15 Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

Best Pregnancy Podcasts

Expecting your first child can be daunting, but these days there are some great pregnancy podcasts that are hugely helpful for first-time moms.

When I was pregnant with my two children, resources like these were either not as prevalent or simply not on my radar.

I found myself diving into a mix of books, online articles, and informal advice from friends and family.

While those resources were helpful, there’s something uniquely comforting about the spoken word, especially when it comes from experts and other moms who have been through it all before.

I wish I had had the wealth of podcast resources then that are available now – guides that could have offered medical insights, emotional support, and even some humor to lighten the mood.

So, for today’s expectant mothers navigating this life-changing experience, these podcasts could be the guide, friend, or mentor you’ve been looking for.

Let’s delve into the podcasts that every first-time mom should consider listening to!

Top podcasts for first-time moms

15. Taking Back Birth

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

For first-time moms seeking a podcast that combines expertise with an engaging format, “Taking Back Birth” hosted by Maryn Green is your go-to resource.

This podcast is like a reassuring conversation with a trusted friend who happens to be a seasoned birth professional. It covers everything from prenatal care to postpartum support, ensuring first-time moms feel informed, empowered, and inspired on their transformative journey into motherhood.

I appreciate how she authentically lives and openly shares her personal truth. Her ability to add depth, wisdom, and insight to the divine feminine journey of women in both childbirth and life is truly empowering. Get ready to take back your birth with Maryn as your guide.

14. Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing guide, Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond is your go-to podcast. It is a holistic resource that explores the challenges and wonders of childbirth and the early stages of parenting.

This podcast exceeded my expectations. I am impressed by the comprehensive range of topics it covers. It’s a highly intelligent show with remarkable insights from its guests, and thought-provoking questions, and, overall, it’s a must-listen for anyone seeking knowledge, reassurance, and a few good laughs to guide you through the beautiful chaos of pregnancy and early parenthood.

13. Hello, Bump

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

For first-time moms navigating the exciting and sometimes overwhelming world of pregnancy, Hello Bump serves as the definitive podcast companion – a delightful blend of expert advice and relatable storytelling that will keep you engaged and informed every step of the way.

Covering everything from pregnancy symptoms to parenting tips, it’s a delightful blend of relatable stories and expert advice.

Whether you’re a first-time mom or adding to your family, The Hello, Bump podcast makes every step of your pregnancy feel supported and celebrated.

12. Pregnancy Podcast

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

New mothers venturing into the wonderful experience of pregnancy will discover their perfect partner in the Pregnancy Podcast, guided by Vanessa Marten as the host.

With her soothing and expert guidance, Vanessa navigates the intricate world of pregnancy with grace, offering a wealth of knowledge in an engaging and accessible format.

From prenatal care to labor and delivery, this podcast covers it all, leaving no stone unturned. It’s like having a trusted friend who is also a pregnancy expert by your side, providing essential information and heartfelt support. I enthusiastically recommend this podcast to every expecting mother; it is undoubtedly a precious gem.

11. Informed Pregnancy Podcast

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

Hosted by childbirth educator and doula, Dr. Elliott Berlin, this podcast offers expert insights and personal stories that empower new moms-to-be.

Dr. Berlin’s charming and humorous delivery is a delightful addition to each episode. I’m particularly fond of how he delves into diverse birth experiences and explores the motivations behind people’s choices. I truly appreciate the harmonious blend of informative content, engaging birth narratives, and discussions on various aspects of parenthood and pregnancy.

From prenatal wellness to birth options and postpartum support, Dr. Berlin covers it all, ensuring first-time moms are well-prepared for their journey into motherhood.

Tune in for a wealth of knowledge and a reassuring voice to guide you through the transformative experience of pregnancy.

10. The Birth Hour – A Birth Story Podcast

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

If you’re not familiar with “The Birth Hour” podcast, I cannot recommend it enough. This isn’t just about stories; it’s a comprehensive guide with expert advice, helping you navigate the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy comes with its unique set of experiences, and no two journeys are the same.

But it’s more than a podcast; it’s a global community where listeners share their own tales, fostering connections that span the globe.

With a global community where listeners share their own tales, fostering connections that span the globe.

9. The Birthful Podcast

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

The Birthful Podcast is a valuable choice for expectant parents, delivering a caring and educational resource on pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum phase.

It’s like having a knowledgeable friend who speaks from the heart and the head, combining expert interviews with relatable stories to provide a well-rounded perspective on the journey to parenthood.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or expanding your family, “The Birthful Podcast” is your go-to source for navigating the complexities and joys of the childbearing year with confidence and empowerment.

If you or your partner are expecting a baby, actively trying to conceive, or in the postpartum phase, I highly encourage you to give this podcast a listen. It serves as an excellent resource, brimming with inspiration and valuable insights.

8. Pregnancy & Birth Made Easy

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

For first-time moms navigating the exciting yet often unpredictable journey of pregnancy, Pregnancy & Birth Made Easy with My Essential Birth is an indispensable companion.

