Best Gardening Podcasts (for long-time gardeners & beginners)

Gardening Podcasts

Across the world you find men and women who love nothing more than seeing their gardens thrive. In the legacy media, gardening television and radio shows have been a mainstay for decades, and gardening books have been published en masse.

But more recently gardening experts have turned to podcasts to share their knowledge and engage in a new way with green-thumbs.

Whether you’re an enthusiast of buoyant bougainvilleas, opulent orchids, luscious lawn, vibrant vegetables, or anything in between, there’s a gardening podcast for you.

Here, we have compiled the best gardening podcasts in 2023. In total 21 made the cut.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find a podcast you’ll love in this list.

21 Best Gardening Podcasts

Two Minutes in the Garden: Gardening Tips, Science, Myths

Gardening Podcasts - Two Minutes in the Garden: Gardening Tips, Science, Myths

Two minutes in the garden is a hugely popular gardening podcast. While not exactly 2 minutes, fortnightly podcast episode run for around 10 minutes and provide a plethora of bite sized gardening tips.

It is hosted by Melissa J Will, the Canadian author of the Empress of Dirt gardening blog.

Melissa says she aims to provide as many universal plant care tips as possible, however, the majority of information on the podcast is most applicable for US and Canadian gardeners. Two Minutes in the Garden is suitable for both experienced and beginner gardeners

The Beginner’s Garden Podcast

Gardening Podcasts - The Beginner's Garden  Podcast

This is a highly recommended podcast specifically for beginner gardeners. It provides easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginner gardeners get the most out of their gardening endeavours.

Jill McSheehy is the host. She’s been researching, writing and talking about gardening for over a decade – and also happens to be an exceptional podcast host.

Jill publishes one episode per week and each runs for around 40 minutes. Occasionally, Jill also welcomes an expert gardening guest.

All The Dirt Gardening, Sustainability and Food

Gardening Podcasts - All The Dirt Gardening, Sustainability and Food

One for the Australian gardeners! But don’t be put off if you’re not an Aussie. If you love gardening, you’ll love All The Dirt. Hosted by veteran radio and TV personalities Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe, this is Australia’s most popular gardening podcast. Drawing on their decades of gardening, sustainability, and environmental expertise, Wood and Thorpe dig deep into topics from native plants to vegetable gardening.

Their infectious passion for all things green shines through in each fun and informative episode. With a focus on gardens down under but wisdom that translates worldwide, All The Dirt is a must-listen for gardeners everywhere looking to get their hands dirty and join the global gardening community.

Gardenerd Tip of the Week

Gardening Podcasts - Gardenerd Tip of the Week

There’s no doubt Americans love their gardens. Did you know, there’s a National Gardening Association? It has over one million members. No doubt many of those members listen to All The Dirt – another very popular gardening podcast across the USA.

Each episode shares one key tip for growing veggies and ornamentals the natural way. Tackling topics from composting to pest management. Seasonal tips ensure your garden thrives no matter the time of year.

Whether you’re an apartment gardener or homesteader, Gardenerd Tip of the Week will inspire and equip you with organic, sustainable methods tailored for any space. The perfect pick-me-up for gardeners seeking simple, weekly motivation with a side of laughter.

Gardening with the RHS

Gardening Podcasts - Gardening with the RHS

A gardening podcast produced by the United Kingdom’s Royal Horticultural Society, Gardening with the RHS is one of our top picks! Each week, the show features RHS experts, along with garden designers and scientists.

The podcast offers seasonal growing advice and practical solutions straight from the most trusted gardening professionals. Every episode focuses on helping your garden thrive, with topics including vegetable gardening, beautiful blooms, garden design and organic practices. You’ll get scientific research, tips tailored to beginners and old pros alike, as well as peeks into prestigious flower shows.

Gardening with the RHS has the inspiration and expert techniques your garden needs!

