Best Podcasts for Investing in 2024

Best podcasts for investing

Want some expert tips on how to invest your money?

If you’ve been investing over the past few years, you’d know it’s been a wild ride. So, here’s hoping one of the featured shows on our best podcasts for investing list can help you bring home the proverbial bacon in 2024. 

This was a particularly difficult analysis for the Podbam team – there’s so much good investing content out there. However, after hours of research, we’ve nailed it down to 10 investing podcasts you should check out now. 

We should also mention investing is a broad term – if you’re after some more specific investment insights, check out the following articles.

Now for the list.

The Best Podcasts for Investing

Money Tree Investing Podcast

Best Podcasts for investing

This podcast is hosted by the straight-talking Massachusetts-based wealth manager Kirk Chisholm. It covers a broad range of investing topics – think investing psychology, stocks markets, risk management, and personal finance. 

The format of the episodes makes each a very compelling listen, rich with knowledge bombs. The shows generally start with an interview with a high-calibre expert guest. Then in part two, an expert panel dissect the interview and share their views and perspective. It’s a unique format that sets Money Tree Investing apart from many other investing podcasts.

Real Vision: The Next Big Trade

Best Podcasts for investing

The Next Big Trade is a podcast launched in 2022 by Real Vision, a burgeoning financial and investing content network founded by a very popular former hedge fund manager by the name of Raoul Pal.

The host is Harry Melandri, a financial markets veteran of more than three decades.

This is not a podcast for the beginner investor, as some of the concepts discussed can be quite advanced. But for those already well-acquainted with investing, weekly episodes provide actionable investing ideas from an incredible array of expert investors. Melandri’s interview style is conversational and highly engaging, which helps bring investment ideas to life. As the name suggests, this is one investing podcast, where you might just find your next big trade.

Animal Spirits Podcast

Best Podcasts for investing

This is one of the best podcasts to hear compelling discussions about investing and the investment implications of key financial news stories in the U.S. and around the world.

The show is hosted by Ben Carlson and Michael Batnick – both are Chartered Financial Analysts, and in our opinion exceptional podcasters. You’ll get inspiration on investment books to read, investment ideas, and insights into the stock market and the asset management industry.

“Our goal is to make finance more accessible, speak in plain English, and share our own personal experiences in the markets,” says the Animal Spirits team. 

The Stacking Benjamins Show

Best Podcasts for investing

Another show that covers a broad spectrum of investing topics, so it’s no surprise this popular podcast also features among Podbam’s top personal finance podcasts list.  

This is a well-established, multi-award-winning podcast that was launched in 2012 by a financial adviser, turned blogger, turned podcaster, Joe Saul-Sehy.

The episodes are high-energy, and conversational – comprising of Joe and usually two or three other regular expert co-hosts who are permanent team members. They run for around one-hour but are broken up into shorter segments covering topical investing news, investing lessons, and investing tips. And here’s a tip – don’t miss the ‘after show’ hidden at the end of some episodes.

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Best Podcasts for Investing

As the name suggests, this is an investing podcast with a focus on Real Estate Investing, with new episodes dropping multiple times a week.

You’ll hear successful real estate investors recount stories of success and failure, gain tips on ideas about how to become a successful real estate investor and be updated on key developments impacting the market. The focus is on the U.S. property market; however, the content is useful and relevant to both beginner and professional property investors anywhere in the world.

The podcast is co-hosted by David Greene and Rob Abasolo – great storytellers with interesting backgrounds. They both quit their day jobs many years ago to become a full-time property investor.

We Study Billionaires – The Investor’s Podcast Network

Best Podcasts for Investing

This is one of the most popular podcasts globally for investors with a particular interest in the stock market. 

The big drawcard is the high calibre of guest that are interviewed. The biggest names recently interviewed include prominent stock market investors like Howard Marks, Ray Dalio, Jeremy Grantham, and Cathie Wood. Further the hosts, Clay FinckStig Brodersen, and Trey Lockerbie, deep dive into the strategies and mindset behind some of the world’s greatest investors – Warren Buffet is a favourite of the well-formatted show. 

