50 Best Podcasts on Amazon Music (official data)

Best Amazon Music Podcasts

Don’t be fooled by the name, Amazon Music has become a hub for more than just music. In 2023, the platform offers a vast catalog of some of the world’s best podcasts.

But which ones are right for you?

In this article, I’ve listed the 50 best podcasts on Amazon Music by looking at the platform’s leading shows in each category. This means that you should find something to suit your taste!

List of Best Podcasts on Amazon Music

MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories

Category: True Crime

Description: The MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories is an enthralling journey into the depths of true crime, narrated by the resilient Navy SEAL, John Allen. Surviving a near-death experience in Afghanistan, MrBallen’s firsthand encounters with horror lend authenticity to his chilling tales.

From a TikTok sensation to a podcast maestro, his transition into longer-form storytelling is seamless. The podcast’s diverse range of true crime narratives, from shocking thrillers to unexplainable disappearances, captivates audiences. Each biweekly episode, accompanied by intense warnings, immerses listeners in the enigmatic and eerie. With a compelling mix of suspense and authenticity, MrBallen keeps his audience eagerly awaiting each Monday release and Thursday bonus episode.


Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Morbid

Category: True Crime

Description: Morbid: A True Crime Podcast is a refreshing take on the often somber true crime genre, offering a unique blend of humor and morbid tales. Breaking away from the heavy and gritty style, the hosts inject laughs into their crime stories, making them more digestible. The podcast strikes a perfect balance between light and dark, infusing entertaining banter into hard-hitting narratives.

Despite the morbid subject matter, the hosts manage to deliver genuine fun. This well-rounded approach has propelled Morbid to the top tier of podcasts, claiming the 10th spot in America in 2022. With a winning mix of humor, storytelling, and a dedicated fan base, Morbid offers an ideal true crime fix with a distinctive and entertaining twist.


Best Podcasts on Amazon music - SmartLess

Category: Comedy

Description: SmartLess is the ultimate blend of celebrity interviews and uproarious comedy, featuring Hollywood heavyweights Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes. With a unique twist, only one host knows the weekly mystery guest, leading to on-the-spot, entertaining conversations.

From Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks to pop sensations Billie Eilish and LeBron James, the podcast boasts an eclectic guest list. The hosts’ genuine camaraderie and quick-witted banter create an authentic, laugh-out-loud experience. With star-studded episodes featuring icons like Paul McCartney, SmartLess is a must-listen for fans craving clever, funny, and insightful conversations with some of the biggest names in entertainment and beyond.


Best Podcasts on Amazon music - 20/20

Category: True Crime

Description: ABC’s 20/20 podcast delivers a riveting extension of its revered primetime news show, offering an in-depth exploration of astonishing true crime stories. As a television institution known for its unflinching gaze into a challenging world, 20/20 transitions seamlessly into the podcast realm.

With exclusive details and expert insights, the show goes beyond true crime, providing comprehensive coverage of top news stories and impactful journalism. Hosted by ABC News stalwarts David Muir and Amy Robach, the podcast maintains a world-class prime-time news style. Released weekly, each one-to-two-hour episode ensures listeners delve into the intricate details of ongoing journalistic investigations, making 20/20 a compelling and essential listen.

Up First

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Up First

Category: News

Description: Up First, NPR’s highly acclaimed podcast, is a morning essential that distills the day’s top three news stories into a concise, powerful format. Launched by the team behind Morning Edition in 2017, hosts Steve Inskeep, Leila Fadel, Rachel Martin, and A Martinez, along with expert correspondents from 35 international bureaus, deliver a brief but broad-reaching update.

Catering to the time-strapped, Up First is a go-to for those who need a quick, trustworthy briefing as their day begins. In a world where mornings are rushed, this podcast ensures busy listeners stay informed with priority news, making it a staple for anyone on the go.

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Best Podcasts on Amazon music -  My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Category: True Crime

Description: My Favorite Murder, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, is a true crime comedy pioneer that has forged a passionate community of “murderinos.” With spot-on delivery, empathy, and wit, the hosts delve into captivating mysteries, weaving humor into discussions of infamous cases like JonBenét Ramsey’s death. From its humble Halloween party origins, the podcast has skyrocketed to cultural sensation status, hosting sold-out live shows and earning the duo a spot as the second-highest-earning podcasters in 2019.

Their Exactly Right Media podcast network amplifies bold voices, consistently dominating podcast charts. My Favorite Murder’s blend of true crime and comedy sets the gold standard, ensuring mystery lovers a captivating experience, especially for early access on Amazon Music.

Something Was Wrong

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Something Was Wrong

Category: True Crime

Description: Something Was Wrong podcast unravels the unsettling tales of survivors who’ve navigated unexpected, life-changing traumas. Each episode plunges listeners into immersive storytelling, exploring the shocking discoveries survivors never anticipated, from secret lives of loved ones to narrowly avoided historical tragedies.

