Best Christian Parenting Podcasts for Moms

Christian parenting podcasts

Being a mom is the best job in the world!

At the end of my life, it won’t be the bar trips or nights out with the girls I’ll remember most fondly, it will be the time spent with my children. My kids are the best thing that ever happened to me! But it hasn’t always been easy and I know there’ll be many more challenges ahead.

For all the moms out there though, the world of podcasts is a great source of inspiration and guidance. So, I hope you enjoy this list of the best Christian parenting podcasts for moms, as much as I did.

Now, not all are specifically faith-based shows, however, each provides great entertainment, advice, and guidance for Christian mothers.

List of the Best Christian Parenting Podcasts

Moms in Prayer Podcast

Christian Parenting Podcasts

This Christian parenting podcast is jam-packed with tons of wonderful guest speakers and inspirational voices. They have lots of authors, teachers, leaders of charity organizations, counsellors, and motivational speakers. They don’t shy away from discussions on our job to take care of the less fortunate and those suffering, on humbling ourselves and being strong in the face of the adversary. 

A new episode goes live every week and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

At Home With Sally

Christian Parenting Podcasts

Host, Sally Clarkson is a sweet lady. Listening to her feels like she is welcoming you into her home. She offers so many tips on parenthood and relationships and shows she has a kind and caring heart. The podcast takes time for issues like stress during the holidays, celebrations, fighting the darkness we see around us, and how to deal with difficult situations. 

Sally is a wife, and mother, and loves to share her journey to reach and help other people. Her podcast was formed to help mothers go through the difficult times in life and the busy lives that come with raising a family. She emphasizes the importance of spending time with family and how important those bonds are. 

Homemaker Chic

Christian Parenting Podcasts

The hosts of these adorable podcasts are Angela Reed, mother of six kids, and Shaye Elliot, and four children. These moms have proven they have what it takes to get through motherhood and that they can teach all mothers a thing or two. They impressively tackle topics like manners, in-laws, snacks, holidays, and unused baby names. They are fun and cheerful and show lots of love in everything they do and talk about. These women are great entrepreneurs and show the skies the limit when you set your mind to something. 

This podcast has so much to offer with lots of answered questions and shame-free destressing. This is a great podcast for stressful days and not-as-stressful days.

Mama With a Calling

Christian Parenting Podcasts

This is a great show for moms who want to learn about business and become their bosses.

Each episode dives into the mindset of being an entrepreneur and running your life in a way you can be proud of. Work-at-home mom, Alexia Carrillo is the host of this podcast. She has found success and helping out other moms and in documenting her findings as a mother herself. She is devoted to her family and is passionate about her work. It is a great combo and she teaches moms everywhere how to motivate themselves and reach their goals. 

The podcast covers topics such as when you choose wrong and mess up your plans, and being thankful even when you feel like your life is lacking. This is definitely not a podcast you want to miss!

The Rooted Moms Podcast

Christian Parenting Podcasts

The Rooted Moms Podcast bridges the gap between biblical teachings and the complexities of motherhood.

Produced by Rooted Moms Ministries, the show delves into everyday issues that moms grapple with and examine them through the lens of Christianity.

Rooted Moms Ministries aims to equip mothers with actionable guidance, a supportive community, and spiritual fulfilment, empowering them to flourish in Christ throughout all life’s seasons.

Katie Gibson serves as the visionary founder and executive director of Rooted Moms Ministries. Alongside her husband, Craig, she resides in North Atlanta and is a proud mom to three children.

Katie is deeply committed to imparting the wisdom of the Bible in a manner that is both accessible and uplifting, aiming to guide others toward a bountiful life.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Christian Parenting Podcasts

The host of this podcast is Jamie Ivey. She is an author, blogger, and mom, and has begun her studio with Aaron Ivey, called Ivey Media. Jamie is a mom to three kids and opens about how stressful and powerless you can feel at times as a mom.  

Each week she welcomes a guest onto her stage to help her connect and encourage women all around the world. Her podcast has covered topics such as boundaries, hospitality, suicide prevention and college. 

Don’t Mom Alone with Heather MacFadyen

Christian Parenting Podcasts

Heather MacFadyen is a mom of four boys and offers great advice on anything from great shows to check out to how lonely mothering can sometimes feel. She offers so many great resources in her podcast and has a 4.9 rating on Apple Podcasts. Some of my favourite episodes of hers are ‘Brave Enough to be Broken’, ‘Bottles of Hope,’ and Ages & Stages.’

Heather tackles topics of loneliness, mentors, doubt, and building a strong environment. She is a boy mom of four and helps listeners with a wide range of problems and concerns.

We’re Going There with Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Christian Parenting Podcasts

Is a great podcast with Bianca Juarez Olthoff. It is great for practical advice on your day-to-day life as well as some tough topics we don’t usually talk about with parenting.

Bianca opens up about communication, setting boundaries, gossiping, overcoming obstacles, and leading the way for our children. She is an author, speaker, and podcaster. She has written the book Play With Fire and How To Have Your Life Not Suck.

Surviving Sarah

Christian Parenting Podcasts

This is a great podcast for a variety of different people because she brings on new guests with almost every episode so you get so many different and important viewpoints.

Sarah Braggs is the host of the show and she made this podcast to be a place where moms can talk about what is going on with their kids, their job, their relationships, and what it is like to sometimes just be surviving, all of this. She is a podcaster, writer, and speaker as well as a mom of two. This show is a place to say me too, with other moms, and finally, feel understood.

Risen Motherhood

Christian Parenting Podcasts

Hosts Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler are great at explaining topics that no one is talking about. They show you not to be afraid to make mistakes and love yourself despite your flaws, and how to tackle real issues from the day. They discuss so many important issues such as raising compassionate kids, screen time, education, marriage and what it means to love your body again after babies. 

Emily along with being a podcaster is also a content director, author, and mother. Laura along with being a mother is also a podcaster, author, poet, and life coach.

The Christian Single Moms Podcast

Christian Parenting Podcasts

I love the podcasts I have on this list of the best Christian parenting podcasts, but I think what it lacks is the recognition and inclusion of single parenting.

Now with more than a hundred episodes, they tackle important issues such as struggling with belonging, burning out, abuse, and healing. The podcast is done by PlusONE Parents; which is an organization that seeks to help out single parents in one way or another and acknowledges rather than ignores the growing problem we are seeing of this in developed countries. 

Most importantly they remind parents that no matter what your situation is you are never truly alone and the weight of bringing up the next generation alone is something you can share with other moms and share the load. This goes also for single parents in general as it is not just a problem women face but men do too. 

The Christian Single Moms Podcast has new episodes every week. It can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

A bonus parenting podcast tip

Another great single-parents podcast is Hook, Line, and Smiley, which is listed in my Funny Parenting Podcast list. For a time in his life, the host of this podcast had to care for his three boys as a single father. I know his ex-wife had been involved somewhere, but he was the one waking up every morning to get them ready for school, helping them with their homework every night, and struggling to make dinner for three boys. I know that couldn’t have been easy. 

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