Hosted by the experienced and empathetic Stephanie, a mom of three boys and a professional doula, this podcast bridges the gap between expert guidance and relatable storytelling.

Stephanie’s passion for empowering mothers shines through as she simplifies complex birth topics, ensuring you feel confident and informed. Each episode introduces knowledgeable guests who share their wisdom, putting you firmly in the driver’s seat of your pregnancy and birth experience.

Tune in and let this engaging podcast guide you through the amazing and sometimes unexpected twists of childbirth.

7. All About Pregnancy and Birth

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

The All About Pregnancy and Birth podcast is a lifeline for first-time moms navigating the uncharted waters of pregnancy and childbirth.

Hosted by the highly experienced Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins, an OB/GYN with a remarkable track record, this top-rated podcast replaces the chaos of late-night Google searches with expert insights and inspirational tales from women just like you.

Join her and innovative experts as they share evidence-based information and stories of strength and resilience, leaving you feeling informed, empowered, and ready to embrace your pregnancy journey with confidence.

6. Beyond the Bump

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

When it comes to pregnancy podcasts that effortlessly blend humor, authenticity, and expert advice, “Beyond the Bump” is an absolute standout.

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned pro, “Beyond the Bump” offers a supportive and entertaining space to navigate the beautiful chaos of motherhood, leaving you with a sense of camaraderie and the knowledge that you’re not alone on this incredible journey. It manages to strike a perfect balance between offering encouragement and maintaining a sense of realism.

After each episode, you’ll walk away feeling uplifted, informed, and connected, knowing that you’re not alone in the beautiful, challenging journey of motherhood. Tune in for a refreshing dose of empathy, and let Jayde and Sophie lighten your load as you navigate this transformative experience.

5. The Great Birth Rebellion

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

For those craving a podcast that fearlessly challenges the status quo of childbirth and empowers expectant parents to advocate for their ideal birthing experiences, The Great Birth Rebellion is an absolute revelation.

Hosted by Mel and B, is nothing less than groundbreaking, educational, and a truly worthwhile resource! It sparks discussions about alternative birthing options, breaking free from medicalized norms, and reclaiming birth autonomy.

They authentically capture the contemporary birthing landscape, encompassing both hospital and home births. This podcast is an absolute essential for anyone on their birthing journey, regardless of where they are in that process.

4. Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery: FitNest Mama

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

This is a must-listen treasure for expectant mothers who want to stay healthy, strong, and informed during their pregnancy experience. Founded by Katherine Baquie, a proud mother-of-three, the podcast is your go-to resource for advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while pregnant, techniques for a less stressful birth, and crucial pointers for postpartum recovery.

FitNewsMama has a kind, welcoming tone that makes you feel as though you are conversing with an informed friend who actually cares about your well-being.

This podcast gives you the strength and confidence to embrace your pregnancy experience, regardless of fitness level. I truly appreciate the positive and actionable guidance offered. It’s incredibly valuable and enlightening.

Tune in, and let your pregnancy bloom with health and happiness!

3. Down to Birth

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

These women are an incredible source of wisdom, and this podcast is essential for anyone in pregnancy, supporting a pregnant individual, or simply enthusiastic about childbirth. Their advocacy for questioning conventions and guidance on taking control of the birthing process is both motivating and empowering.

Hosted by a certified nurse-midwife, it offers a unique blend of medical expertise and genuine compassion, making complex topics feel approachable.

Immerse yourself in the childbirth narratives of their clients, devoted listeners, and even celebrities, delve into enlightening conversations with experts, and find solutions to your pressing inquiries during their monthly Q&A sessions.

2. The Kick Pregnancy Podcast

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

The Kick Pregnancy podcast is an essential listen for first-time moms starting their thrilling voyage into pregnancy and motherhood.

Hosted by Obstetrician Dr. Patrick Moloney and co-host Brigid Moloney, who share their extensive experience without overwhelming medical jargon, this podcast is like a reassuring chat with trusted friends who are both experts and parents themselves. Through relatable stories and content led by experts, every episode offers vital insights to navigate the pregnancy information overload.

Dr. Moloney’s expertise and Brigid’s firsthand experiences offer a perfect balance of knowledge and relatability, instilling confidence and calmness in every expectant mother. Tune in and embrace the journey, knowing that you’ve got this, mama!

1. Birthing Instincts

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for First-Time Moms

Birthing Instincts is the ultimate pregnancy podcast tailor-made for first-time moms, providing a blend of expertise and warmth to navigate the complex world of childbirth.

Hosted by Dr. Stuart Fischbein and Midwife Blyss Young, whose combined 55+ years of experience shines through in every episode, this podcast offers a supportive and enlightening space for expectant parents.

Tune in weekly to partake in their engaging conversations, where they seamlessly intertwine wisdom and humor while delving into recent births, cutting-edge research, the power of traditional healing, and the beauty of instinctual birth. Let their expertise and comforting presence guide you through this incredible rite of passage with confidence and grace.

Happy listening!

Hopefully by now you’ve chose your favourite pregnancy podcast for first-time moms. We hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and your little one makes a safe entry to this world!

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