Host Tiffany Reese crafts a top-notch narrative, questioning our understanding of those close to us. This award-winning docuseries doesn’t just tell stories; it places the audience at the heart of real-life shock and survival, urging them to ponder the depth of their connections. With 13 seasons of varied formats, Something Was Wrong offers a riveting exploration of the unexpected twists in life on Amazon Music.

New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce

Category: Sports

Description: In the dynamic world of football podcasts, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce emerges as a refreshing blend of gridiron expertise and infectious humor. As the first brothers to face off in a Super Bowl, the Kelce duo brings a unique combination of aggressive playstyle and wicked humor to their show.

Both Super Bowl winners, Jason and Travis, leverage their elite-level insights for an engaging and upbeat podcast. Beyond football analysis, the podcast’s segments like “Fixing the No Fun League” and “NFL players as Pokemon” inject a playful spirit. It’s not your typical stats-driven show; instead, it offers a laughter-filled escape for football enthusiasts. Tune in weekly for a winning combination of football knowledge and good-natured banter.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

Category: Comedy

Description: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, a Peabody-winning NPR institution since 1998, has captivated six million weekly listeners with its timeless news quiz format. Hosted by Peter Sagal and emceed by Bill Kurtis, the show features popular segments like Bluff the Listener and Not My Job.

With consistent hilarity, comedians and entertainers engage in witty banter during Q&A sessions, joined by celebrity guests for the Not My Job segment. The podcast’s offshoot, Everyone & Their Mom, offers pithy discussions on weekly hot topics with host Emma Choi and notable figures. A delightful blend of humor and current affairs, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me remains a must-listen on Amazon Music and NPR’s FM stations.

Snapped: Women Who Murder

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Snapped: Women Who Murder

Category: True Crime

Description: Snapped: Women Who Murder, the podcast adaptation of Oxygen’s acclaimed TV series, delves into riveting true crime tales of women driven to commit murder. From business propositions to personal vendettas, each episode explores the complex motives behind these chilling crimes.

Featuring interviews with victims’ friends, family, and law enforcement, the podcast provides a nuanced perspective, humanizing these women beyond societal stereotypes. A companion to the network’s longest-running series, Snapped, the podcast offers flexibility in episode order and serves as a reliable true crime choice. With a commitment to storytelling and understanding, Snapped: Women Who Murder captivates listeners every Sunday, delivering compelling narratives with depth.

WSJ What’s News

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - WSJ What’s News

Category: News

Description:What’s News from The Wall Street Journal is a news podcast on steroids, releasing ten episodes a week to keep listeners in sync with the globe’s rapid developments. Renowned for its detailed reporting, The Wall Street Journal brings critical news updates on markets, politics, and international affairs. In a world where staying informed is a full-time job, this podcast provides a convenient solution.

With two daily updates, hosts Annmarie and Luke deliver a rapid-fire rundown of the freshest headlines, accompanied by exclusive insights from the journalists behind the stories. For those craving concise, unbiased reporting, What’s News is an indispensable daily resource, offering streamlined, informative, and direct updates.

American History Tellers

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - American History Tellers

Category: History

Description: American History Tellers, hosted by history enthusiast Lindsay Graham, redefines U.S. history by weaving compelling narratives from the perspectives of those who lived through it. Collaborating with academic historians, the podcast transforms history into gripping stories, putting listeners in the shoes of ordinary people during iconic moments. Graham and guests vividly describe the human experience, making history an engaging tale rather than a collection of facts.

From FBI visits during the Cold War to the impact of Prohibition on waiters’ tips, the podcast unveils the untold stories of bygone eras. Entertaining and enriching, American History Tellers reshapes the way history is heard and understood.

Anatomy of Murder

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Anatomy of Murder

Category: True Crime

Description: Anatomy of Murder stands out in the true crime podcast landscape, offering unparalleled depth and nuance to murder investigations. Former NYC prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi and Emmy-winning journalist Scott Weinberger unravel the complexities behind America’s gruesome murders, from a shoelace-strangled teen to the lone 9/11 homicide.

With over 250 cases dissected in 50-minute episodes, the podcast quenches true crime enthusiasts’ thirst. Nicolazzi and Weinberger expertly navigate sensitive topics with transparency and respect, creating a gripping and accessible exploration of murder investigations. Fans of Serial, My Favorite Murder, and The Last Podcast on the Left will find Anatomy of Murder irresistibly compelling.

