Most Unique Podcasts of 2023

Most Unique Podcasts

The podcast landscape continues to expand with new and unique podcasts covering everything from true crime to comedy, relationships, money and music.

But in 2023, some podcasts have stood out from the pack by taking a particularly creative approach to their subject matter or format. These shows demonstrate that a podcast can be entertaining, informative and connect with listeners in unexpected ways.

For example, ‘Better Call Daddy’ provides an intimate look at the host’s complex relationship with his father, exploring universal themes that allow listeners from all backgrounds to find common ground.

‘Funny Medicine’ infuses medical topics with plenty of banter and humor from its hosts, making dense subject matter relatable.

Some shows also have an innovative format that sets them apart, like ‘The Banyan Collective’s’ live music performances and interviews recorded monthly inside a 1920s converted garage.

‘Street Curb Curiosity’ started as a pandemic hobby, with one retiree creating every aspect of the podcast himself. And ‘Bitches With Beards’ aims to move away from gatekeeping in the LGBTQ podcast community, instead encouraging open and respectful debate from all perspectives.

This article will highlight these podcasts that demonstrate creativity in their niche, approach, hosting dynamic, or willingness to tackle complex topics in an accessible way. Their unique formats and perspectives contribute diverse voices to the podcast universe while building engaged communities around shared interests and experiences.

They may not be the most searched podcasts of 2023, but they are worth your attention!

Most Unique Podcasts of 2023 List

Better Call Daddy

Most Unique Podcasts - Better Call Daddy Podcast

Hosted by Reena Friedman Watts, Better Call Daddy stands out by intimately delving into the intricacies of Reena’s relationship with her father.

It goes beyond the surface, capturing the universal essence of daddy drama, the commonality of daddy issues, and the diverse inspirations drawn from paternal figures.

This podcast becomes a platform where listeners, regardless of background, can resonate with the shared experiences, finding solace and wisdom in the nuanced dynamics of fatherhood.

It’s a unique blend of personal narratives and relatable themes, fostering a sense of connection as we collectively navigate the complexities woven into the fabric of our relationships with our fathers.

Funny Medicine

Most Unique Podcasts - Funny Medicine Podcast

The Funny Medicine Podcast is just that… a podcast about medicine, but funny.

The hosts Julia Brunet and Yvette Gonzalez are best friends who had always joked about making a podcast, until one day they actually did! And they just had to do it about what they both love, which is medicine. One of the hosts is a doctor and the other is a writer researcher.

Together, they talk about a medical topic or issue each week while also letting their ADHD take the wheel! (They can end up being pretty funny and unhinged in their opinions!)

The hosts also aim to make medicine easier to understand and more relatable using their banter. So check them out… They promise to make you at least giggle once and maybe learn something new! The show is available on all streaming platforms and YouTube.

Tips For Guitar Playing Success

Most Unique Podcasts - Tips for Guitar Playing Success

At Podbam, we love a good ‘niche-y’ podcast and this is definitely one of them!

Tips For Guitar Playing Success is one of the only female hosted guitar podcasts. Weekly episodes are short and to the point (8-10 minutes long!)

In addition to hosting duties, Marlene Hutchinson is the show’s content creator and producer.

Her uniquely simple method of learning to play guitar, featured on the PBS and NPR television networks, and her fun presentation style carry over into the podcast’s successful program format.

Each episode is thoughtfully designed to help newer, emerging and intermediate guitarists overcome playing challenges with short (8-10 minutes), do-able tips such as reminders to change their strings (and how to do that), setting up a successful practice routine, eliminating fingertip soreness and timely/seasonal songs with descriptive playing recommendations.

One Minute Podcast Tips

Launched in December 2022, One Minute Podcast Tips from host Danny Brown brings you everything you need to know about podcasting without the fluff. As the show name suggests, each weekly tip is around one minute in length and covers everything from publishing, production, promotion, tools and platforms, and much more.

The show is for podcasters at all levels of experience, as highlighted in a review on Apple Podcasts that shares “Even as a very experienced podcaster, this show is helpful. I am constantly reminded of things I should/could be doing.”

While there are a host of great podcasts about podcasting already, the unique approach of One Minute Podcast Tips – making you a better podcaster in just a minute a week – sets it apart and lets you binge every episode, or catch each new one every Monday.

