18 Best Jewish Podcasts (2024 Update)

Best Jewish Podcasts

The successes and struggles of Jewish people have been well documented in many forms of media over many years. But there is nothing quite like immersing yourself in one of the world’s most ancient and resilient cultures via a Jewish podcast.

In 2024, there are hundreds of podcasts about Judaism, its history and its followers, but in this list we have chosen what we consider the best 18.

(If you’re well-versed into Jewish history, you’ll know why we’ve chosen the number 18. In Judaism, 18 represents the numeric value of the Hebrew word ‘Chai’, meaning ‘Life.’ Multiples of this number are said to be good luck and are often used in gift giving at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.)

The Jewish podcasts in the list below are all quite different, so we’ve done our best to explain each one thoroughly so you can make an informed choice about what’s right for you. For example, if you’re wanting a deep-dive into Jewish history, we highly recommend ‘Jewish History Soundbites’, while if you want a gripping documentary series, you shouldn’t go past the newly released ‘The Nightingale of Iran.’

Please take your time to browse the shows below, and if you find something you love, let the Podbam community know by tagging us on X!

(*Editor’s note: Religious conflict can be a sensitive topic. This article purely aims to direct people interested in Jewish podcasts to shows they may enjoy. Podbam does not necessarily support or condone the views shared in every episode of every show on this list!)

Top 18 Jewish Podcasts

  • Highly Commended Jewish Podcasts

    18. Funny, They Don’t Look Jewish!

    Jewish Podcasts - Funny, they don't look Jewish!

    If you’re interested in both Jewish culture and Comic books then, boy, do we have a podcast for you!

    Coming in at lucky number 18 on our list of Jewish podcasts is ‘Funny, They Don’t Look Jewish!’

    This unique show offers a look at Judaism through the lens of comic books and graphic novels. The hosts explore characters, stories, and themes in comics that engage with Jewish identity, texts, traditions, and experiences in meaningful ways.

    Both entertaining and thoughtful, this podcast sparks an appreciation for the intersection of Judaism and comics while unpacking the complex Jewish experiences woven throughout.

    17. Jewish History with Rabbi Dr. Dovid Katz

    Jewish Podcasts - Jewish History with Rabbi Dr. Dovid Katz

    For a rich understanding of Judaism and its origins, Jewish History with Rabbi Dr. Dovid Katz can’t be recommended highly enough.

    Drawing on his PhD in Jewish History, Rabbi Katz brings historical Jewish figures and events to life with thoughtful analysis and captivating storytelling.

    A new podcast episode is released very few days, with topics focussing on everything from ancient teachings to current issues and conflicts facing Jewish people.

    Both studious and accessible, this podcast enthralls with perspective and insight and is well-deserving of a place on our list of the best 18 Jewish Podcasts.

    16. The Jewish Lives Podcast

    Jewish Podcasts - The Jewish Lives Podcast

    For intimate, illuminating glimpses into the lives of influential Jews, look no further than The Jewish Lives Podcast.

    Each month, host Alessandra Wollner speaks with an acclaimed author from the ‘Jewish Lives’ book series. (If you’re not aware of this book series, its definitely worth checking out.) Essentially, each guest has written a biography about an iconic Jewish figure, so they bring incredible insights and knowledge to the show.

    Both poignant and thought-provoking, the stories highlight the varied experiences that can come with Jewish identity. So, for anyone compelled by the drama, vision and humanity of remarkable Jews, The Jewish Lives Podcast is a great listen!

    15. Big Shot

    Jewish Podcasts - Big Shot

    At number 15 on our list of the best Jewish Podcasts, is the highly-popular ‘Big Shot’.

    Focussing on the trials and tribulations of Jewish entrepreneurs, it documents the “memories, culture, hardship, and chutzpah it takes to become a big shot.’

    Hosted by Shopify President Harley Finkelstein and DAVIDsTEA co-founder David Segal, the show features candid, revealing interviews with the prominent personalities behind iconic brands and ventures.

    Between the grit and gusto, essential insights emerge on taking risks, overcoming obstacles and achieving atypical success. Peppered with punchy anecdotes and hard-won wisdom, this lively, poignant podcast is a great choice, particularly if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur!