Killer Psyche

Best Podcasts on Amazon music -  Killer Psyche

Category: True Crime

Description: Delving into the realm of the most sinister criminals, killers, and massacres in U.S. history, Killer Psyche, a Wondery true crime podcast hosted by criminal profiler Candice DeLong, emerged in June 2021. With over 30 episodes, this gripping series explores the minds of criminals, unraveling the motives behind their dark deeds. From infamous cases like the “Eyeball Killer” to “The Lonely Hearts Killers,” each episode immerses the audience in high-profile and brutal murders, delving deep into the psychology of each case.

While the content may be cruel, dark, and gruesome, it caters to dedicated true crime enthusiasts, offering a compelling blend of investigation, evidence, and psychoanalysis. For those still venturing into the genre, Killer Psyche unveils some of the darkest crimes in U.S. history, making it a must-listen for true crime fans seeking a thrilling experience packed with twists, turns, and dark secrets.

The Ramsey Show

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - The Ramsey Show

Category: Business

Description: Navigating the intricate web of modern life, particularly concerning finances, is both overwhelming and captivating. Dave Ramsey, a stalwart in financial guidance, preaches this truth in The Ramsey Show podcast. Committed to transforming lives through solid financial advice, Ramsey’s vast influence is evident in the millions benefiting from his educational courses. This podcast extends the legacy of his revered self-help program, focusing on life-changing financial advice that often begins with small steps.

Covering diverse topics from real estate to student loans, The Ramsey Show, featuring Ramsey and expert co-hosts, is a beacon of practical budgeting wisdom that resonates amid wealth-building obsessions. Addressing everything from cryptocurrency to centralized banking, the podcast embodies Ramsey’s core principle of financial peace, explaining its unwavering popularity. With universal appeal in times of economic uncertainty, this unique money podcast, featuring guests like Ken Coleman, Rachel Cruze, and John Delony, simplifies the quest for financial peace, making it accessible to all.

American Scandal

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - American Scandal

Category: History

Description: American Scandal unravels the intricate narratives behind the United States’ most notorious scandals. Hosted by Lindsay Graham (distinct from the South Carolina senator), this historical podcast delves into America’s darkest moments and deepest cover-ups, unveiling fresh perspectives on the skeletons in the nation’s closet.

Each week, listeners eagerly anticipate revelations about Marilyn Monroe, the BALCO scandal, Enron, and more. Graham’s detailed observations and compelling insights shed new light on history’s major scandals, covering political corruption, sports cover-ups, commercial calamities, and fanatical political groups. With weekly episodes, American Scandal ensures a continuous exploration of the lies, betrayal, and questionable behavior of America’s shadiest figures—available on Amazon Music.

The Deck

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - The Deck

Category: True Crime

Description: Card games hinge on the dealt hand, and The Deck podcast mirrors this concept. Like a game of chance, criminal investigations are filled with risks, where a single move can make or break a case. The podcast explores the investigative game, drawing parallels with playing cards adorned with the faces of unsolved cases’ victims.

Hosted by Ashley Flowers, The Deck unravels true crime narratives, shedding light on cold cases. Through interviews with investigators and families, the podcast aims to crack cases gone cold, offering a chance for justice. With a weekly Wednesday release, each episode unveils the details of a unique cold case, bringing newfound hope for resolution.

The Vanished Podcast

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - The Vanished Podcast

Category: True Crime


When a missing person alert captures global attention, the initial fervor often fades from headlines. The Vanished Podcast delves into what transpires after the spotlight dims, exploring how families sustain hope and if these cases find resolution.

Host Marissa Jones navigates diverse case files, conversing with those intimately involved. Jones, empathizing due to her grandfather’s 1928 disappearance, forges connections with her subjects. The podcast caters to true crime enthusiasts, offering a mix of heart-wrenching stories. Whether delving into decades-old or recent cases, The Vanished Podcast scrutinizes each, breathing new life into investigations that hit a standstill, taking listeners on an investigative journey.

Ghost Story

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - The Vanished Podcast

Category: True Crime

Description: Tristan Redman, a skeptical journalist, embarks on an eerie exploration in “The Faceless Woman.” Despite his disbelief in ghosts, the unsettling occurrences in his teenage bedroom pique his curiosity. The revelation that subsequent residents experienced visits from a faceless woman prompts him to investigate, especially since his childhood home is adjacent to the site of his wife’s great grandmother, Naomi Dancy’s 1937 murder.

Redman daringly delves into his wife’s family history, unraveling chilling connections between the ghostly encounters and a historical murder. “The Faceless Woman” captivates with its blend of supernatural intrigue and a deeply personal quest for answers, pushing boundaries and unraveling mysteries.

Cold Case Files

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Cold Case Files

Category: True Crime

Description: The Cold Case Files podcast merges tales of unsolved murders and other sinister crimes, echoing the Emmy-nominated A&E TV show of the same name. With only 1% of cold cases resolved, technological advancements often breathe new life into decades-old mysteries. Hosted by Paula Barros, each episode delves into perplexing cases, some actively reexamined.

