12 of the Best Podcasts for Pride Month

LGBT Podcasts

Pride Month is here! What better way to celebrate than by diving into some amazing
LGBTQ+ podcasts?

Whether you’re looking to learn something new, hear incredible personal stories, or just have a good laugh, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve rounded up 12 of the best podcasts to keep you entertained and inspired all month long. From untold queer histories to fun chats about love and life, these podcasts have something for everyone. Plug in those earbuds and get ready to explore the stories!

Best Podcasts for Pride Month

1. But We Loved

Best Gay Podcasts - But We Loved

Growing up gay and Catholic in conservative Texas, Jordan Gonsalves had little access to queer history or role models. Now, as a journalist, he’s making up for lost time with his podcast “But We Loved.”

Jordan dives into intimate interviews with LGBTQ+ elders, uncovering the amazing stories he wished he’d known as a kid. Along the way, he finds the role models he always needed and shares their wisdom with listeners, shining a light on the rich and often hidden history of the queer community.

2. Second Sunday

Best Gay Podcasts - Second Sunday

“Second Sunday” is all about Black queer folks navigating their faith journeys within and outside of the Black church.

Hosts Darren and Esther dive into the stories of their guests, exploring how they balance religion, spirituality, culture, and identity. If you’ve got
questions about religion, grew up around the Black church, or just love hearing powerful, personal stories, this podcast is for you.

Plus, Darren and Esther’s humor keeps things light, even when the topics get deep.

3. Making Gay History | LGBTQ Oral Histories from the Archive

Best Gay Podcasts - Making Gay History

“Making Gay History” is all about diving into the personal stories of both famous and forgotten LGBTQ+ heroes and pioneers. With rare archival interviews, this podcast brings these amazing voices and their stories to life.

It’s like having a front-row seat to the history that shaped the queer community. If you’re into learning about the past and the people who paved the way, this podcast is a must-listen.

4. Outward: Slate’s LGBTQ podcast

Best Gay Podcasts - Outward

“Outward,” Slate’s queer podcast, is a whip-smart monthly show where hosts and guests dive deep into queer culture and politics. They bring unexpected perspectives and spark colorful conversations about the issues that matter to LGBTQ+ communities.

If you want to broaden your understanding and enjoy engaging discussions, “Outward” is the podcast for you!

5. Coming Out Stories

Best Gay Podcasts - Coming Out Stories

“Coming Out Stories” features real people sharing their unique and powerful experiences of coming out. This podcast takes you to the heart of one of the most important moments in many people’s lives.

You’ll find yourself on sofas in suburban living rooms, in front of officials’ desks, or in the midst of noisy classrooms—wherever these life-changing conversations have happened.

Even if you’ve never had a coming-out conversation yourself, you’ll connect with the universal human desire to love and be loved.

6. Queer The Music: Jake Shears On The Songs That Changed Lives

Best Gay Podcasts - Queer The Music

Join Jake Shears as he celebrates the anthems that have lit up dancefloors and shaped queer lives on “Queer The Music.” Throughout music history, queer artists have made immense contributions, often at great personal and professional risk.

This podcast shines a spotlight on these trailblazers, exploring their stories song by song. With Jake Shears, the frontman of Scissor Sisters, you’ll dive deep into the powerful journey of self-expression and liberation through music.

7. Allyship is a Verb

Best Gay Podcasts - Allyship is a Verb

Looking to do better as an ally but not sure where to start? Tune into “Allyship is a Verb,” the award-winning podcast hosted by Charlie Ocean, MSW (they/them). In this engaging show, Charlie invites LGBTQ+ community members from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and offer allyship tips.

With a warm and silly demeanor, Charlie guides listeners through self-reflection questions and insightful voiceovers to deepen their learning.

8. Cruising | A Queer Documentary Podcast

Best Gay Podcasts - Cruising

Step into the world of lesbian bars with “Cruising,” a podcast that explores the vibrant culture surrounding these important spaces. Whether you’re a regular patron or just curious, you can jump in at any point—no need to listen in order!

Season 1 takes you on a cross-country road trip with creators Sarah Gabrielli, Rachel Karp, and Jen McGinity as they document every lesbian bar in the United States. Season 2 delves into the current resurgence of lesbian bars while also offering a nostalgic look back at bars from decades past.

9. Lez Hang Out | A Lesbian Podcast

Best Gay Podcasts - Lez Hang Out

Get ready to hang out with Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster, the ultimate guests for your potluck! Join them on “Lez Hang Out” as they cover a wide range of topics, from lesbian experiences to representation, culture, life, love, and more.

It’s the perfect
podcast for some sapphic socialization, offering insightful discussions and plenty of laughs along the way.

10. Gays Reading

Best Gay Podcasts - Gays Reading

Join bookworms Brett Benner and Jason Blitman as they embark on an adventure in the world of podcasts! “Gays Reading” brings you author conversations, interviews, book talk, and everything literary.

Whether you’re a book lover or just looking for your next great read, Brett and Jason have you covered.

11. We’re Having Gay Sex

Best Gay Podcasts - We're Having Gay Sex

After 10 years of serial monogamy, comedian Ashley Gavin, trades in her U-Haul for a life of sleeping around and documents every gritty detail of her queer experiments in this podcast.

With the help of her queerest friends, including the “Cancel Coach” Kate Sisk and the “Youth in the Soundbooth” Gara Lonning, and equipped with a Gen-Z themed soundboard, Ashley fearlessly dives into taboo topics and interviews people from all across the gender and sexuality spectrums about their sex lives.

12. Free From Desire: Asexual in the City of Love

Best Gay Podcasts - Free From Desire

Free from Desire: Asexual in the City of Love is the story of Aline who has never been attracted to anyone – neither sexually nor romantically. Aline retraces their journey through the challenges of navigating a society obsessed with love and sex, and the struggle to accept their asexuality and aromantism amidst pervasive pop culture messaging.

As Aline finds acceptance, they embark on a new chapter of adulthood, embracing solo parenthood via IVF and redefining the meaning of family. This beautiful personal narrative, which won the top prize at the Tribeca Audio Storytelling Competition, offers profound insights for anyone hoping to understand the complexities of identity and love.

Enjoy these LGBTQ+ Podcasts!

These podcasts are perfect for deepening your understanding and appreciation of the
LGBTQ+ community. They offer everything from heartwarming stories and historical
insights to laugh-out-loud moments.

Whether you’re part of the community or an ally, listening to these podcasts is a fantastic way to show your support and learn something new.

Enjoy Pride Month with these incredible shows and let us know what we missed!

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