CMQ Investing Presents: Compound Money Quietly

Best Podcasts for Investing

This is a straight-shooting investing podcast. Don’t expect stock picks that are ‘going to moon’ or get-rich-quick ideas. Compound Money Quietly is all about just that – helping listeners build wealth through the power of compounding investment returns. 

Weekly episodes feature analysis of investment books and literature along with discussions about the strategies employed by some of the world’s top investors. You’ll also get a dose of the financial news that matters and market commentary.  

The podcast is hosted by successful entrepreneur, Chris Franco, who’s passion for rational investment thinking shines through. 

The Rich Dad Radio Show

Best Podcasts for investing

Robert Kiyosaki, the host of this podcast, is a polarising figure in the world of investing and finance. The author of best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad believes conventional investing wisdom is holding back people from reaching their true wealth potential.  

On the Rich Dad Radio Show Kiyosaki interviews expert guest about a range of investing strategies and asset classes. You’ll also hear simplified economic analysis, investing ideas and personal development discussion – all underpinned by Kiyosaki’s believe that you must think differently to generate real wealth over the long term.

New episodes are published weekly. 

The Canadian Investor

Best Podcasts for investing

Don’t let the name fool you. Keen investors anywhere in the world can benefit from this top investing podcast. The show covers the full spectrum of the main investing asset classes – including stocks and real estate. 

The hosts are Braden Dennis and Simon Belanger who bring a friendly and conversational style to listeners, while providing valuable commentary and analysis on topical issues for investors, the stock market, real estate, and investment strategies. 

Invest like the best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Every week, host Patrick O’Shaughnessey interviews an intriguing guest. From professional asset managers to tech entrepreneurs, the calibre of experts this podcast attracts is excellent, and the fact listeners get access to these great minds for free, is phenomenal.

The scope of investing topics is wide, which makes subscribing to this podcast such a thrill. Each week new episode are released and your investing knowledge is sure to be expanded.

O’Shaughnessey has a knack for conducting great interviews and making his guest feel comfortable. He’s also very qualified to be talking about investing. He is a CFA charterholder and a Portfolio Manager of a quantitative asset management firm.

I Can Be Wealthy Podcast

As you’ll hear announced at the start of each episode, this is a podcast dedicated to helping people “who didn’t inherit a boat-load of money” invest to become financially free before retirement. 

The host is Salena Kulkarni, a chartered accountant who professes to be sick of so-called ‘wealth gurus’. In brief episodes (usually between 10-30 minutes), Salena shares insights into how everyday investors can access the type of alternative investment solutions that are usually only available to the super-wealthy.

She often shares real-world case studies and provides actionable tips for investing in assets that are largely uncorrelated to mainstream asset classes such as stocks and traditional property.  The podcast provides a different perspective on investing. 

Money and Investing with Andrew Baxter

Money and Investing with Andrew Baxter

Australian financial educator Andrew Baxter brings a wealth of knowledge and entertaining wit to his acclaimed Money and Investing Podcast.

Baxter, the CEO of Australian Investment Education and author of The Wealth Playbook, draws on more than two decades of experience to provide practical tips and unfiltered opinions to help everyday investors build wealth. With his working-class British origins, Baxter brings a grounded perspective often lacking among financial gurus.

His journey from humble beginnings to multi-millionaire success inspires listeners to take control of their financial destiny. A natural storyteller, Baxter intersperses market insights with amusing anecdotes from his colorful life and career. Whether reminiscing on 1980s London trading floors or his globe-trotting adventures, he makes complex topics relatable. Baxter distills sophisticated strategies into plain English anyone can understand and implement.

His simple, proven formula for investing condenses knowledge gained from mentors like Robert Kiyosaki. Baxter empowers listeners to become informed market participants. Informed yet informal, entertaining yet educational, Andrew Baxter’s Money and Investing Podcast provides the perfect formula for DIY investors. His blunt but good-natured style makes the show a genuine pleasure. With Baxter’s help, building wealth is not only possible but downright enjoyable.

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