Best Podcasts to Learn Spanish (19 shows reviewed in 2024)

Best podcasts to learn Spanish


What a great language you’ve chosen to learn. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries across the globe and is spoken by well over 400 million humans – you won’t be short of new friends!

Podcasts are a great addition to your tool-kit when learning a new language, and for those wanting to learn Spanish there’s no shortage of high-quality shows.

Many are complimentary to learning communities and educational courses on offer, some simply stand-alone. The choice is yours.

Below is our list of best podcasts to learn Spanish. In total the Podbam team uncovered and reviewed 19 shows for 2024. There’s something for everyone on this list.

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Sticking to Spanish? Read on… Vamos!

Best podcasts to learn Spanish

Lightspeed Spanish

Lightspeed Spanish

For those looking to build a solid foundation in conversational Spanish, the Lightspeed Spanish podcast is gret place for newbies to begin.

Hosted by teachers Gordon and Cynthia Smith-Duran, each 10-15-minute episode provides an easy-to-follow beginner lesson on essential vocabulary, grammar rules, verb conjugations, and more. Their teaching method combines straightforward explanations in English, followed by easy-to-follow key phrases in Spanish. We like the pace and repetition on the Spanish language phrases – a big help is assisting you to learn at a steady pace.

There are now over 300 lessons in this podcast’s archives and it’s backed by a great range of videos and courses on the LightSpeed Spanish website. We think learners will appreciate the intuitive, patient approach of two experienced instructors who break down this at-times complicated language in a way that’s manageable for everyone.

Editors Note: If searching for Lightspeed Spanish on your preferred podcast platform, selected the shows titled simply ‘LightSpeed Spanish’. It is the flagship podcasts this review refers to and publishes regular new episodes such as ‘Telling the time in Spanish’ and ‘Complimenting Spanish Food’.

The LightSpeed team also have the following shows available which are linked to their educational courses and suitable for different learner levels.

  • LightSpeed Spanish – Early Intermediate Spanish Lessons (regular new shows)
  • LightSpeed Spanish – Advanced Intermediate Spanish Lessons (regular new shows)
  • LightSpeed Spanish – Beginners Spanish Lessons (series published in 2011)
  • LightSpeed Spanish – Advanced Speaker Spanish Lessons (series published in 2011)

These links will take you direct to the flagship LightSpeed Spanish podcast.

A Zero To A Hero: Learn Spanish!

A Zero To A Hero: Learn Spanish!

The A Zero to A Hero: Learn Spanish! is produced by language learning application, Babble.

The production and structure of this podcast is unique and very well thought-out. It was produced in two seasons, over two years (2019 & 2020), and follows the learning journey of a lady named Catroina.

Don’t worry though, Catroina isn’t left to fumble through episodes. She is joined by Héctor Hernández, the Spanish Language editor at Babel.

Although you won’t get new episode published regularly, we think this series is great concept and a great way to grasp the Spanish language. It’s like having your own (free) expert Spanish tutor.

For good measure, here’s a pic of Hector!

Image: Babble –

Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish is a great place to start for beginners. It can also be helpful to refine the skills of intermediate learners too.

The podcast currently comprises 12 easy-to-follow series, which take listeners on a language learning journey.

Each episode runs for around 20 minutes – designed to be consumed during your “coffee break”.

The hosts superbly blend both Spanish and English throughout the episodes, making the content easy to follow for beginners. Listeners get a great range of vocabulary and grammar lessons, along with real-word context.

Coffee Break Spanish is one of dozens of language podcasts offered by renowned educational media company, Coffee Break Languages.

Duolingo Spanish Podcast

Duolingo Spanish Podcast

A podcast backed by the world’s most popular language leaning application… What more could you ask for!

(If you haven’t heard of the Duolingo app, you should take a look – there’s a free version!)

The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is hosted by multilingual NPR Radio journalist, Martina Castro. It provides highly engaging and exciting real-life storytelling in a mix of English and Spanish narration. It’s described as “life lessons through language”.

New episodes are published every week. Each runs around 20 minutes in length.

The Duolingo Spanish Podcast could very well have you on your way to Spanish fluency.

StoryLearning Spanish

StoryLearning Spanish

This is a podcast for intermediate Spanish learners.

StoryLearning Spanish leverages the power of narrative to build language skills. Through episodes which are published almost daily, a story line unfolds through each series which is aimed at strengthening listeners’ Spanish language skills via context clues and repetition of key vocabulary in action.

This method allows listeners to acquire grammar and grow confidence in a natural way through the power of narratives.