In “A Family Secret,” a Kentucky teen disappears, leaving a 14-year-old cold case with a haunting 911 connection. “Murder In The Midwest” unravels the 40-year mystery surrounding Lori Nesson’s death, initially ruled an accident. “Circle of Friends” exposes the challenges in solving a small-town murder, concluding with a belated resolution. The podcast also recounts astonishing survival stories, like a teacher’s clever escape from abduction and a mother’s dynamite-strapped confrontation during a home invasion.

Hidden Brain

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Hidden Brain

Category: Science

Description: Hidden Brain, NPR’s captivating psychology podcast, explores the depths of human behavior, translating psychological insights into actionable advice. Host Shankar Vedantam blends science and storytelling to reveal the forces shaping biases and behaviors, making complex research accessible. Unlike dry academic readings, Hidden Brain offers an engaging introduction to psychology, ideal for curious minds and lifelong learners.

Vedantam provides real-world examples, such as the impact of social ties in “GroupThink” and the nuanced view of the world in “Both Things Can Be True.” The podcast delves into diverse topics like work, memory, pressure, and regret, offering profound insights for impactful decision-making. A must-try for those seeking educational content with a pop-sci flair, Hidden Brain is a weekly journey into the psychology shaping our lives.

History Daily

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - History Daily

Category: History

Description: History Daily intertwines the threads of our shared human experience, delving into pivotal figures and events that shaped modern civilization. This podcast, hosted by Lindsay Graham, unfolds true stories in a vivid and factual manner, serving as a captivating time capsule of memorable and must-know narratives.

Far from nostalgic recollections, each episode explores history one day at a time, revealing astonishing tales, from exotic dancers turned spies to events triggering world wars. It goes beyond textbook readings, offering immersive experiences that transport listeners to precise moments, emphasizing the real-world impact of historical events. Whether a casual listener or history buff, History Daily educates and entertains, providing a meaningful exploration of our past.

Buried Bones – a historical true crime podcast with Kate Winkler Dawson and Paul Holes

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Buried Bones - a historical true crime podcast with Kate Winkler Dawson and Paul Holes

Category: True Crime

Description: Buried Bones, the podcast where history’s darkest crimes collide with cutting-edge forensics, is led by Kate Winkler Dawson and Paul Holes. With over 25 years of true crime writing experience, Dawson, along with former investigator Holes, delves into criminal psyches, unraveling conspiracies and wicked schemes.

Armed with the latest forensic technology, they navigate toxicology, interrogations, and conspiracy with surprising wit. Dawson, holding an MS from Columbia University, brings journalistic expertise, while Holes, a biochemistry graduate, gained fame solving the Golden State Killer case. Together, they form an outstanding true crime duo, exploring history’s most sinister crimes and unsolved mysteries with unmatched qualifications and camaraderie.

Wow in the World

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Wow in the World

Category: Kids & Family

Description: Wow In the World, a podcast designed for curious kids aged 5 to 12, unveils the wonders of science, technology, and discovery in an exciting and educational manner. Cocreator and head writer Mindy Thomas, along with journalist Guy Raz, cohosts the show, offering a delightful listening experience at the intersection of imagination and curiosity.

With episode formats like “WeWow” and “Two Whats?! And A Wow!,” the podcast combines scientific research with fun, covering topics from mysterious planets to intriguing facts about time. Perfect for reducing screen time, Wow In the World engages both kids and adults, providing an enriching journey through fascinating phenomena.

2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Category: Comedy

Description: 2 Bears, 1 Cave, crafted by comedians Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer, offers a hilarious glimpse into the unfiltered banter of two close friends. Known figures in American comedy, Segura and Kreischer, who tour extensively, bring their stand-up chemistry to this podcast.

Segura, with Netflix specials, and Kreischer, known for streaming comedy specials and The Machine film, share hysterical conversations and invite friends like Dave Attell and Taylor Tomlinson. Produced by YMH Studios, a venture with Segura’s wife that birthed Your Mom’s House and Where My Moms At?, this series is a fast, funny, and wildly entertaining showcase of comedic brilliance.

NPR News Now

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - NPR News Now

Category: News

Description: NPR News Now offers hourly headlines, delivering current news in a quick, digestible format. Based in Washington, D.C., this concise podcast provides a five-minute synopsis of national and global news without political commentary. Ideal for on-the-go listeners, it allows audiences to stay informed by returning hourly for fresh updates or breaking stories.

With a straightforward and matter-of-fact delivery, NPR News Now ensures that listeners receive the facts without unnecessary embellishment. Whether during a commute, lunch break, or at home, this podcast is a fantastic source for the latest worldwide headlines, making it an essential addition to any news podcast playlist.

