Best Parenting Podcasts for 2024

Best Parenting Podcasts

Yep, parenting is hard!

Now, if you’re already a parent, this will certainly be no surprise.

… Or maybe you are going to become a parent and are scared, excited, and likely, more than a little overwhelmed.

Hopefully, this list of some of my favourite parenting podcasts will bring you the same joy, relief and reassurance I felt when I started listening to them.

My name is Kaitlyn Kelly and I’m an Acadian who longs to get back to her roots and learn the language. But I’m currently too busy being driven wild by two strong-willed children, whom I love with all my heart. My time is spent doing what I can to make them the best they can be, and when I’m not doing that I pour my heart into my writing.

Culturally, we used to be a society where parenting was not something we did alone. Parents, grandparents, even extended families used to live close by. All those extra hands were put to good use; because undeniably any kid sometimes is a kid you could certainly use an extra hand with. 

Now, there are so many parents who feel like they’re doing everything alone – struggling alone, failing alone. But it’s ok to ask for help and to seek out help.

The world of parenting podcasts is great place to do exactly that.

This list of best parenting podcasts can help you through the difficult times, give you advice when you feel like you’re failing, and remind you that you’re are never alone!

The topic of parenting and parenting support has so much to offer. There is so much great content out there and it is hard to know where to start.

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Now, for the main list of best parenting podcasts.

List of the Best Parenting Podcasts for 2024

Focus on Parenting

Parenting Podcast

This is my all-time favourite podcast. Multiple times in my life it has been just what I needed. It has been a lifesaver for me as a mom trying to navigate all the challenges that can come with being a mother and wife. It is a family and kids podcast, so it is dedicated to the whole family. It offers inspirational stories for every member of your family.

Focus on Parenting is hosted by Danny Huerta. He produces podcasts about ten minutes in length and dives into effective parenting techniques and resources, paired with the words of parenting experts to help and inspire parents. 

The podcast covers parenting concerns such as the importance of father figures, handling conflict, love languages, and much much more.

Is It Normal? The Pregnancy Podcast With Jessie Ware

Parenting Podcast

This is a perfect podcast for moms and dads to be, or even people who are already parents and want to learn something new.

Becoming a new mom brings up new doubts, concerns, responsibilities, and a desire for advice. We’re navigating possibly the biggest change in our lives. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and shredded with anxiety.

Fortunately, the host, Jessie Ware, provides a great resource for guidance in this podcast. She interviews psychotherapists, pediatricians, obstetricians, and so on to give you an abundance of information. 

The Birth Hour – A Birth Story Podcast

Parenting Podcast

The Birth Hour Podcast is one of my favourites for new expectant mothers and even mothers who want a refresher before another birth because no matter how many children you have had, it is still normal to have nerves.

Every birth is different, one is never the same as another. I learned this with my son, his birth was almost completely different from our daughter’s three years earlier. Right down to his birth being at almost 1 am, while she had been born right after 1 pm.

The Birth Hour provides reassurance and can really help calm those nerves and settle your mind.

Pardon the Mess with Cynthia Yanof

Parenting Podcast

One of my favourite things about this podcast is it offers support in so many areas and so many walks of life.

It is an awesome support resource for parents with discussions on unity in the family, teen dating, back-to-school anxieties, and building strong and independent children. Additionally, the conversation is often extended to broader, yet relevant topics, such as marital problems, friendship, healthy boundaries, and time management.

Host, Cynthia Yanof is an author, blogger, wife and mom. She teaches the importance of being perfectly imperfect, loving ourselves, and not shaming ourselves when life gets hard.

She often reminds listeners the most important thing is loving our family and taking time for each other and the mess can wait.

Counter-Culture Parents

Parenting Podcast

This is a great podcast for parents who want to avoid falling into what the mainstream media tells us and, instead, build understanding and compassionate adults who are accepting of everyone.

The podcast offers practical ideas and heartwarming stories to help motivate you to raise your kids to stand up for what is right and take care of those less fortunate.

Counter-Culture Parents teach that taking care of those in need starts at home and in our community – after all, it takes just one person to change the world!

Host, Kurt Bruner is a best-selling author and family man and wants the world to know the importance of family and the heavy responsibility parents have to never stop taking care of their children. He runs through issues all parents face, such as having courage in difficult times, making courageous choices even when it’s counter-cultural, and always looking out for others no matter what.

Let’s Parent On Purpose with Jay Holland

Parenting Podcast

Jay Holland is an adoptive and biological father to four children. He has lots of parenting experience and uses it to equip others with their own individual and unique walk of life. He helps moms and dads to be empowered and prepared parents.

The podcast covers topics such as cancer amongst other illnesses, grief, discipline, hope, womanhood, and decision-making on heavy topics.

Like a lot of great podcasters, Jay welcomes lots of guest stars on his show with variating degrees and life experiences. His podcast features counselors like Dan Seaborn and many more.

Couple Things with Shawn & Andrew

Parenting Podcast

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East, a married couple, are the hosts of this podcast and are also the creators of The East Family YouTube channel. They definitely make my top ten for YouTubers and even though sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the YouTuber-turned-podcasters I see, this podcast has its unique spin and dives deeper into parenting and marriage – including things they may have missed in their YouTube videos due to lack of time.

I began watching these guys in 2018. It seems insane to me it has been four years already. Some of my favourite videos of theirs include their labour pain stimulator and Andrew wearing a pregnancy belly.

Shawn Johnson is best known for her gymnastics gold medal win in the 2008 Olympics. She still does some gymnastics but it’s more so her love and passion, rather than a career. Shawn now takes much-needed time for herself and her growing family. Andrew East is best known for his football career in the NFL as a long snapper. They have two children, a little girl born in 2019 named Drew, and a baby boy born in 2021 named Jet.  

Their Podcast tackles the funniest but also most difficult parts of parenting as well as marriage. They do this with compassion, positive thinking, and lots of hilarity.


Parenting Podcast

Parentland is a great podcast series by the BBC World Service. It is full of advice from modern experts all across the world. It dives into many different viewpoints and cultures while covering topics such as pregnancy life, discipline, multilingualism and more.  

The hosts also open up opportunities for questions for experts to answer at a later date and offer advice for bringing up kids of all ages.

Muslim Superdad and Wondermom Podcast

Parenting Podcast

I love podcasts and articles that offer a little bit for everybody.  This podcast covers the struggles immigrants and their children face. The podcast tackles the importance of confidence, communicating with in-laws, raising teens, fatherhood, positive parenting, mental health, and more. It is hosted by Amin Aaser, CEO of Noor Kids.

Listening feels like a comforting conversation with experienced friends who understand the unique complexities of parenting in a Muslim household, making it an indispensable guide for any parent.

JEDucation – Conversations in Parenting and Jewish Education

Parenting Podcast

JEDucation is all about parenting conversations, underpinned by the jewish culture. Yair Menchel is the creator and host of this podcast.

While it does focus on Jewish education, non-Jewish people will certainly find many episodes of great value. It offers lots of help and advice for parents of all ages and all stages.

Yair discussed everything from daycare to toddlers, to improving parenting through the improvements in your marriage, and everything in-between. It doesn’t shy away from tackling really important issues and helping parents through the most difficult situations.

With numerous guest stars and expert advice, this is a parenting podcast you don’t want to miss.

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