Best Stock Market Podcasts for 2024

Best stock market podcasts

Gain extraordinary insights with these top stock market podcasts

The stock market attracts attention, excitement and debate like no other type of investment. According to Statista, around 58% of adult Americans invest in the stock market, in Australia that figure in around 50%, while in Canada its 41% – some of the highest stock market participation rates in the world.

But as many investors would know, despite all the success stories, hot stock tips, and charlatans on social media claiming to be making millions, it’s not easy!

However, for serious investors, this list of best stock market podcasts can help give you an edge.

We’ve sought out the shows that provide world-class expert insights, sophisticated market and economic analysis, and stock market investing ideas that will separate you from the heard.

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What are the Best Stock Market Podcasts?

The Market Huddle

Stock Market Podcast

The Market Huddle is a must-subscribe stock market podcast. Each new episode follows a distinct format. First up, hosts Patrick Ceresna & Kevin Muir welcome an expert market analyst who shares investment ideas and their views on the direction of markets and in most cases, bigger picture macroeconomic themes that are impacting their investment deacons. Get set for an in-depth, yet engaging conversation which can span well over one hour.

Then it’s time for three regular segments to close out the episode – Talking Charts, No Stupid Questions and Skin in the Game.

Talking Charts is exactly that. Patrick and Kevin examine what they see as the most interesting charts and discuss their impact on the stock market. These charts are emailed to subscribers ahead of episode releases, or they can be viewed on YouTube.

During the light-hearted Skin in the Game segment, Patrick and Kevin challenge each other on market predictions (even wagering dinner with listeners). And, finally No Stupid Questions is when Patrick and Kevin answer listener questions, providing guidance on stocks, investment strategy, and the outlook for markets.

Patrick Ceresna & Kevin Muir are passionate and successful market strategists. Both boast exceptional macroeconomic knowledge. They bring the perfect blend of fun and serious next-level insights to listeners. Oh, and we almost forgot the brewski featured in each episode!

State of the Markets

Stock Market Podcast

If you really want to break away from the heard and get different market perspectives, then take a listen to the State of the Markets podcast.

The podcast is hosted by Tim Price (a prominent U.K.-based fund manager) and Paul Rodriguez (a U.K.-based expert technical analyst and former institutional trader) who have a distinctive no-nonsense style and share compelling viewpoints on topics impacting stock markets.

Each episode is a conversation between Tim, Paul, and a guest. The guests are the sort of experts and commentators you might not have heard of or seen in the mainstream financial media, which really gives this show a point of difference. They come from diverse backgrounds and along with Tim and Paul share unique ideas and honest views. It’s a podcast full of a-ha moments.

Real Vision: The Next Big Trade

Stock Market Podcast

Is your stock-picking track record not so good? Or, are you struggling to find ideas on where to allocate that cash sitting in your trading account?

Maybe it’s time to take a listen to Real Vision’s The Next Big Trade.

This is a podcast that features prominently on our Best podcast for investing list, given its broad scope. But the stock market is the main-game.

Host Harry Melandri has a +30-year investing career behind him in which he has worked as a portfolio manager and trader for some of the world’s largest asset managers. Turns out he’s a pretty good interviewer too. Each episode he gets a new trade idea from a high-calibre expert guest. With that big new idea comes compelling discussion about macroeconomic, market and technology trends.

Forward Guidance

Stock Market Podcast

Forward guidance is all about the macro. And if you’ve got a grasp on the macro there’s a good chance your stock marketing investing will be heading in the right direction.

Multiple episodes are released every week featuring interviews with renewed macro analysts and commentators. The experts share the parts of the market that they’re looking to exploit and their macroeconomic outlooks for the months and often years ahead. It’s a valuable resource to gain big-picture views on markets and the economy that can help shape the way you invest.

The host is Jack Farley, a New York-based journalist with a degree in economics.

Morgan Stanley Thoughts on the Market

Stock Market Podcast

Thoughts on the Market provides listeners access to the investing expertise from within Morgan Stanley’s global investment management operations. This is the sort of access that, once upon a time, only the firm’s high net-worth clients would have been able to access (how good are podcasts!).

Episodes are short and sweet and usually focus on a single topical theme with a Morgan Stanley expert called in to share their research and views. Some of the best episodes delve into a specific stock market sector or asset class, providing actionable investing insights.

The hosting duties are shared between top Morgan Stanley executives and you can expect multiple new episodes every week.

Barron’s Streetwise

Stock Market Podcast

The Barron’s Streetwise podcast is a great way to get across all the big topical issues impacting stock markets.

Episodes are slickly produced. After some light-hearted banter to kick things off, host Jack Hough begins a 15-minute report on a topical issue or market development, which includes short sound bites from experts who’ve been interviewed on the topic. It’s much like a short-form audio documentary. The type of topics covered include things like, ‘Is China investable?’, ‘The Scoop of Fertilizer Stocks‘, and ‘Is the bear market over?’.

Usually, in the final 10 minutes of the podcast, Jack turns to some stock-specific discussion and shares more interview snippets from the likes of stock analysts, industry insiders, and leading economists.

Jack is a well-known Barron’s columnist. He presents the podcast in a great style that’s easy to follow for investors of all levels, and he brings a distinct dry humor that sets this show apart.

A new episode is published each week.

Daily Stock Market News

Stock Market Podcast

As the title suggests, this podcast aims to provide you all the daily stock market news along with analysis about its implications on investing decisions. In particular, the decisions that host Markus Heitkoetter and Mark Hodge are making in their own portfolios. Both are successful stock market traders.

A new episode is released every day to coincide with your morning coffee.

Motley Fool Money

Stock Market Podcast

This is a daily podcast that covers the big financial headlines of the day in 20-minute episodes.

Motley Fool Money is hosted by Chris Hill, a veteran of the popular Motley Fool publication. He’s an exceptional podcast host and conducts engaging interviews with analysts from the Motley Fool network (and occasionally external guests) on various topical matters that impact stock market investing decisions.

Chris and his guests not only focus on the macro, they also engage in stock and sector-specific analysis, diving into fundamentals, results, announcements, and longer-term outlooks.

Subscribing to this podcast is an easy way for investors to stay across the stock market news that matters.

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