Dateline NBC

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Dateline NBC

Category: News

Description: The New York Times presents The Daily, a reliable and engaging news podcast covering current events. Hosted by Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise, the show offers a unique blend of straightforward reporting and compelling storytelling. From breaking news to in-depth explorations, The Daily tackles diverse topics with a mix of formats.

Depicting a wide range of perspectives from various reporters, the podcast doesn’t shy away from hard subjects. Released every weekday by 6 a.m., episodes vary in length (20-50 minutes) and theme, making it suitable for random or chronological listening. Since 2017, The Daily has provided a dependable morning commute companion and an approachable way for all listeners to stay informed.

Crime Junkie

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Crime Junkie

Category: True Crime

Description: Crime Junkie, a true crime podcast by Audiochuck, captivates detective-loving listeners with well-researched mysteries. Hosted by best friends Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, the series sets itself apart by avoiding unnecessary rabbit holes, offering fun, up-to-date discussions on current cases.

The hosts passionately delve into a variety of crimes, from missing persons cases to chilling serial killer sagas, often providing updates to keep listeners informed. Dropping a new episode every Monday, Crime Junkie allows listeners to pick and choose from a vast library on Amazon Music for a binge-worthy true crime fix. The podcast feels like a conversation with old friends, making it a standout in the genre.

The Daily

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - The Daily

Category: News

Description: The Daily by The New York Times is your go-to podcast for current, approachable, and engaging news. Hosted by Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise, it covers a range of topics, mixing breaking news with in-depth stories and diverse perspectives from various reporters. What sets it apart is its dependability, with a new episode every weekday at 6 a.m., running 20 to 50 minutes.

Whether you’re on a morning commute or catching up on the latest news, The Daily provides a reliable and accessible source. Since 2017, this podcast has been a versatile and informative choice, allowing listeners to start anywhere in its extensive episode library.

48 Hours

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - 48 Hours

Category: True Crime

Description: The 48 Hours podcast, aligned with the popular CBS true crime TV show, delivers weekly episodes of crime and punishment stories. Produced by Jonathan Vigliotti, CBS News correspondents engage listeners with investigative journalism on true crime disappearances, gruesome murders, and unsolved cases.

The podcast explores mysteries like the shooting death on safari in “Death on Safari” and the strange demise of a professor in “The Strange Death of Professor Shockley.” Well-known cases, including the Madeleine McCann disappearance and Gabby Petito’s untold story, are featured. The 48 Hours podcast, with episodes like “The Murdaugh Mysteries” and “Gretchen Anthony’s Disappearance,” caters to fans of the TV show and true crime enthusiasts alike, offering compelling investigative reporting in a convenient podcast format.

MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries

Category: True Crime

Description: MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries is a chilling and captivating exploration of the darker side of the human body, masterfully narrated by storyteller MrBallen. In this collaboration with Wondery, the series unveils medical horror stories and diagnostic enigmas that send shivers down your spine.

From mysterious diseases and miraculous recoveries to eerie mishaps and unexplained deaths, each episode is surgically calibrated to evoke a sense of unsettling fascination. This first-of-its-kind series, reminiscent of the acclaimed Dr. Death, delivers compelling narratives that redefine the phrase “heart-stopping.” With new episodes every Tuesday, it’s an enthralling journey into the macabre intricacies of medical mysteries, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating each bone-chilling installment.

Small Town Murder

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Small Town Murder

Category: Comedy

Description: Small Town Murder delves into American scandals, crimes, and killings, exploring infamous incidents in tight-knit communities. Hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman, the podcast unravels the uniqueness of these towns, investigating the factors that led to murder.

What sets this true crime podcast apart is its infusion of humor into weighty topics. Originating in 2016 with the Crime in Sports podcast, Whisman and Pietragallo, both stand-up comedians, ensure each Small Town Murder episode is a blend of seriousness and hilarity. Ideal for long drives or quick commutes, the hosts thoroughly examine crime details, providing a humorous twist on grim subjects. With episodes dropping three times a week, it’s a binge-worthy mix of standalone segments, perfect for those seeking an entertaining true crime podcast.

The Dan Bongino Show

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - The Dan Bongino Show

Category: News

Description: The Dan Bongino Show, a dynamic political commentary podcast, delivers fast-paced and hard-hitting discussions on politics, news, and current events from a conservative perspective. Hosted by Dan Bongino, a former Republican Congressional candidate and Secret Service agent, the show offers in-depth insights with firsthand knowledge of government processes.

Since 2017, Bongino has used his platform to promote conservative values and dissect liberal policies. Episodes, ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, are released daily, providing listeners with his unique take on government workings and the issues of the day. Bongino fearlessly addresses political scandals and offers passionate opinions in each episode.