    Episodes are released monthly and are available on all the major podcast platforms.

    14. Can We Talk?

    Jewish Podcasts - Can we talk?

    During the early days of Israel’s war with Hamas, the ‘Can We Talk?’ podcast was an important source of information.

    Produced by the Jewish Women’s Archive, the show regularly provided up-to-date insights on the conflict. However, the show existed well before the heightened tensions, and over more than 100 episodes has covered a broad range of issues that impact Jewish women in particular.

    Topics include identity, culture, family, activism and womanhood itself. Some of the more powerful and at times confronting episodes have looked at the sexual violence Jewish women have endured during the Hamas conflict.

    Episodes are released at least once a month, but sometimes more.

    13. Rise & Shine with Adrienne Gold Davis

    Jewish Podcasts - Rise & Shine with Adrienne Gold Davis

    Amid life’s daily grind, Rise & Shine with Adrienne Gold Davis promises to offer a calm and refreshing start to your day.

    Drawing insight from her Jewish faith, the host asks listeners to open their eyes, center their souls and start their mornings “feeling nurtured and enlightened.”

    Topics include managing anxiety, conquering fear, effective parenting, the power of vision, the beauty of aging and learning to be patient.

    For anyone seeking to begin their days from a place of love instead of fear, Adrienne’s ‘Rise and Shine’ is a perfect Jewish Podcast!

    12. People of the Pod

    Jewish Podcasts - People of the Pod

    Produced by the American Jewish Committee, ‘People of the Pod’ looks at current world events through a Jewish lens. Launched in 2019, the show looks at the people driving certain decisions and movements and what it all means for America, Israel and the Jewish People.

    Host Manya Brachear Pashman’s offers confident analysis, whilst also bringing guest experts and public figures into the discussion.

    Topics shift fluidly from anti-Semitism’s modern strains to the pulse of the Israeli streets, with a goal to educate people around the world.

    For listeners invested in the welfare of Jews globally and the strength of Israel amid shifting crosswinds, this podcast is well worth a regular listen.

    11. Jew Oughta Know

    Jewish Podcasts - Jew Oughta Know

    This podcast is for people who want to learn about Jewish history but don’t know where to start.

    Hosted by Jason Harris, ‘Jew Outta Know’ condenses both Jewish and Israeli history into engaging bite-sized episodes, which are usually around 25 minutes long.

    Harris’ commitment to thorough research and knack for story-telling has made the show extremely popular with listeners, with the number of downloads now in the hundreds of thousands.

    While season one focussed purely on the Book of Genesis, the Podcast has evolved as the years go on, with topics including ‘Unsolved Jewish Mysteries’, ‘A History of Zionism’, and ‘Current Events.

    If you’re looking for a crash course in Judaism, this is where you should start!

    10. For Heaven’s Sake

    Jewish Podcasts - For Heaven's Sake

    At a time when dialogue often decays into diatribe, ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ offers hope for thoughtful, complex conversations on a range of topics affecting Jewish people.

    With guidance from rabbi and philosopher Donniel Hartman, journalist Yossi Klein Halevi and scholar Dr. Elana Stein Hain engage in candid yet compassionate debate around Israel, identity and community.

    Like many podcasts in this list, this show has offered comprehensive coverage of the conflict between Israel and Gaza, with new episodes posted at least once a week.

    Listeners love ‘For Heavens Sake’ for its depth of analysis, with one reviewer praising it for making “so much sense of the chaos.”

    9. Two Nice Jewish Boys

    Jewish Podcasts - Two Nice Jewish Boys

    For an unfiltered glimpse into the Israeli psyche, ‘Two Nice Jewish Boys’ is a stand-out Jewish podcast. Launched in 2016, it’s the longest-running English language podcast in Israel and has featured many insightful conversations with people from every corner of Israeli society .

    Hosts Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein are passionate about the power of free speech and have cultivated open dialogue around Israeli culture rarely heard beyond its borders. Rather than chasing cheap soundbytes and slogans, their weekly podcast welcomes dynamic Israel voices across disciplines for lengthy, candid conversations.