Danny, the host, is a podcast veteran who published his very first podcast episode in 2009, and has been regularly podcasting since 2017, so you know you’re in good hands. He’s a regular in podcasting discussions and communities, as well as the Head of Podcaster Support & Experience at, where the team helps serious indie podcasters grow their podcast(s).

The LovePod – Reality TV Podcast

Most Unique Podcasts - The LovePod Podcast

LovePod Podcast is a reality TV podcast that recaps your favorite dating and competition shows with the stars themselves.

Guests like House of Villains and Survivor star Jonny Fairplay, Love is Blind’s Shake and Nick, you just never know who will join the Pod Squad.

They also have weekly reality TV news, spoilers and casting updates in 5 minute Love Bytes each week.

The hosts say they love reality tv, love love and most of all, love their listeners for tuning in!

Adoptees Crossing Lines Podcast

Most Unique Podcasts - Adoptees Crossing Lines Podcast

Adoptees Crossing Lines stands out as a unique and indispensable podcast, offering a compelling narrative that delves into the intricate tapestry of adoptee experiences.

Unlike conventional adoption podcasts that center the industry and adoptive parents, Adoptees Crossing Lines goes beyond the surface, exploring the complexities of identity, belonging, and the often-overlooked challenges faced by adoptees. Adoptees Crossing Lines takes a clear stance as an abolitionist podcast.

What sets this podcast apart is its commitment to amplifying diverse voices within the adoptee community. Through engaging interviews and authentic storytelling, Adoptees Crossing Lines creates a space for adoptees from various backgrounds to share their personal journeys, fostering a sense of solidarity and understanding.

The podcast not only raises awareness about the nuanced aspects of adoption but also serves as a valuable resource for adoptees seeking connection and validation in their own experiences.

As an essential addition to the podcast landscape, Adoptees Crossing Lines contributes to a broader conversation about the intricacies of adoption, ensuring that the voices of adoptees are centered and their stories are acknowledged.

In a world where adoption narratives are fairytales, this podcast fills a crucial void, offering a platform for nuanced discussions and promoting a more comprehensive understanding of the adoptee experience.

The Banyan Collective

Most Unique Podcasts - The Banyan Collective Podcast

The Banyan Colleactive is a live studio audience podcast featuring musicians in a van down by the river. (It actually started literally down by the railroad tracks in the parking lot of Ogden, Utah’s Union Station, in 2016.)

The hosts shoved bands into our 1987 Dodge van, and with one mic recorded the band playing 4 songs with some interview questions between tracks.

Since then, they’ve grown.

Thanks to COVID, they introduced video, and no longer shove bands with all their gear into the van. Instead, they’re like the version of MTV Unplugged when pretty much everything was plugged.

They now record inside, yes, they drive the van into a building each month, a historic converted auto parking garage from the 1920s now called The Monarch Building. Every first Friday they record three bands (episodes), in front of a studio audience, then release one track at a time on their YouTube, with the full podcast episode including the interview dropping last.

The drive behind Van Sessions is to create a music discovery community for Northern Utah musicians to share their work, refine their craft, and network with other artists.

Street Curb Curiosity

Most Unique Podcasts - Street Curb Curiosity

This is a podcast born during the pandemic and a long holiday weekend.

The host, Rich Lewis, had retired the previous year and started a daily thought blog but then decided to take it to the next level.

The funny part is part of his previous career was with a media company, where he helped develop, coach, and sell podcasts. His goal? Have fun AND do every aspect of the podcast himself. He researches, writes, records, edits, posts, and promotes every episode himself. He even performed the intro and exit music ramps for the show.

Each episode is an observation and a rant about things we experience in our daily lives. The conversations we have friends and family…about the things that happen in our day with friends and family and work and dealing with our fellow humanity.

Totally intertwined with that useless info and dad jokes that one relative always shares…that no one wants to hear…until they do. Yes, he is a boomer and live up to that “yelling at the clouds” stereotype talking about the things we all talk (AKA: whine) about.

Bitches With Beards

Most Unique Podcasts - Bitches with Beards

The Bitches With Beards are two professional homosexuals who have a weekly discussion regarding the culture that surrounds their lives, inviting the audience to join in on the conversation.

The spark that became Bitches With Beards began when the hosts noticed how a lot of LGBTQ podcasts, specifically those run by cis gay men have a habit of gatekeeping. They were the arbiters of culture and if it wasn’t theirs, it wasn’t correct. There was no room for a different viewpoint, interests or opinions. Bitches with Beards wanted to move away from dictating what the culture was to people and instead encourage people to embrace what they loved and are passionate about. It makes for a much better World.