Talking Gardens

Gardening Podcasts - Talking Gardens

Talking Gardens invites you to let your imagination run wild and design the garden of your dreams. Hosted by Stephanie Mahon from Gardens Illustrated, this podcast asks esteemed gardeners, designers, and horticulturists to envision their ultimate outdoor space.

Stephanie covers off on which plants they would choose, which features they’d include, and even who they would they recruit as head gardener!

Each episode offers a vicarious escape into a new fantastical garden brought to life through vivid descriptions. Whether your perfect garden includes exotic species, quirky architecture, or childhood nostalgia, Talking Gardens will inspire you to think outside the trowel for what your ideal outdoor sanctuary could be. The only limit is your imagination!

Backyard Gardens – Gardening for everyone

Gardening Podcasts - Backyard Gardens - Gardening for everyone

With over 25 years of gardening under their belts, hosts Ben Gardner and Batavia make even complex topics easy to digest in Backyard Gardens. Their weekly episodes aim to help listeners grow more food and flowers through straightforward gardening advice. Ben and Batavia break down their wealth of knowledge into simple, actionable tips so you can develop a thriving, low-maintenance garden.

Their approachable style and passion for passing on what they’ve learned will motivate you to pick up a trowel. Backyard Gardens makes gardening fun and accessible for all levels. So pull on your gloves and join Ben and Batavia to learn how to grow your most productive garden yet- and enjoy every minute spent nurturing your outdoor oasis.

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Podcast

Gardening Podcasts - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine Podcast

For an insightful escape into all things gardening, subscribe to the BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Podcast. Each episode, the magazine’s team explores a range of topics, from growing healthy food and beautiful flowers to designing thriving gardens and greening your home.

Their lively discussions will engage and inspire gardeners of every level, whether you’re just planting your first seeds or have decades of experience. Gain useful tips and motivation to nurture your outdoor space, plants, and growing skills from trusted experts. Let the passion and knowledge of the BBC Gardeners’ World editors help your garden (and you) flourish with each fun, informative listen.

Plants Grow Here – Horticulture, Landscape Gardening & Ecology

Gardening Podcasts - Plants Grow Here - Horticulture, Landscape Gardening & Ecology

Led by horticulturist Daniel Fuller, Plants Grow Here is a standout gardening podcast. With weekly episodes featuring gardening experts, the show delves into horticulture, landscaping, and ecology knowledge to help you better understand the natural systems in your outdoor space.

Fuller’s infectious curiosity and passion for the plant kingdom shines through as he digs into topics from soil health to botanical mythology. Well-researched, idea-packed conversations will equip you with principles and practices to become an empowered, attentive caretaker of your garden ecosystem. Plants Grow Here gives gardeners of all levels the inspiration and tools to nurture nature wherever it takes root.

The Organic Gardening Podcast

Gardening Podcasts - The Organic Gardening Podcast

For organic growing guidance straight from the experts, tune into The Organic Gardening Podcast from Garden Organic, the UK’s leading organic gardening organization. Hosted by Garden Organic head Fiona Taylor and former Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins, this monthly podcast shares timely tips and inspiration to grow successfully without chemicals.

Dig into topics like nourishing soil, dealing with pests naturally, and cultivating abundant edibles. With decades of organic wisdom behind it and rave reviews from gardeners worldwide, each episode will equip you with techniques tailored for gardeners of all levels. Let The Organic Gardening Podcast help you grow in the healthiest, most sustainable way – organically.

The Beet: A Podcast For Plant Lovers

Gardening Podcasts - The Beet: A Podcast For Plant Lovers

When it comes to gardening podcasts, you really can’t beat The Beet. Originally the Epic Gardening Podcast, this rebooted show offers a bountiful harvest of plant knowledge five days a week. Expect a wide range of topics, from home growing tips to deep dives with experts on emerging science and industry innovations.

Host Kevin Espiritu approaches each subject with contagious curiosity and a knack for making complex concepts engaging. Whether you’re discovering gardening for the first time or are a seasoned grower, The Beet will expand your horizons, inspire your green thumb, and equip you with insights to grow your skills. This podcast will nourish both you and your garden.