CNN 5 Things

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - CNN 5 Things

Category: News

Description: CNN 5 Things, a concise news podcast by CNN, delivers the top five news items of the day in under five minutes. Ideal for those with limited free time, each briefing is factual, avoiding unnecessary information. Listeners stay informed with the main news updates, from the latest war in Ukraine to Twitter drama with Elon Musk.

New episodes drop throughout the weekday, covering climate updates, political developments, and more. The podcast is perfect for catching up on missed reports, catering to those who may have unplugged during holidays. Additionally, “Sunday Edition” bumper episodes provide a deeper look at current news topics, making CNN 5 Things a quick and comprehensive way to stay updated.


Best Podcasts on Amazon music - RedHanded

Category: True Crime

Description: On the RedHanded podcast, hosts Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala merge scares with humor, bringing a lighthearted approach to true crime and supernatural stories. Contrary to the typically somber nature of murder mysteries, the duo maintains a respectful tone while infusing wit into their commentary.

Covering well-known trials like Scott Peterson’s and exploring lesser-known but equally intriguing tales, RedHanded offers a unique blend of spooky fun and intelligent analysis. Despite their fun demeanor, the hosts bring thorough research to each episode, challenging public opinions and delving into the human factors behind heinous actions. RedHanded is a witty, accessible, and engaging choice for true crime and supernatural enthusiasts.

Over My Dead Body

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Over My Dead Body

Category: True Crime

Description: Over My Dead Body stands out as a superb true crime podcast, offering captivating episodes filled with intrigue, masterfully paced to build tension in roughly half an hour. Hosted by Matthew Shaer in the first season and later taken over by Robert Moor in the second, each episode provides a rollercoaster ride of mystery, delivering background details and lesser-known facts.

Produced by the acclaimed author and reporter Matt Baglio, known for his investigative reporting, Over My Dead Body delves into the darker side of human nature, exploring how ordinary people can be compelled to commit truly dreadful acts. It’s a must-listen for true crime enthusiasts seeking riveting storytelling.

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Category: Comedy

Description: Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, hosted by the iconic showbiz figure, Conan O’Brien, addresses his perceived lack of genuine friendships despite a successful career spanning over two decades. In this podcast, Conan engages in deep and intense conversations with guests, breaking away from the superficial interactions of Late Night.

Filled with equal parts depth and playfulness, the show captures the charm of Late Night while offering an entertaining and intriguing experience. From making s’mores to exploring unconventional ideas, Conan chats with a diverse range of celebrities, including Paul Rudd, John Mulaney, Nicole Byer, Professor Brian Cox, and Rob Lowe. The podcast is a compelling journey as a Late Night host seeks the authenticity of true friendship.

This American Life

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - This American Life

Category: Society & Culture

Description: This American Life, a legendary radio show and podcast since 1995, unveils the potent magic of personal and powerful stories. Going beyond traditional journalism, it masterfully blends storytelling with humor, fascination, and meaning.

Hosted by Ira Glass, its entertaining yet philosophical approach presents gripping drama, larger-than-life characters, and compelling concepts. Boasting 2.3 million downloads per episode, the show’s wide-reaching appeal is evident. With a rich history, numerous awards, and a cutting-edge spirit, This American Life remains a podcast gold standard. Whether a seasoned podcast enthusiast or newcomer, its reputation for excellence and groundbreaking storytelling makes it a must-listen.

Bedtime Stories

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Bedtime Stories

Category: True Crime

Description: Bedtime Stories, a chilling podcast from Ballen Studios, immerses listeners in tales of the paranormal, supernatural, unsolved mysteries, strange deaths, cryptids, and disturbing true crime. Every Wednesday, the show delivers a bone-chilling narrative that explores stories from around the world.

With a unique storytelling approach, Bedtime Stories captivates audiences with its eerie content, delving into the mysterious and unsettling realms of the unknown. If you crave spine-tingling narratives that keep you on the edge of your seat, this podcast offers a weekly dose of thrilling and captivating tales that will leave you haunted long after bedtime.

This Is Actually Happening

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - This Is Actually Happening

Category: True Crime

Description: This is Actually Happening invites listeners into the realm of “what if” scenarios turned reality, exploring the craziest, true-life experiences shared by everyday people. Hosted by Whit Missildine and Andrew Waits, the podcast delves deep into each unique tale, uncovering every facet of these not-so-impossible stories.

The narratives, sometimes challenging to hear, are genuine and devoid of dramatization, featuring real people telling their own compelling stories. The podcast captures the essence of the human experience on the edge, offering personal and moving accounts that leave a lasting impact. This Wondery production keeps listeners engaged from the first play, enticing them to explore more of the extraordinary possibilities the world has to offer.

Joel Osteen Podcast

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Joel Osteen Podcast

Category: Religion & Spirituality

Description: The Joel Osteen Daily Podcast, a source of daily inspiration, emanates positivity and encouragement from Joel and Victoria Osteen. Based in Houston, TX, the dynamic duo uplifts listeners, guiding them to pursue dreams, embrace new beginnings, and live their best lives.