Vocabulary is reiterated across episodes which is very helpful and and digestible chapter lengths make the podcast ideal for listening while commuting or exercising.

Learning a language hasn’t been this entertaining since childhood story time! We do recommend beginning at episode one in each series, which may require you to do some scrolling bak through episode on your podcast listening platform.

How to Spanish Podcast

How to Spanish Podcast

This a good podcast to help you grasp Spanish in the Latin American context. Yes, it’s the same language but any speaker of Spanish in the country of Spain will tell you speakers of Spanish in South American speak quite differently.

To pick up those nuances, the How to Spanish Podcast is the place to start! The podcast provides a window into Latin American (predominantly Mexican) culture and daily life, while guiding intermediate students to better listening comprehension.

Hosted by Mexican hosts, David and Ana, new 30-60 minute episodes are realised each week. They explore interesting topics from varied angles, recycling vocabulary as naturally as a real conversation might.

For dedicated learners, the How to Spanish Podcast website has membership options with perks including transcripts, videos, vocab guides, and monthly practice activities to further reinforce retention of the Spanish language.

Easy Spanish: Learn Spanish with everyday conversations

Easy Spanish: Learn Spanish with everyday conversations

Easy Spanish is one of the largest YouTube channels dedicated to teaching Spanish. It has close to 400,000 subscribers.

The Easy Spanish Podcast is an off-shoot from the team’s great YouTube success and features language discovery and cultural insights in 20 minute episodes.

It is hosted by Paulina and Jose, they build on learners’ existing abilities through friendly conversations and vocabulary expansion in real contexts. Discussing Spanish expressions, regional idioms and member questions.

This podcast stands out for its authenticity and the hosts’ passion for teaching Spanish to the world. New episodes drop each week.

Unlimited Spanish podcast with Oscar

Unlimited Spanish podcast with Oscar

Hosted by well-known Spanish language teacher, Oscar Pellus, we recommend this podcast only for advanced learners.

That’s because all audio is in Spanish.

But whether you’re ready to take the leap to more advanced learning or if you just want to refresh your Spanish language skills, then this podcast comes highly recommended.

Oscar’s big focus is on the TPRS (Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling) learning approach and Point of View techniques. He also shares great insights into the quirks of Spanish culture.

Español Automático Podcast

Español Automático Podcast

If you’re looking for a well-rounded foreign language expert, look no further than the host of this podcast, Karo Martinez.

Karo speaks 4 languages and is passionate about teaching foreign language skills to others is natural, fun, and stress-free way. However, this is not a podcast for beginners – you will need intermediate to advanced knowledge of the language.

New episodes are published weekly and most run 10 minutes or less. They are packed full of anecdotes, tips and tricks to help listeners take their conversational Spanish to the next level… It’s content you won’t find in a text book!

Español con Juan

Español con Juan

This is another podcast for intermediate to advanced learners. The host, who as you might have guessed, is named Juan. He speaks only in Spanish.

We like Juan’s humour – he shares many light-hearted stories and personal anecdotes about Spanish culture and language. Juan speaks at a steady pace which is easy to follow, and he explains and repeats the tougher Spanish words and unique grammar nuances.

The podcast has a long history – its first episode was published way back in 2017. Juan now publishes one episode a month.

For anyone wanting a Spanish language refresher, we recommended listening.

Charlas Hispanas: Aprende Español | Learn Spanish

Charlas Hispanas: Aprende Español | Learn Spanish

For daily Spanish practice across varied, engaging themes, the Charlas Hispanas podcast delivers. But this show is only suitable for intermediate/advanced learners as it another podcast hosted all in Spanish.

The show features native hosts from Colombia, Mexico and Peru exploring language, culture, grammar, idioms, current events and living abroad advice.

A big point of difference is the diverse hosts, which allows intermediate learners to gain exposure to regional dialect nuances which can be key for travel and study.

New episodes that run for around 10 minutes are published each weekday

Conversations in Spanish & Other Languages

Conversations in Spanish & Other Languages

Conversations in Spanish & Other Languages provides intermediate and advanced Spanish learners with a collection of accessible, real-world dialogues ideal for building listening and verbal skills.

Hosted by Joel Zarate, who has completed university-level Spanish language studies, this podcasts features discussions between Joel and other native speakers from across the Spanish-speaking world. The casual chats cover practical topics from daily routines to relationships and more.

This is a go-to podcast for strengthening your abilities around comprehension, fluidity and retention.

Episodes vary in length, but generally run 40 minutes or more. New episodes are published every two weeks.

