Top 10 Money and Investing Podcasts in Australia

In an era of surging inflation and economic uncertainty, building your financial literacy through trusted platforms is more important than ever. And in Australia, Podcasts have emerged as a valuable source of education, which can be accessed easily on-the-go.

In this article, we list the top 10 Australian podcasts delivering actionable money and investing advice in 2024. From millennial money matters to property plays and trading psychology, the hand-picked selection informs savvy decisions across asset classes.

Whether you’re looking to secure your first investment property, better understand crypto or implement advanced share market tactics, you’ll discover tailored advice to improve your financial health.

Friendly formats make digesting financial concepts engaging on daily commutes or over morning coffee. You’ll also pick up lifestyle financial tips covering budgeting, debt reduction and general money mindset shifts to apply in daily life. Expert guests provide specialised insights you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Best Money and Investing Podcasts in Australia

10. The Rules of Investing

Podcasts for Money and Investing - The Rules of Investing

The Rules of Investing is a must-listen for anyone interested in building wealth through investing. Created by Livewire Markets, this Australian podcast provides practical insights from some of the sharpest money minds across various asset classes.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking investing 101 wisdom or a seasoned finance professional looking to sharpen your approach, you’ll discover new perspectives from the diverse mix of professional investors interviewed.

More than 100 episodes have been released since launch in 2017, with topics ranging from equities, property and alternative assets to psychology and risk management.

The conversational style makes complex concepts digestible, while the seasoned guests provide wisdom that is universally applicable.

9. Equity Mates Investing Podcast

Podcasts for Money and Investing - Equity Mates Investing Podcast

Catering to Australia’s millennials, this emerging podcast is making investing relatable and accessible to young professionals starting their wealth creation journey.

Hosted by personal finance enthusiasts Bryce and Alec, each bite-sized episode breaks down barriers to entering the markets with practical tips for beginners.

With infectious energy and a clear passion for helping their generation build financial literacy and gain control of their money, the hosts draw on personal anecdotes that resonate with the experiences of millennials navigating work, relationships and early investing attempts.

While the investing advice centres on index funds, ETFs and foundational share market principles, the overarching message focuses on the power of compound growth and adopting a future-focused money mindset.

8. Get Started investing

Podcasts for Money and Investing - Get Started investing

Catering to novice investors, Get Started Investing lives up to its name by delivering accessible guidance for total beginners.

Hosted by two self-professed ordinary guys still learning the investing ropes themselves, this podcast breaks down barriers for anyone feeling overwhelmed. With infectious enthusiasm, they decode complex terminology and concepts into understandable snippets – no fancy finance degree required!

While focusing predominantly on equities, they explain various asset classes and strategies in simple terms to inform wise choices. Relatable money confessions and lessons from early missteps provide reassurance and build confidence.

If dry textbooks leave you baffled or intimated, this podcast injects investing with humour and heart. By filtering out judgment and jargon, Get Started Investing extends a welcoming hand to guide nervous newcomers into the wealth creation journey with essential education and empowerment.

7. Aussie Firebug

Podcasts for Money and Investing - Aussie Firebug

Hosted by an almost anonymous finance blogger named ‘Matt’, Aussie Firebug injects a uniquely Australian flavour into the global FIRE movement (that is, Financial Independence and Retiring Early).

Matt is on a mission to be mortgage free and financially free by the age of 40 and transparently charts his progress on his blog. His podcast is designed to help listeners accelerate their own journey to financial freedom, with interviews providing very practical advice.

Guests range from leading economists to entrepreneurs who cracked their own financial independence code. As a one-stop-shop offering inspiration, strategy and motivation, topics cover property investment, stocks, side hustles and living life on your own terms.

If you want to take control of your finances and retire decades earlier than the norm, Aussie Firebug provides a blueprint for making it a reality without taking yourself too seriously!

6. The Money Puzzle

Podcasts for Money and Investing - The Money Puzzle

For savvy Australian investors seeking actionable insights on maximizing their money, The Money Puzzle delivers.

With Wealth Editor James Kirby at the helm, this podcast from The Australian newspaper leverages market experts to decode complex concepts into usable advice. With two episodes released weekly, listeners can stay up-to-date on property news, stocks and finance.

The format strikes an engaging balance – Kirby moderates discussions that are conversational yet focused, pairing his own expertise with a revolving slate of wealthy guests to extract key strategies across asset classes.

Catering predominantly to existing investors aiming to grow their portfolios, topics offer advanced analysis on optimising returns while managing risk.

