Funny Parenting Podcasts (because laughter is the best medicine!)

funny parenting podcasts

After I gave birth to my first, some issues arose during the recovery process that left me both physically and mentally scarred. I quickly discovered one of the best remedies was laughter and often the source of that laughter came from funny parenting podcasts.

The best thing for my spirits on any given day was watching the Try Guys or Men Try videos. Their pregnancy and parenthood segments are hilarious. I just couldn’t get enough of grown men trying to deal with what I was dealing with! I laughed so hard, I was literally worried I was going to rip a stitch. I swear those were the moments that kept me from baby blues and helped me bounce back.

I will never forget how much it hurt to laugh, but how much I needed it.

So, with that in mind, we’ve uncovered the best funny parenting podcasts, so every parent can get their much-needed laughter fix.

List of the Best Funny Parenting Podcasts

The Holderness Family Podcast

Funny Parenting Podcasts

I have been completely in love with this podcast, I must confess. Since my ADHD realization, I have been managing the difficulties it brings with my forms of behavioural therapy. This includes using numbers to my advantage, organizing the way that works for me despite how it looks to everybody else, lots of positive thinking and lots and lots of lists; with definitely more strategies to come.

They write original catchy songs with their content, share great family advice, and open up about martial problems most people seem to shy away from. Kim and Penn Holderness have two children together, Lola and Penn Charles. They began their Holderness Family Podcast in 2018 and started by coming topics of mental illness and personal issues in an understanding and productive way.

Josie and Jonny Are Having a Baby (With You!)

Funny Parenting Podcasts

Comedians, Josie Long & Jonny Donahoe start the podcast by waking up to the scary but exciting reality that they are going to have a baby. From there, each episode takes you inside their journey.

As a mom of two, there were a lot of familiar feelings and nostalgia. I really got into how hopeful it was to hear real people go through the same mental process I did, and I know lots of parents do. They are open and honest about their fears and lack of experience and do it with a refreshing and humorous take that will brighten your mood.

The discussions, along with listener questions answered during episodes will provide great advice and help relieve your nerves.

The Funny Thing About Parenting

Funny Parenting Podcasts

The Funny Thing About Parenting is a hilarious podcast about a couple tackling four kids under nine. It’s hosted by TJ and Melissa Therrien. Melissa drops some awesome quotes and words of wisdom during episodes.

“Just because your house is a mess, doesn’t mean you are a mess,” was one quote that resonated with me – I swear Melissa needs to write a book!

A new episode is released weekly and gives great insight into the messes and disasters that can clog up our day-to-day life and how to let things go. Topics discussed range from sending your kid to kindergarten, giving birth, social media and change, and other things that can seem so scary, especially for first-time moms and dads.

The best part about it – TJ and Melissa tackle parenting in a hilarious manner and know how to make stressful situations seem lighter and more manageable. 

Comedy Parenting Radio

Funny Parenting Podcasts

Comedy Parenting Radio is a nice simple and refreshing podcast series. It doesn’t have a lot of frills but it doesn’t need to. It has a wide range of different personalities and opinions as this family tackles the funny part of the ups and downs of life. Their radio theatre is suitable for all ages. It is a nice clean comedy. This is content that I can watch with my kids around and not worry about anything they hear being repeated or negatively influencing them.

My four-year-old also gets a kick out of hearing other kids talk from mommy’s phone. 


Funny Parenting Podcasts

Hosts, Ashley and Jackie recount hilarious stories both from their parenting journey and discuss and analyse media articles and social media posts about parenting. They offer a judgment-free zone and remind us that whatever happens, in most cases you can still lay back at the end of the day and laugh it off.

Some recent topics discussed include Christmas, dealing with teenagers, sleep, and baby blues. Even though the podcast has not been around for very long, I think it is going to go far. Ashley and Jackie are real and honest about the ups and downs.

Certainly a must-subscribe funny parenting podcast.

Funny Parents Podcast

Funny Parenting Podcasts

This is hosted by comedians on the journey of parenthood. These comedians want to share their experience and knowledge while also offering a good laugh while they do it. The podcast gets many prominent guests who share their own parenting stories that we can all resonate with.

Some stories will cause laughter, and some will trigger tears but all of them are important for moms and dads going through the same journey.

Hook, Line and Smiley

Funny Parenting Podcasts

While Hook, Line and Smiley don’t focus just on parenting, the host, comedian Bob Smiley is a father of three boys, and discussion about parenting is definitely a big part of his podcast.

Bob is one of my favourite content creators, he always brings an enormous smile to my face, no matter what I have going on in my life. It is labelled as a self-help podcast, and let’s be honest, mommas and daddies need as much self-help as they can get – and Bob does self-help with a strong dose of laughter. The perfect mix!

We hope you discovered a new podcast in this list of funny parenting podcasts. For more parenting podcasts, read Podbam’s best parenting podcasts for 2023.

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