How Brian Demo started the Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast

Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast

The Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast is hosted by avid angler Brian Demo, who is passionate about sharing knowledge on the thrills of surf fishing.

In this exclusive interview, Brian reflects on the origins of the podcast, favorite episodes, and plans for future content.

He also shares interesting behind-the-scenes details and strategies for promoting and monetizing the show. Enjoy!

The Interview

When did you start podcasting, and what prompted you to start?

2018 with a friend on a business-related show. It fizzled out after life got busy for both of us, but it was an absolute blast. It was a creative outlet, and we knew we were talking about things that others do as well, just not with each other. After it fizzled, I created Finding Demo Surf Fishing to help share the knowledge on this hidden fishing gem. The world has beaches and fish, so why not learn from the ones doing it and share that knowledge so others can enjoy it as well?

What’s one episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast you recommend for new listeners to start with and why?

One of the most downloaded episodes is Florida’s Own Surf Cowboy Noel Kuhn and for good reason. He shared a lot of knowledge that he has acquired over a lifetime of fishing that is relatable to just about anywhere you fish from the beach. That said, every episode has nuggets that will help you on your journey.

Do you have a favorite episode or moment? Why is it your favorite?

One of the best is when my guest talks about fishing memories or one of their favorite catches. You can almost feel the excitement coming through the speakers and the passion that follows. It’s almost strong enough to make you want to feel that exact same experience on your own.

Are there any episodes that took a surprising turn or taught you something new?

I’ve learned from every single episode I have recorded. I’m a constant student, so I get a master class each time I hit record. As far as surprising turns, one recently with the Cabo Surf Caster Wes surprised me about the number of species they catch in Cabo right from the beach. You would typically have to use a kayak to get some of these fish, but down there, nope.

If you could interview anyone, living or dead, on your podcast, who would it be and why?

Living, probably Joe Moore. He has a wealth of knowledge, and is why Akios reels are here in the US. Dead, I’d have to dig into a history book, but I’d want to talk with ancient Polynesian & Viking anglers to learn how they did it—all of that exploration and travel.

Do you have any funny or unexpected behind-the-scenes stories to share?

Many funny things happen pre-post-show while we are talking. So many times, I wish I had been recording to catch a funny story that didn’t make it on the show or a blooper that I should have put on.

What do you wish you had known before you started Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast?

Just because you’re uncomfortable and unknowing about a topic doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of talking to those with superior knowledge and following. We all put on shoes of some sort; they are not superior to you, and the worst they will say is NO.

Aside from podcasting, what are some of your other interests or hobbies?

Fishing (obviously) but also woodworking, turning wrenches, and I’m a sucker for FPS games.

Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming episodes or series of Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast?

I’ll be speaking with an Aboraganie Fishing Guide from Australia soon that I’ve been trying to get done for a while. He has centuries of knowledge packed into his brain that he wants to share with the world. I’m also working on more international episodes.

Do you have any download / subscription statistics you are willing to share with us?

I usually find in the first 30 days, it gets to about 200-300 downloads per episode. Since it is long-form content, I’m asking people to share an hour to two hours of their life with me in their ears, so that’s amazing. After that, as new listeners find the show, it is almost like compound interest as the episodes continue to tick up and grow.

Which brand and/or type of microphone do you use and why?

I use the Shure MV7. I like the flexibility of using USBs and jacks. So I can take it to do video episodes or plug it directly into my Zoom P4 for audio only.

Do you also enjoy listening to podcasts? If so, what is your favorite?

I do! Cancelled for Maintenance is one of my favorites as I am in Helicopter Maintenance by day. For my hobbies, I enjoy Salt Strong, Okayest Fisher, and Your Saltwater Guide

How do you promote your podcast?

Social media only (for now). I do plan to expand my promotions to reach more people. Bass fishing is the supreme leader in fishing here in the US. Surf/Beach fishing is a significantly smaller world so getting people to learn about it that haven’t tried it can be a small challenge.

Have you ever had to deal with negative feedback or trolls? How did you handle it?

Always! I will either ignore it or engage with thanks. The reality is you will always have trolls that tell you you suck at this and someone is much better. I thank them because their comment is still an engagement for the algorithm, and they are just helping me reach that one person who didn’t know about the show. Stay glorious in that basement, homie!

Have you monetized Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast? If so, what strategies have you found to be most effective?

I have through company sponsors. I found a way to include it naturally with the show by accident. I use the company’s items that are sponsors on the show so I can feel confident in what they are selling. I will not advertise for someone that I cannot trust their gear will work with people listening to the show. No amount of money is worth compromising your integrity!

The Finding Demo Podcast features in Podbam’s list of the Best Fishing Podcasts of 2023.

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