Roots and All – Gardening Podcast

Gardening Podcasts - Roots and All Gardening Podcast

For playful yet practical gardening advice, get your hands dirty with Roots and All. Hosted by horticulturist Sarah Wilson, this podcast digs into growing tips and outdoor inspiration through candid conversations with gardening insiders. Wilson’s lighthearted approach adds levity while unpacking topics like planting, landscaping, and garden maintenance.

Guests range from plant geeks to landscape designers, offering well-rounded perspectives tailored to gardens large and small. With Sarah Wilson’s humor and expertise cultivating each engaging episode, Roots and All makes gardening fun and accessible – no dry, boring content here. Tune in to pick up knowledge to help your outdoor space thrive, mixed in with plenty of laughs along the way.

Gardening Simplified

Gardening Podcasts - Gardening Simplified

For straightforward gardening guidance from devoted plant lovers, tune into Gardening Simplified from Proven Winners ColorChoice. Hosted by longtime gardeners Rick Vuyst and Stacey Hirvela, each episode shares practical growing advice tailored for gardeners of all levels. Their infectious passion for plants shines through as they dig into topics ranging from plant care to garden design.

With an emphasis on simple, accessible tips even beginners can immediately apply, Gardening Simplified makes developing and nurturing your outdoor space feel exciting rather than intimidating. Join Rick and Stacey each week to pick up knowledge that will help your garden thrive, minus any complicated lingo. The path to gardening success starts here.

Just Grow Something | The “Why” Behind the “How” of Gardening

Gardening - Podcasts Just Grow Something | The "Why" Behind the "How" of Gardening

Just Grow Something equips home gardeners with the knowledge behind successful food gardening. Host Karin Velez shares research-backed techniques for cultivating fruits and veggies tailored to any space or skill level. With an equal focus on the “why” and “how,” each episode gives gardeners the evidence-based principles they need to become empowered, attentive growers.

Karin covers specific plants, soil health, pest control, and more with enthusiasm to help novice and experienced gardeners alike. Tune in weekly for inspiration and insights that will translate into a thriving, productive garden. Just Grow Something will give you the confidence and skills to nourish your own plot, no matter its size.

Master My Garden Podcast

Gardening Podcasts - Master My Garden Podcast

Let Master My Garden help you cultivate your green thumb’s full potential. Veteran gardener John Jones hosts this weekly podcast overflowing with practical growing tips. Each episode tackles handpicked topics to aid gardeners of any level, from planting guides to insider interviews with horticulture experts.

Jones’ decades of first-hand experience allow him to zero in on the most useful advice to apply in your own outdoor space. With his warm guidance and wealth of gardening knowledge, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to overcome challenges and nurture the garden of your dreams. Master My Garden provides the tools you need to become head gardener of your own thriving, vibrant eden.

Talking Heads – A Gardening Podcast

Gardening Podcasts - Talking Heads - A Gardening Podcast

For an inside look at professional horticulture, subscribe to Talking Heads. Veteran head gardeners Saul Walker and Lucy Chamberlain give listeners an exclusive peek into the triumphs and trials of maintaining expansive private estates.

Their decade-plus of experience managing teams and gardens shines through as they dig into topics meaningful to both hobbyists and pros alike. Each engaging episode offers rare firsthand wisdom straight from the source to help you better understand the diverse, challenging, and rewarding reality behind luxurious landscapes. Talking Heads grants gardening enthusiasts of all levels special access to the candid, insightful perspectives of two leading industry experts.

Mike The Gardener – Gardening Podcast

Gardening Podcasts - Mike The Gardener - Gardening Podcast

For an energetic escape into the fantastic world of gardening, tune into Mike the Gardener. Host Mike Palmer, a seasoned gardening pro, invites fellow enthusiasts and experts for upbeat conversations exploring the latest trends and techniques. Mike’s contagious passion shines through special episodes highlighting favorite plants like dahlias, roses, and clematis.