The format of the podcast was inspired by the hosts’ Friday night decompressions and their conversational tone comes across. Daniel and Max say without the podcast, they would still be having the same conversations!

The hosts respectful of their subject matter, to inspire debate without being confrontational, inspiring new audiences to join them.

The Almost Presidents Podcast

Most Unique Podcasts - The Almost Presidents Podcast

The Almost Presidents Podcast is a political history podcast that follows failed presidential campaigns. The hosts are interested in the threads of American history that never came to fruition because the candidates barely didn’t meet the mark for presidential power.

People like Bobby Kennedy, William Jennings Bryan and Ross Perot represent significant movements in American society that had a meaningful impact on politics and culture. The podcast explores these figures and the movements they represented, revealing how America might have been different had they found their way to the White House.

Their main show follows a different Almost President from history each season, covering the biography and important historical background surrounding each presidential run. In addition, they have a weekly show following the 2024 presidential race, spotlighting candidates likely to join the annals of Almost Presidents history.

It’s often said that history is told by the winners and in American politics, the winners are those who make it to the White House. This podcast tells history exclusively from the perspective of the losers, uncovering a different side of American history through that lens.

Don’t Go Broke Trying

Most Unique Podcasts - Don't Go Broke Trying

Don’t Go Broke Trying” isn’t your typical money podcast—it’s more like your go-to buddy for navigating the finance maze. Reni the Resource spills the beans on personal finance in a way that actually makes sense. What makes it different? Real stories from real people.

Ever wondered how to avoid going broke while chasing that influencer dream? Or maybe you’re eyeing that dream home without wanting to drown in debt. This podcast has your back, featuring Reni and guests who’ve been through it all and aren’t afraid to spill the details.

This isn’t your grandma’s advice on saving pennies; it’s a chill chat about real money struggles. Whether you’re new to a country or just trying to adult better, we’ve got the hacks you need.

If you’re tired of boring money talks and want advice that feels like it’s coming from a friend, “Don’t Go Broke Trying” is the podcast you’ll want on your radar.

That’s Me On Screen

Most Unique Podcasts - That's Me on Screen

In That’s Me On Screen comedian Evelyn Mok chats with people in and outside of the entertainment industry about how they have seen – or not seen – themselves portrayed on screen – and how not seeing yourself can affect your community.

From the entertainment they grew up with, what’s doing it for them now and the good and bad that’s left it’s mark along the way, this podcast is hilarious, offbeat and not afraid to touch the uncomfortable. It’s a seat at the table for a 45-minute conversation with voices we’ve heard from and others we might never consider – like the Roma, Gypsy and Traveller community. A must listen!

Evelyn discusses screen portrayals of masculinity, sexuality, travellers, poverty, migrants and the working class with guests from inside entertainment and out.

Fempire Mafia

Most Unique Podcasts - Fempire Mafia

Navigating life as a woman can have its fair share of challenges – from the ups and downs of relationships to the highs and lows of our careers. That’s why hosts Britton and Lindsey created The Fempire Mafia Podcast as a judgment-free space for women to empower one another.

Whether you’re dealing with dating dilemmas, struggling through a friendship fallout, exploring your sexuality, coping from a breakup, or simply looking for community, you’ll find open and honest conversations about all aspects of womanhood on The Fempire Mafia.

Britton and Lindsey tackle topics many want to discuss but feel hesitant bringing up, with plenty of laughter and compassion along the way.

Think of their weekly show as a Judgment Free Girlfriend Group Therapy session focusing on self-love and support. Tune in each Tuesday for real talk that informs, uplifts and brings women together.

Do you know any great unique podcasts?

As we’ve seen, there are lots of inventive podcasts that stand out with their creativity, diverse perspectives, and ability to tackle complex topics in relatable ways.

But with new shows launching all the time, there are likely other hidden gems that deserve more listeners. So if you know of a podcast that captures your interest with an unconventional take on its subject matter or format, let us know! (We are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.)

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways for unique shows to be discovered. Promoting unique podcasts that resonate with you helps raise awareness of new voices and perspectives.

And you may just connect someone with their new favorite listen that informs, inspires, or entertains them in surprising ways thanks to its original approach.

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