Jamie Vernon aka ‘Young Jamie’: Who is Joe Rogan’s offsider?

Jamie Vernon aka Young Jamie
Left: Jamie Vernon with JRE guest Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. Right: Jamie Vernon with Joe Rogan in 2012. (Images: Instagram)

“Pull that up, Jamie”.

If you’re a Joe Rogan Experience listener, there’s no doubt you would have heard this many times before.

Whether it’s ordering pizza for Elon Musk, rolling video footage, or fact-checking statements made by guests, there’s rarely a Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode where Jamie (or Young Jamie as he’s often referred) isn’t called into action.

The man who’s on tools while Joe Rogan chats with guests is Jamie Vernon.

His offical title is Producer for the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, but those close to the Rogan empire will tell you Vernon also happens to be one of the podcast king’s closest confidants.

“Jamie’s exceptional, he’s got very little ego, he’s not a guy who needs a lot of attention… Whether it’s good things that happen to the show, or bad things that happen to the show, he takes it all like, flat.” Rogan told fellow podcaster Lex Fridman in a 2022 interview.

This was one of the rare public insights into Rogan’s admiration for Vernon.

Sticking true to his behind-the-scene role, Jamie Vernon has done very few media interviews.

Jamie Vernon - 'Young Jamie' from the Joe Rogan Podcast
Jamie Vernon (Young Jamie) Jamie Vernon (Young Jamie) Source: Instagram

Jamie Vernon: a low-profile guy in a high-profile world

Across the world and across all media mediums, there are countless examples of producers of successful shows rising to prominence. After all, producers are often the driving force behind the stars – and most are very ambitious media up-and-comers themselves.

However, Jamie Vernon is an exception to this producer paradigm.

His social media presence is limited to the occasional instagram post and an X account – where he rarely tweets at all.

Elsewhere online, Vernon shares a photography portfolio, which features images taken mainly from concerts and comedy festivals, along with a seperate website – youngjamie.com that features t-shirts for sale.

Few details are widely known about Vernon’s personal life and rise to what is one of the most sought-after producing gigs in the world of podcasts.

Jamie Vernon - 'Young Jamie' from the Joe Rogan Podcast
Jamie Vernon (Young Jamie) Jamie Vernon (Young Jamie) Source: Instagram

Jamie Vernon’s career

Vernon starting working on the Joe Rogan Experience in 2012 after meeting Joe Rogan at a comedy show in LA and handing over his business card.

Despite knowing barely anything about the budding producer, Rogan took a chance and hired Vernon as an assistant producer for Brian Redban.

At the time, Redban was producer and sometimes co-host of what was predominately pre-recorded videos and live streams on Twitter and Ustream.

Jamie Vernon - 'Young Jamie' from the Joe Rogan Podcast
Jamie Vernon (right) Jamie Vernon (Young Jamie) Source: Instagram

By 2013, Redban had stepped away from the show, and Vernon took over as the lead producer.

One of his first moves was to bring the show to YouTube. This marked the beginning of a period of huge success for the Joe Rogan Experience.

Lex Fridman, another wildly successful podcaster, has become a close friend of both Joe Rogan and Jamie Vernon over the years.

He has no shortage of praise for Vernon.

“He’s one of the best producers in the world now, not to let it get to his head,” he says.

“The funny thing about him is… In every way he carries himself, he so self-critical, he’s so like worried that it’s wrong, it’s bad. That anxious energy, I love it.”

Prior to taking the role as Joe Rogan’s producer, Jamie Vernon worked as a freelance photographer and music producer, while supplementing his income by working in hospitality.

He studied Communications and Media Studies at the Ohio State University and Recording Arts Technology at the Full Sail University.

Jamie Vernon - 'Young Jamie' from the Joe Rogan Podcast
Jamie Vernon (Young Jamie) Source: Instagram

Passion for golf

Outside of podcasting and photography, Jamie Vernon’s other big passion is golf.

He has shared numerous images of himself on golf courses on Instagram, while the few media interviews he’s ever done have been focussed on golf.

In 2022 he was a guest on The Erik Anders Lang Show – a popular golf podcast.

The episode was almost entirely golf talk and other miscellaneous conversation, however Vernon provided some insight into life as Joe Rogan’s producer and what it’s like sitting side-by-side with a myriad of intriguing guests.

“I usually have to do suff, I don’t get to focus on the conversation because I’m cutting, then I have Google going on,” he told Erik Anders Lang.

“A lot of people are listening to the show… A lot of people are watching, I try not to think about it.”

He also says he never expected or planned for The Joe Rogan Experience to be as successful as it has become.

“We don’t really understand how we got where we are, there was no plans for this to happen, to get this attention,” he added.

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