With sponsor Natural Grower sharing organic and chemical-free gardening tips, Mike the Gardener engages green thumbs of all levels seeking motivation and community. Mike’s years of hands-on wisdom coupled with an infectious spirit will inspire you to nurture your outdoor space and skills. Each fun episode will reinvigorate your connection to gardens and the joy of growing.

The Joe Gardener Show

Gardening Podcasts - The Joe Gardener Show

Let The Joe Gardener Show help you cultivate your inner green thumb. Hosted by Emmy-winning gardening expert Joe Lamp’l, this podcast equips listeners with insider wisdom to garden smarter and more sustainably. Through interviews with leading horticulturists and a focus on organic techniques, Joe unpacks topics from vegetable gardening to attracting wildlife.

His decades of hands-on experience coupled with friendly, engaging conversations will speak to gardeners of all levels seeking to gain skills. Each episode provides practical takeaways you can apply right away to nurture your own healthy habitat. For garden inspiration as rewarding as the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor, this is your go-to guide.

Let’s Argue About Plants

Gardening Podcasts - Let's Argue About Plants

Love gardening but don’t always see frond-to-frond with fellow plant people? Then get ready to revel in the lively debates on Let’s Argue About Plants. Brought to you by Fine Gardening editors, each episode features passionate discussions diving deep into trending garden topics.

Tune in as the hosts and expert guests vigorously unpack their perspectives, from which perennials reign supreme to the value of native species. Though viewpoints may clash, their infectious plant zeal shines through. Let’s Argue About Plants will entertain and engage devotees of all things green, with smart gardening insights sure to inspire your own soil. Disagreement never sounded so stimulating.

Gardeners’ Question Time

Gardeners' Question Time

For more than 75 years, Gardeners’ Question Time has been helping green thumbs. This beloved BBC radio show turned podcast invites a panel of horticulture specialists to answer audience questions onsite at a different garden each week. Topics span every aspect of gardening, from plant care tips to pest solutions.

With decades of collective wisdom and a contagious passion for plants, the experts provide informative, accessible advice for dilemmas large and small. Whether you’re a novice digging your first flowerbed or a master gardener, listening in will inspire community and equip you with plenty of takeaways to nurture your own outdoor space. For hands-on help from the pros, submit your question and join the next show!

DIY Garden Minute by Spoken Garden

Gardening Podcasts - DIY Garden Minute by Spoken Garden

For bite-sized gardening tips you can implement right away, press play on DIY Garden Minute. Hosted by gardening guru Sean of Spoken Garden, these short, weekly podcast episodes deliver fast facts to help you grow your plant knowledge. In two minutes or less, Sean shares actionable advice, from starting seeds to elimating pests.

With an encouraging tone and passion for helping others nurture their green spaces, Sean distills gardening fundamentals into easily digestible nuggets. DIY Garden Minute will build your skills in no time, whether you’re planting your first marigolds or reviving an overgrown garden. A little learning can go a long way!

Happy Listening!

This comprehensive roundup showcases the top gardening podcasts that will educate and inspire gardeners of all levels.

For beginners, shows like The Beginner’s Garden Podcast and Gardening Simplified provide easily digestible tips to get started growing plants.

Seasoned green thumbs will appreciate the in-depth conversations on shows like Plants Grow Here and The Organic Gardening Podcast.

Whatever your gardening interests may be, you’re sure to find a podcast that speaks to you in this list.

With enthusiastic hosts and a wealth of practical wisdom, these shows will nurture your inner gardener so your outdoor space can flourish more vibrantly than ever.

Tuning in is a great way to cultivate community, gain new skills, and fuel your passion for cultivating gardens that thrive.

Looking for more?

If you’re a podcast tragic looking for shows outside of the gardening realm, perhaps you’d be keen on these carefully curated lists:

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