If you have some financial literacy but want to continue expanding your money mindset with news-driven conversations, The Money Puzzle offers vital intelligence and ideas from those already profiting in the market.

5. Australian Finance Podcast

Podcasts for Money and Investing - Australian Finance Podcast

Catering to everyday Aussies aiming to optimise their financial health, the Australian Finance Podcast delivers digestible wisdom.

Co-hosts Owen and Kate transform complex money concepts into understandable takeaways you can immediately implement. With actionable advice on budgeting, reducing debt, investing, wealth creation and achieving financial freedom, topics aim to boost financial literacy across all levels.

Though positioning itself as a starter guide for novices, intermediate learners will still glean smart strategies from candid host chatter. Relatable and judgement-free, they tackle practical hurdles folks face building their money confidence and literacy.

If you want to sort out your finances with plain-speaking pointers from finance veterans focused on your real-life money situation, the Australian Finance Podcast offers a grounded education through an easily accessible format.

4. my millennial money

Podcasts for Money and Investing - my millennial money

Tailored to millennials, this podcast makes financial literacy relatable and fun.

Host Glen James offers personal finance wisdom and covers topic that aim to empower young professionals on their wealth creation journey. With candid talk on budgeting, investing, side hustles and modern challenges like travel, careers and relationships, ‘my millennial money’ offers frank money realities without judgement.

The focus of the show centres predominantly around equities, ETFs and real estate while highlighting emotional obstacles people face taking financial control.

If you want to learn practical steps to get your money sorted amidst modern distractions, all delivered in a vibrant format, my millennial money offers actionable education for the Spotify generation managing new financial pressures and possibilities!

3. The Property Couch

Podcasts for Money and Investing - The Property Couch

Catering to Australian property investors, The Property Couch makes multiplying money through real estate accessible for newcomers and veterans alike.

Co-hosts Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley pair their 60+ years of combined property prowess to extract actionable tactics. Blending rich insight with relatable humour and a conversational flow, topics provide end-to-end guidance – from asset selection and financing to evaluating market conditions.

While predominately focused on physical property purchases, they also decode emerging vehicles like ETFs. Whether you’re looking to secure your first investment property or expand an existing portfolio, The Property Couch delivers market-driven intelligence to inform better buys.

With practical tips for getting lean on lintels or negotiating at auction, the co-hosts couch investing advice in plain terms to turn listeners into savvy property players.

2. How to Money

Podcasts for Money and Investing - How to Money

If you find personal finance confusing, the aptly named ‘How to Money podcast’ delivers straightforward money guidance for regular listeners.

Co-hosted by best friends Joel and Matt, episodes tackle financial topics that impact everyday people but are rarely taught in school. From budgets and debt payoff to investing basics and building wealth, the duo breaks down essential money skills in simple terms.

Relatable and judgement-free, they draw from personal experience navigating jobs, relationships and financial literacy as millennials.

Infusing humour and heart into traditionally dry topics, they make concepts like IRAs and credit scores approachable. If you never mastered money management, How to Money equips you with practical, actionable advice to gain control of your finances through a compassionate lens.

1. Money and Investing with Andrew Baxter

Podcasts for Money and Investing - Money and Investing with Andrew Baxter

Coming in at number one on our list of the best Money and Investing Podcasts is the aptly named ‘Money and Investing with Andrew Baxter.’

A renowned finance educator and author of The Wealth Playbook, Baxter has been guiding Australians through their wealth-building journey for more than two decades as the founder of Australian Investment Education.

On the podcast, Baxter tells inspiring stories about his journey from humble beginnings in working class England, to becoming a multi-millionaire trader and investor living on an organic farm in Australia’s beautiful Byron Bay.

Whether reflecting on his time on London trading floors in the 1980s, or trading during the dot com boom, he offers insights to what it takes to be successful. He is particularly skilful at taking sophisticated strategies and making them easy for even beginners to understand.

Baxter’s simple, proven formula for investing condenses knowledge gained from mentors like Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins. If you’re looking for a money and investing podcast that delivers clear, actionable ideas, we believe this should be your very first choice! (Money and Investing with Andrew Baxter also tops our global list of the best Podcasts for Investing in 2024.)

Listen, learn and invest!

Amidst complex markets and economic headwinds, education is an investor’s most valuable asset. This handpicked list of investing podcasts arms all Australians with financial acumen to navigate changing conditions.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned share market player, you’ll discover new frameworks for evaluating assets, managing risk and optimising returns. While formats range from energetic to serious, infectious hosts decode complex concepts into understandable takeaways.

If you’re still looking for other investing podcasts, check out our other carefully curated lists below!

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