Top Investing Podcasts for Beginners

Investing podcasts for beginners

So, you want to get started investing?

No longer do you need to spend thousands of dollars on courses, textbooks, or seminars. There are so many great investing podcasts for beginners that are entirely free.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the due diligence, listened to A LOT of them, and compiled this list of the very best. Importantly, we’ve screened out the dodgy gurus and get-rich-quick scammers, to provide you a list of podcasts produced by podcasters with a passion for providing top tips and insights for beginner investors.

What are the Best Investing Podcasts for Beginners?

The Investing for Beginners Podcast

Top investing podcasts for beginners

This is more than a podcast, it’s a community. In most episodes, hosts Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern respond to listener questions, providing their expert opinions and views in a way that is easy for beginner investors to understand.

New episodes drop every few days. They are a mix of Q&A episodes (host often answering one or multiple listener questions), stock-specific deep-dives, called ‘Bird’s Eye View’ episodes (usually the stock in focus is at the request of a listener), and episodes which feature fascinating expert interviews.

It’s a must-follow investing podcast for beginners.

Compound Money Quietly

Top investing podcasts for beginners

This is a podcast that also features in our Best Investing Podcasts list. It’s the sort of podcast that’s easy to listen to for investors of all levels of experience.

For beginners, there are great tips on long-term investing, and the power of compounding investment returns is a common thread (as the name suggests).

Chris Franco is the host. He’s a pro. He doesn’t like fads, hot stock tips, or the next big cryptocurrency. If that’s what you’re into, don’t listen to this podcast. But if you want to gain knowledge that can help you begin your long-term investing journey, then this is a podcast for you.

Millennial Investing

Top investing podcasts for beginners

Don’t let the title put you off, listeners of any age can get a lot out of Millennial Investing.

This podcast gets down to the very basics of investing, providing investors with incredibly valuable foundational knowledge on investment themes such as the stock market, real estate investing, and financial planning.

You’ll also draw knowledge from great expert guests, who are conscious of ensuring they talk and explain concepts in a way that the beginner investor can understand.

The podcast is hosted by Robert Leonard, Clay Fink, and Rebecca Hotsko – all qualified Finance and business experts which helps make this a top investing podcast for beginners.

Get Started Investing

Top investing podcasts for beginners

“Helping you learn to invest in 15 minutes or less” is the mantra of this podcast.

The hosts are two Australian guys, Alec Renehan and Bryce Leske. While they’re not finance professionals, they have built a big following which is largely attributed to their relatable nature and their ability to chat with top investing experts in a way that even the most novice investor can grasp.

One of the best features of this podcast is the way complicated investing jargon is broken down and simplified for listeners. Get started investing episodes labelled ‘Bitesize’ are also very valuable – they feature 2-5 minute snippets of investing wisdom from other podcasts hosted by Alec and Bryce.

My Millennial Investor

Just like the Millennial Investing podcast above, it’s not only millennials who’ll enjoy listening to this one.

Despite the similar titles, the two shows have very different formats. My Millennial Investor episodes run 10-20 minutes and are usually solo-podcast episodes with host Nick Bradley demystifying investing ideas and strategies.

The sorts of things you can expect to hear from Nick include stock comparisons, portfolio and risk management strategies, taxation tips, and discussion about topical issues in markets and the economy.

Editor’s Note: In this investing podcasts for beginners list, we have chosen to only include podcasts that regularly release new episodes.

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