Joel Osteen’s website, joelosteen.com, serves as a hub for their empowering messages. With a commitment to spreading optimism and motivation, the podcast offers a daily dose of inspiration, making it a go-to resource for those seeking a positive mindset and a path to realizing their aspirations. Tune in to experience the Osteens’ transformative messages and embrace a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Stuff You Should Know

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Stuff You Should Know

Category: Society & Culture

Description: Stuff You Should Know, a captivating podcast hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, offers a delightful blend of education and entertainment. Exploring peculiar facts and scientific wonders, it caters to curious minds eager to absorb a diverse range of knowledge.

With intriguing questions like fish thirst and the mysteries of absinthe, the show’s well-researched content is presented in a casual, conversational style. Designed for easy learning and enjoyment, it sparks curiosity in listeners of all ages. Clark and Bryant’s laid-back approach ensures that each episode becomes a journey of discovery, making learning both fun and accessible. Tune in to enrich your mind and foster a love for exploration.


Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Scamfluencers

Category: Society & Culture

Description: The Scamfluencers podcast, launched in April 2022 by Wondery, delves into the intriguing world of scam-artist influencers. Co-hosted by Canadian writers Scaachi Koul and Sarah Hagi, the true-crime show explores bizarre and twisted characters who use deception for fame.

From a fake Saudi prince to a phony teenage doctor, the stories captivate with their audacious schemes. Koul and Hagi, with their chemistry and humor, bring genuine fascination to their subjects. The podcast doesn’t shy away from darker tales, such as grifts that escalate to cold-blooded murder, making each episode both entertaining and addictive for those drawn to the peculiar world of scamfluencers.

The Excerpt

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - The Excerpt

Category: News

Description: The 5 Things podcast navigates the modern challenge of information overload. In a world flooded with news sources, staying informed often becomes overwhelming. This podcast, hosted by James Brown, PJ Elliot, Shannon Rae Green, and Taylor Wilson, simplifies the process.

By focusing on the top five stories and their significance, it provides a quick and effective way to catch up on current events without the stress of information overload. The hosts share valuable insights, making it suitable for both casual listeners and news enthusiasts. 5 Things is a concise and compelling resource, offering a gateway to essential topics for those seeking a brief, yet invaluable, update.


Best Podcasts on Amazon music - RUN, FOOL!

Category: True Crime

Description: Embark on a spine-chilling journey with RUN, FOOL!, the hair-raising creation of Rodney Barnes. This weekly podcast is a bone-chilling compendium of grisly tales that will leave you screaming for more. Barnes, a mastermind in the realm of horror, crafts modern ghost stories that transcend from the page to your ears with immersive sound design.

Each episode unveils a new, terrifying narrative set in different times and places, all unified by gripping storytelling. Presented by Ballen Studios, Campside Media, and At Will Media, RUN, FOOL! invites listeners to the campfire of horror every Tuesday, ensuring a weekly dose of fright.

Pardon My Take

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Pardon My Take

Category: Sports

Description: Step into the world of Pardon My Take, a unique and entertaining sports podcast that defies politeness in favor of pure, must-listen hilarity. This comedic sports talk show takes sports commentary to new heights with witty banter and a touch of sass.

Pardon My Take delivers the latest in sports news, hot takes, and chaos, making each episode a compelling mix of information and entertainment. Whether it’s the daily topics, celebrity guests, or unpredictable segments, listeners are in for a treat. Hosted by Dan “Big Cat” Katz and the fictional PFT Commenter (Eric Sollenberger), this podcast drops three entertaining episodes a week.


Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Marketplace

Category: Business

Description: Marketplace is the go-to podcast for those diving into business and economics news. It distills the latest economic and financial headlines into an easily digestible package, offering a snapshot of major stories. This podcast not only presents stats, facts, and hot topics but also adds context and explanation, ensuring listeners grasp the bigger picture.

Marketplace goes beyond trends, delving into the why behind the ever-changing marketplace. Host Kai Ryssdal’s delivery, from up-to-date facts to insightful interviews, resonates with audiences. Its accessibility, covering everything from company leaders to policy discussions, makes it a staple for anyone influenced by the world of money.

Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade

Best Podcasts on Amazon Music - Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade

Category: Comedy

Description: Comedy aficionados seeking laughter gold should check out Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade. These cohosts, comedy legends Dana Carvey and David Spade, bring over 30 years of experience to the mic. Carvey, renowned for Saturday Night Live and Wayne’s World, tours with stand-up comedy. Spade, another SNL alum, achieved film success in Joe Dirt and Dickie Roberts, also touring as a stand-up comic.

