Best Toddler Parenting Podcasts

toddler parenting podcasts

So, you have a toddler now? It’s time to discover some toddler parenting podcasts.

Having a toddler is a whole new experience – you’re definitely on a fun ride. On one hand you are excited they are moving around more, and not as dependent on you. On the other hand, they are getting into EVERYTHING. You can’t take your eyes off them for two seconds before something is broken, or something is in their mouth, or they are trying to pull something down on themselves.

Things are funnier for them, but definitely scarier for you. Hopefully this list of the best toddler parenting podcasts will help you with tips for managing the toddler stage, while also motivating and inspiring you – hold on for the ride!

The Best Toddler Parenting Podcasts

The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

Toddler Parenting Podcasts

Host, Marijo Tinlin understands toddlers always want to be kept busy, and provides an exceptional resource for parents trying ever so hard to keep them busy. If you’re after inspiration for activities with toddlers, such as learning ideas, snack ideas, arts and crafts, and so much more, then you should subscribe to this toddler parenting podcast. There are often also great ideas for older siblings who want to get involved and not feel left out.

Further, many episodes also explore ways to teach your toddler about more difficult topics, such as death, illness, and loss, and you’ll hear from a wide range of respected experts who are regularly interviewed on the show.

The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast can be found on different platforms.

The Infant Toddler Toolbox

Toddler Parenting Podcasts

This is a podcast for caregivers, educators, parents, and helpers. It is co-hosted by Alaina Nace-Meyer and Jennifer Addleman.  

They offer lots of tips to educate our children on how to grow, and ourselves on how to be good parents. A lot of helpful advice is shared, like the importance of self-care, pretending to play with your toddler, toddler songs, and how to help your toddler and other kids through transitions in life. It teaches you as a parent how to embrace the hectic world of toddlers and maneuver through it in a fun and impactful way.


Toddler Parenting Podcasts

Storynory is full of folklore tales and stories from all across the globe. This podcast opens up a new wonderful world for your children from new to old fairy tales. They add their creative spin to stories, songs, interviews, and history. I find this is unique to other podcasts and I would recommend it for toddlers and above. This is a great way to pass time with children and a great story-time experience.

The Storynory podcast can be found on Apple, Google, or Spotify.

Toddlers Made Easy

Toddler Parenting Podcasts

One of my favourite things about this podcast is that each episode is bite-sized (around 10 minutes) and easy to listen to on the go, especially when you don’t have much time to spare.  

The host, Doctor Cathryn is a well-known pediatrician and mother of 4. She can speak from a clinical standpoint with more than thirty years of experience and as a mother herself with all the craziness that comes with that.  

She deals with parenting issues moms and dads of toddlers face such as sibling rivery, not forcing but modelling good behaviours, and many more. 

Toddler Purgatory

Toddler Parenting Podcasts

This is an amazing parenting podcast for parents of kids six and under. It tackles difficult situations in a funny way with comedy and laughter.

It is hosted by moms Molly Lloyd and Blaire Brooks. They approach each episode with real talk, experienced advice, and lots of laughter. Both Molly and Blaire are great at guiding you through times when you feel stuck as a parent and need some different advice and a helping hand. This is an easy podcast to get into, with topics like getting your little ones outside and how to be happier as a mom.

I also can’t forget how understandingly they went over topics like kids lying and forming a stronger bond with your toddler. Something as busy moms we never feel like we are getting enough time – for us or them. 

Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting

Toddler Parenting Podcasts

This was a great podcast for dealing with the toddler age range, and up. The host, Lisa Damour is an American clinical psychologist and she partners with journalist Reena Ninan to offer helpful advice on how to be a practical, sane, and motivated parent. 

They know all too well as parents themselves the struggles parents have and provide incredible guidance, advice, and relatable discussion.

Some recent topics discussed include, kids being picked on and excluded, making your kids financially responsible, and online safety. It offers lots of advice for parents of all ages but especially for toddlers, the fun never seems to end.

Circle Round

Toddler Parenting Podcasts

Circle Round is a collection of children’s stories and tales, both traditional and new. It is expertly narrated by Rebecca Sheir and Eric Shimelonis, who add an extra bit of magic.

I would recommend Circle Round for kids aged 2 to 10. From personal experience, my own four-year-old definitely loved the podcast, and it was perfect for times when the baby is sleeping and I would rather not wake him to get the toddler another book before bedtime.

With so many guest stars and different stories to tell it is a must for any parents of toddlers and kids.

Story Time

Toddler Parenting Podcasts

The Story Time podcast is perfect for children two and up, and certainly won’t put off your older children. It’s full of stories from all around the world, introducing children to new ideas and new places. Each episode is written by a different author so there is never a boring moment.

These stories will help your toddler get ready for bed, keep them entertained on a rainy day or cheer up a bad mood. Give this podcast a try if you’re looking for something new and/or exciting for the whole family to enjoy.

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