will begin life with a reputable sponsor in auto giant, Ford.

The major corporate partnership is a big coup for the PlayersTV network, and a strong early signal that the anti-traditional media format could be a winner.

“No Media on PlayersTV challenges the norm, bringing raw authenticity to sports entertainment.” These guys will keep traditional media personalities and networks honest and accountable,” said Deron Guidrey, CO-Founder of PlayersTV.

Fellow PlayersTV co-founder, Collin Castellaw, echoed Guidry’s thoughts.

“For far too long, traditional media has been able to run rampant with little to no accountability, often to the detriment of the athlete-fan connection as they prioritize views and clicks through negativity. No Media embodies a new voice—one directly from athletes—to set the record straight, to finally cut through the noise, and to hold media members accountable,” he said. 

“The No Media Show” aims to empower athletes and entertainers to reclaim control over their narratives in the media landscape. Each week, viewers can expect new episodes featuring conventional narratives and providing insight into the lives of athletes beyond the headlines.

No Media is now available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and the PlayersTV platform.

We’re told fans can expect new shows every week.

The show’s launch comes amid a surge in popularity of athlete-hosted podcasts.

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