News in Slow Spanish

News in Slow Spanish

Add a new element to your Spanish language tool kit – world news!

For intermediate and advanced learners, this podcast is a great way to pick-up those real world language skills that often don’t come via courses or text books. The added bonus is you can catch up on what’s happening in the news in Spain and across the world.

Episodes also feature short Spanish language refresher lessons and discussions towards the end.

The News in Slow team has received great reviews from the likes of the New York Times, The Economist and The Washington Post. You can add to that list!

Españolistos | Learn Spanish With Spanish Conversations!

Españolistos | Learn Spanish With Spanish Conversations!

Españolistos delivers engaging Spanish conversation practice for intermediate learners seeking genuine interactions.

The dialogue is mostly Spanish, with the occasional burst of English throughout 30-minute episodes.

Hosts Andrea and Nate, a Colombian teacher and fluent American learner, debate interesting topics from culture to current affairs while demonstrating common speech patterns.

The chemistry between the host is a hallmark of this podcast. You’ll hear Andrea gently correct Nate’s common mistakes (which provide great educational moments for listeners), and an entertaining mix of banter and more serious discussion.

Let’s Speak Spanish – Hablemos Español

Let's Speak Spanish - Hablemos Español

You will need some basic Spanish language skills to get the most out of this podcast. The host, Juanjo, from Spain’s Canary Islands, brings the Spanish language and culture to life through some engaging content and lessons.

For those with a basic knowledge of Spanish you will find Juanjo clear and steady pace of speech helpful as you continue to build your vocabulary and grammar abilities.

The podcast is a great supplement to additional online Spanish language courses offered by the Let’s Speak Spanish team. Their website claims to have over 25,000 happy students!

Simple Stories in Spanish

Simple Stories in Spanish

Simple Stories in Spanish is a podcast produced and hosted by a US-based Spanish teacher named Cynthia. Cynthia also has a neat blog dedicated to teaching language through storytelling. You can check it out here.

As the name suggests – this podcast is all about storytelling in Spanish. Each episode begins with a quick English description of the story that’s about to be told, before Cynthia reads to the story in Spanish. She reads a great steady and soothing way.

While beginners could lear from this podcast, it does seem more suitable for intermediate learners. The format allows listeners to absorb new vocabulary and grammar naturally within a compelling narrative context.

You can also find transcripts from the episodes on Cynthia’s blog.

Intermediate Spanish Podcast – Español Intermedio

Intermediate Spanish Podcast - Español Intermedio

Next on our list of the best podcasts to learn Spanish is the work of César Rodríguez, a Spanish language coach with a big social media following. That following has helped his podcast hit 5 million lifetime downloads.

This is a podcast suitable for intermediate learners, as the name suggests. It is hosted completely in Spanish.

Episode content in compelling and it’s varied. Week-to-week, you’ll hear episodes focussed on topics such as ‘How to achieve advanced Spanish’ to ‘Is neoliberalism a recipe for the future?’.

Additional resources such as transcripts and paid courses are also offered by César

Hoy Hablamos: Podcast diario para aprender español – Learn Spanish Daily Podcast

Hoy Hablamos: Podcast diario para aprender español - Learn Spanish Daily Podcast

This is a great podcast to maintain your Spanish language skills. The podcast title – Hoy Hablamos – translates in English to Today Talk.

Entirely in Spanish, episodes cover current affairs, Spanish culture, and tips for mastering the Spanish language.

The conversations are ideal for intermediate learners. New episodes are published daily. Episode length ranges from 10 – 15 minutes.

This podcast has been around since 2017. The trusted team behind the show provides courses and other premium learning services which can be found on the Hoy Hablamos website.

Learn Spanish |

Learn Spanish |

There are some interesting episodes to discover on the Learn Spanish Podcast by SpanishPod101. However, episodes are irregular and are designed to attract people to the SpanishPod101 learning platform.

We’re told the language training ecosystem features new audio lessons daily in a lively lesson-to-lesson progression. There is also video content, vocabulary resources, and a vibrant user forum.

If you want a taste of the action, you can scroll through the episodes that are available for free. These will help you gain some good insights into the Spanish language. However, there are many better options for those looking for genuine podcast learning experience.

Final thoughts on the best podcasts to learn Spanish

There’s a lot of excellent content out there, and so much of it is completely free. Learning Spanish has seriously never been easier!

The great thing about these shows is you can listen and learn while commuting, exercising, or relaxing.

So, we hope you found this list of the best podcasts to learn Spanish helpful. If you think we’ve missed a podcast, find us on X (Twitter) by searching Podbam Podcasts and let us know.

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