The podcast delves into SNL stories, featuring guests from Ellen Cleghorne to John Mulaney, Adam Sandler, and Chris Rock. Fly on the Wall is a comedic rollercoaster with unforgettable moments, including improv sessions and special performances, ensuring laughter until the very end.

Ambient Noise Online

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Ambient Noise Online

Category: Music

Description: Ambient Noise offers a soothing auditory escape for various needs, whether it’s enhancing sleep, relieving tinnitus, fostering focus, or creating a calming environment for work. With a diverse range of ambient sounds, including nature soundscapes, gentle water noises, and binaural music, this podcast caters to a broad audience. Ideal for babies, adults, and even pets,

Ambient Noise aims to improve overall well-being through tranquil audio experiences. For an uninterrupted and ad-free listening experience, subscribers can access exclusive content for a reasonable monthly fee, making it a valuable resource for those seeking serenity in sound.

Mark Levin Podcast

Best Podcasts on Amazon music - Mark Levin Podcast

Category: News

Description: Mark Levin pulls no punches with his fiery conservative commentary on The Mark Levin Show. An insider with experience across media and government, Levin leverages his background serving under Reagan to dissect current events and opine on political figures from both sides of the aisle. Blending news and views with passion, his analysis of hot topics like the Biden administration, Russia-Ukraine, and immigration comes from an unapologetic right-wing perspective.

Both provocative and astute, Levin’s podcast interweaves dynamic monologues with calls from fervent fans. Those who enjoy politically bold talk from hosts like Ben Shapiro and Laura Ingraham will find a kindred spirit and wealth of information in Levin’s nightly show.

Pick your best podcast on Amazon Music and enjoy!

With tens of thousands of podcasts in existence today and more launching daily, the hunt for captivating listens can seem never-ending. This list of 50 phenomenal podcasts available on Amazon Music in 2023 spans a wide spectrum, from chilling true crime tales to lively sports commentary to fascinating documentaries.

If you want to know more about Amazon Music, check out the frequently asked questions below!

Is Amazon Music podcasts free with Prime?

Yes, Amazon Music offers a selection of podcasts for free to Amazon Prime members. As a Prime member, you can listen to top podcasts across different genres without any additional charge. This includes access to many popular exclusive podcasts through Amazon Music as well. So you don’t need a separate Amazon Music subscription to enjoy podcasts as a Prime member.

Is Joe Rogan podcast on Amazon Music?

Yes, The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is available on Amazon Music. As an Amazon Prime member, you can listen to the Joe Rogan podcast for free through Amazon Music. This includes both past episodes as well as any new episodes that get added to the feed.
So if you’re already paying for an Amazon Prime membership, you can enjoy listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast without any extra fees by just using the Amazon Music app that comes with your Prime account. It provides access to his full podcast catalog the same way other major podcast platforms would.

How do I autoplay podcasts on Amazon Music?

Unfortunately, Amazon Music does not currently have an auto-play feature for podcasts. Here are a few ways you can work around this:

– Enable autoplay for music: Although not available for podcasts specifically, you can enable “Autoplay Similar Songs” in the settings while listening to music. This will continue autoplaying music with similar songs when one finishes.

– Enable sleep timer: You can set a sleep timer (in the app settings or while playing a podcast), which will keep playing podcasts for the set duration before stopping. Then new episodes will not automatically start.

– Add episodes to a playlist: You can add multiple episodes to a playlist and play the playlist rather than individual episodes or shows. This allows episodes to play continuously in the order you set.

– Use Alexa: If listening through an Alexa device, you can say “Alexa, next” or “Alexa, play next” to have it play the next podcast episode automatically.

So while not seamless, using playlists and Alexa voice commands can help mimic autoplay function. Hopefully Amazon adds a native auto-play feature for podcasts in the future to make continuous playback easier.

Can I listen to Amazon Music podcasts offline?

Yes, Amazon Music allows you to download podcast episodes to listen to offline. Here are some key details about listening to Amazon Music podcasts offline:

– When you open a podcast on Amazon Music, there is a “Download” button next to each episode which lets you save it for offline listening.

– Once downloaded, you can find your podcast episodes in the “Downloads” section of the Amazon Music app and listen without an internet connection.

– The Amazon Music app should indicate which episodes are marked as downloaded with a download icon next to them.

– There are no limits specified on how many podcast episodes you can download for offline listening.

– Downloads are stored until you manually delete them, so you don’t have to worry about episodes expiring.

So in summary – Amazon Music podcasts can be listened to offline by using the download button to save episodes to your device storage. This means you can play them anytime without using mobile data or needing WiFi. It’s a great feature for listening on the go when you don’t have internet access.

How many people listen to podcasts on Amazon Music?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not publicly share specifics on how many people listen to podcasts on Amazon Music. So there is no official data on the exact number of Amazon Music podcast listeners.

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