Katherine Baquie: Exploring pregnancy with the FitNest Mama Podcast

Katherine Baquie
Katherine Baquie

Katherine Baquie is the passionate voice behind the “Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery: FitNest Mama Podcast.”

In this interview, Katherine opens up about her motivations, behind-the-scenes moments, and what makes her show one of the 15 Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms out there!

Through her words, you’ll get a glimpse into the world of empowering women during one of the most transformative times of their lives.

The Interview

When did you start podcasting, and what prompted you to start?

3 years ago I started podcasting. I wanted to help empower more women to be proactive with their pregnancy health and recovery and new a podcast platform was the best option for this.

What’s one episode of the Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery: FitNest Mama Podcast you recommend for new listeners to start with and why?

The episode on how to prepare your pelvic floor for birth is the one I’d choose. This has some easy essential steps to help pregnant women prepare their bodies for birth and recovery.

Do you have a favorite episode or moment? Why is it your favorite?

Every time I chat to a new mum, or a guest expert speaker, I learn something new. No favourite episode. I just love each and every discussion I have.

Are there any episodes of the FitNest Mama Podcast that took a surprising turn or taught you something new?

As mentioned above, every single episode I learn something new. There’s so much help and support available and ready for pregnant and new parents. For the birth stories, I love letting the story evolve and discovering the turns and twists that the story takes in its own time.

If you could interview anyone, living or dead, on your podcast, who would it be and why?

A Russian woman named Valentina Vassilyeva in the 1700s apparently gave birth to 69 children. I’d love to have a chat to her and hear her incredible story!

Do you have any funny or unexpected behind-the-scenes stories to share?

I did one interview where I forgot to hit record. It was devastating! Never again has that happened, as I check around 3 times prior to the interview starting to make sure I have hit the record button.

What do you wish you had known before you started the Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery: FitNest Mama Podcast?

I think beauty often lies in the unknown. I have loved discovering more about the podcasting journey as it unravels for me.

Aside from podcasting, what are some of your other interests or hobbies?

I love to head down to the beach with my family and have some downtime doing the simple things in life.

Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming episodes of the Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery: FitNest Mama Podcast?

Some of the upcoming birth stories are incredible!

Which brand and/or type of microphone do you use and why?

This was recommended when I first started podcasting, and I love it.
Rode NT-USB Studio USB Condenser Microphone (NTUSB)

Do you also enjoy listening to podcasts? If so, what is your favorite?

100% I love listening to podcasts. It is the perfect medium to be able to multi-task when doing mum tasks. I love health, wellness podcasts, in addition to business podcasts.

How do you promote the Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery: FitNest Mama Podcast?

A combination of social media, email list, guesting on other podcasts.

Have you ever had to deal with negative feedback or trolls? How did you handle it?

Not yet…..

Have you monetized the Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery: FitNest Mama? If so, what strategies have you found to be most effective?

At the start of the podcast I invite my audience to join my program, or share the podcast, or leave a rating/review. Mid-roll I have just commenced sponsorship / mid-roll ads which last no more than 60 seconds.

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