    Topics range from politics to pot, to tech trailblazers and religious tensions. Sometimes shocking, often heartening, ‘Two Nice Jewish Boys’ is a portal to understanding the real Jewish culture.

    8. Into the Verse – A Parsha Podcast

    Jewish Podcasts - Into the Verse

    Into the Verse’ is a weekly podcast that aims to provide insights into the Torah (the compilation of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible).

    Produced by nonprofit media company Aleph Beta, the show delves below surface readings into the nuances of the scripture that provide timely inspiration. Applying linguistic analysis, host Rabbi David Fohrman uncovers themes encoded in the text that are relevant to modern life.

    ‘Into the Verse’ proves the Torah’s deepest ideas were crafted for now as much as then, with many of the teachings bringing hope at a time when some need it the most. No list of the best Jewish podcasts would be complete without this one!

    7. Judaism Unbound

    Jewish Podcasts - Judaism Unbound

    First launched in 2016, the Judaism Unbound has become a staple for thousands of listeners.

    Hosts Dan Libenson and Lex Rofeberg engage a spectrum of innovators and everyday Jews challenging status quos across all areas of religious life.

    Topics explored include interfaith families, homosexuality and inclusion, and even Jewish Artificial Intelligence!

    Bold yet thoughtful, Judaism Unbound carves space for emerging identities and alternate visions for being Jewish today. New episodes are released every Friday and are available on all the major podcasting platforms!

    6. Jewish History Soundbites

    Jewish Podcasts - Jewish History Soundbites

    For those who love Jewish history, this podcast is highly recommended!

    The host, Yehuda Geberer, is a Jewish history researcher and highly-regarded tour guide of Jewish Historical sites in Europe and Israel. His podcast profiles the big personalities and events from Jewish history.

    Since launching in 2019, the podcast’s audience has grown significantly and includes listeners from right across the world, who appreciate Geberer’s passionate and meticulous research.

    New episodes are released every week and are usually 30-45 minutes in length. There are already hundreds in the catalogue for your enjoyment!

    5. Chutzpod!

    Jewish Podcasts - Chutzpod

    Life’s curveballs come fast, but guidance needn’t be far with Chutzpod!

    Each week, Rabi Shira Stutman and podcast host Hanna Rosin “bring a Jewish lens to life’s toughest questions”, which are sent in by listeners!

    Such questions have included: ‘Do I offer forgiveness to a friend who refuses to apologize?’ and ‘Am I right to be annoyed at all the service dogs on the plane with me?’

    Named as one of the Boston Globe’s 16 podcasts to keep an ear out for in 2022, this is definitely a show worthy of making our list of the best Jewish podcasts, but the creators say it’s a podcast for people of all or no faiths!

    4. Behind the Bima

    Jewish Podcasts - Behind the Bima

    Behind the Bima is a unique Jewish podcast that listeners love for its coverage of modern issues.

    The weekly show features candid and lively chats about complex issues like LGBTQ inclusion, political polarization and media coverage of recent conflicts.

    The hosts are three rabbis: Efrem Goldberg, Philip Moskowitz and Josh Broide, who are all from the Boca Raton Synagogue in Florida. With humor and heart, they provide insights and guidance for Jews around the world.

    Guests have included soldiers from the IDF, prominent journalists and even some sporting legends! The broad cross section of people often have very different views, which ensures listeners are getting a range of perspectives!

    3. 18Forty Podcast

    Jewish Podcasts - 18Forty Podcast

    Hosted by Rabbi and writer David (or Dovid) Bashevkin, the 18Forty Podcast helps listeners find meaning in their lives through the exploration of Jewish thought and ideas.

    A new episode is released each week, and usually features a new guest(or two). Topics explores so far have included censorship, loss, mysticism and even comedy.

    At the time of publication, this podcast had a rating of 4.9 stars on Spotify, after 434 reviews – pretty impressive. One reviewer says: “18Fourty is the most real podcast out there. Dovid is personable, real, sensitive and balanced!” Another says: “The best Jewish host. Period.”

    If you’re wondering why the podcast is called ’18Forty’, that is probably best explained here.

