Best Podcasts for Mental Health Awareness Month

Best Mental Health Podcasts

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and with a world brimming on the brink of social divide, daily distressing news and an economy in flux, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel or even the next day.

The best mental health podcasts are made to fit effortlessly into our hectic lives. With everything moving so quickly, it’s ironic that while it’s hard to make time for self-care, that’s exactly why it’s so crucial.

But let’s be real, with over millions of podcasts out there, finding the right one can be anxiety inducing in itself.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are my top picks for the best mental health podcasts for every taste—whether you’re looking for hard science, helpful tips, or just a good laugh.

Check out these shows and who knows, maybe listening to these will be a cornerstone of your daily self-care routine!

Best Mental Health Podcasts

The Blue Sky Podcast

Best Mental Health Podcasts - The Blue Sky Podcast

This year kicked off a bit rough, but with the days getting sunnier, a show like ‘Blue Sky’ is just what you need to nudge your mindset in a brighter direction.

Bill’s unstoppable optimism and his chats with amazing guests like Kelly Corrigan and John Valverde map out a clear route to genuine, achievable optimism. And hey, being optimistic is not just uplifting—it’s healthy too!

If you’re aiming to kick off Mental Health Awareness Month feeling inspired, ‘Blue Sky’ is your go-to.

Ted Talks Daily

Best Mental Health Podcasts - Ted Talks Daily

On Ted Talks Daily, Host and journalist Elise Hu explores a spectrum of fascinating topics with insights from some of the globe’s top minds. Wondering about the big stuff, like what AI really is, or even why it’s okay to disappoint your parents?

TED Talks Daily is your daily dose of fresh perspectives and a chance to satisfy your curiosity while learning something new. During Mental Health Awareness Month, this podcast is especially valuable to open-mindedness and understanding, essential tools for your personal wellbeing!

How To Be Fine

Best Mental Health Podcasts - How to be fine

It’s part advice show, part cultural critique, and totally entertaining. These podcast besties and hosts break down the betterment industry with a smart, researched approach that keeps things fresh, whether you’re digging into a familiar topic or exploring something totally new.

Their goal? To nudge you just a little closer to feeling fine. What I love most – They don’t always agree, but they always listen to each other and hear each side. They talk diet culture, seasonal affective disorder, divorce and more. For anytime you need a mental pick-me-up and some practical advice! 

Mentally Gil: Conversations with Creators

Best Mental Health Podcasts - Mentally Gil: Conversations with Creators

Mentally Gil offers a comforting reminder that you’re not alone in your mental health journey. By chatting with some of the biggest names from YouTube and social media to explore their mental health stories, this show helps shed light on the intricate dance between mental illness and creativity.

Plus, Gil’s energetic yet empathetic approach to tough topics makes it clear that whatever you’re feeling is normal—and okay. His chat with Allison Raskin about her childhood OCD battles was a standout!

Baggage Drop

Best Mental Health Podcasts - Baggage Drop

In just 5-10 minutes an episode, this podcast packs in easy-to-follow tips and proven strategies to help shift your mindset.

No jargon, no judgment—just clear, expert advice on everything from tackling negative self-talk to flipping the script on spiraling.

Think of it as discovering your hidden superpowers. So if your schedule’s tight but you still want a mental tune-up, this is the podcast for you!

Cleaning Up the Mental Mess

Best Mental Health Podcasts - Cleaning up the mental mess

As a cognitive neuroscientist, author, and mental health expert, Dr. Leaf brings years of research and insights into every episode. Whether she’s exploring emotional intelligence, transforming thought patterns, or discussing her groundbreaking Neurocycle method, this podcast is all about doing the mental work to lead a more fulfilling life.

The episodes feature a range of topics and guests, all tied back to Dr. Leaf’s extensive experience and discoveries. For me, the episode on Highly Sensitive People was a game-changer—it unlocked memories and helped me understand so much about myself. If you’re up for some serious introspection and ready to challenge the way you think, this podcast is for you.

Stay Positive!

I hope you can kick back and enjoy these podcasts during Mental Health Awareness Month! Please be sure to also check out some of our other favourite personal development podcasts here.

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