    2. Israel Story

    Jewish Podcasts - Israel Story

    Produced in partnership with Jerusalem-based online newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’ and The Jeruslaem Foundation, this podcast promises to go “behind the headlines” to tell the stories you won’t hear on the news.

    Hosted by founder Mishy Harman, the bi-weekly show is offered in both English and Hebrew and was originally inspired by the hit podcast ‘This American Life’. (The structure of episodes are similar, with each having a theme and several stories that connect to that theme.

    Several times a year, the team behind ‘Israel Story’ performs live shows around the Israel and United States. So far, they’ve performed in New York, New Orleans, San Francisco and even Las Vegas.

    We have chosen this podcast at number two on our list for its thoughtful and informative content, which has seen it win several awards. At the time of publication, ‘Israel Story’ has a 4.8 star review on Spotify after 109 reviews.

    1. The Nightingale of Iran

    Jewish Podcasts - The NIghtingale of Iran

    Coming in at number one on our list of the best Jewish podcasts of 2024 is the newly released documentary series titled ‘The Nightingale of Iran.’

    This highly-anticipated podcast investigates why the family of Iranian musical icon Younes Dardashti, fled Iran at the height of his fame in the 1960s. At the time, Dardashti had not only become a major celebrity, but his son Farid Dadashti was also making a name for himself as a teen idol.

    In this compelling 6-episode series which launched on February 6, 2024, Younes’ granddaughters Danielle and Galeet Dardashti search for answers about their family’s sudden exodus. And in the process, they uncover painful secrets unspoken for generations.

    “The story of a Jewish music legend in a Muslim society will be surprising to both Jews and non-Jews,” Danielle Dardashti said.

    “This podcast challenges stereotypes and demonstrates Jewish diversity in a moment when Jewishness is often seen as synonymous with ‘whiteness.’”

    Danielle and Galeet both bring unique talents to the production. Danielle is an Emmy award-winning documentary writer and producer and a former on-air TV news reporter, while Galeet is a renowned musician and expert in Middle Eastern Jewish culture.

    Featuring a treasure trove of archival sound and music, compelling interviews and vibrant narration, this is podcasting at its best.

    Highly Commended Jewish Podcasts

    The following Jewish podcasts didn’t make our Top 18, but they easily could have! So, if you’re still searching for a show, please read on…


    According to ‘Tablet Mag’, ‘Unorthodox’ is the universe’s leading Jewish podcast!

    There have been a huge number of episodes releashed, with each bringing the “News of the Jews” and interesting guests. (Guests have included Jewish actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, philosopher and filmmaker Bernard-Henri Levy and novelist Gabrielle Zevin).

    Hosted by Stephanie Butnick, Liel Leibovitz and Joshua Malina, Unorthodox is a great way to engage with Jewish life today.

    While this didn’t make our ‘Top 18’ list – it easily could have.

    Streetwise Hebrew

    In bite-sized episodes, host Guy Sharett looks at what can be learned about Israeli psyche, sociery and culture through the Hebrew language.

    One reviewer says: “This Hebrew language podcast is hands-down the best of any language podcast and perhaps the most entertaining of all the podcasts with which I’m familiar. Guy is the consummate teacher and storyteller.

    Incredibly, at the time of publication, the show has a rating of 5 stars on Spotify, after 271 reviews! The reason it hasn’t been added to our list of 18 best Jewish podcasts is that a new episode hasn’t been released since 2013! (Most episodes are timeless, so it is still worth checking them out if you’re interested in the Hebrew language!)

    Meaningful People

    The Meaningful People podcast helps you get to know the inspiring humans behind their big names.

    Hosted by Israeli actor Momo Galron and educator Nachi Eyal, the Hebrew-language show offers intimate glimpses into the lives shaping today’s Jewish landscape.

    The hosts’ warm rapport and curiosity shine as they engage cultural icons, community leaders and changemakers in revealing conversation.

    Enjoy our Top Jewish Pocasts!

    We hope that somewhere on this list you’ve found the perfect Jewish podcast for you. These days, there really is an abundance of choice!

    However, if you’re still looking for other religion-themed shows to dive into, be sure to check out the following curated lists:

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