21 Best Buddhism Podcasts for Enlightenment in 2024

Buddhism Podcasts

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s important to find ways to unwind and connect with your spiritual self. Thankfully, there are now hundreds of Buddhism Podcasts that can help with this process.

At Podbam, we have looked at all of the podcasts out there that can help transform your life through buddhist teachings. This article lists the 21 very best.

From meditations to buddhist wisdom, dharma talks and philosophical debates, our selections below provide digestible pieces of insight from esteemed contemporary teachers. Namaste!

What are the best Buddhism Podcasts?

21. Daily Wisdom

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Daily Wisdom

Daily Wisdom offers listeners wisdom and practical guidance straight from the original teachings of the Buddha. Host David Roylance focuses each episode on extracting key lessons from Buddhist scriptures and explaining how to apply them to daily life.

With its calm narration and contemplative pace, this podcast creates space for self-reflection and growth. Covering topics like handling anger skillfully, cultivating compassion, and overcoming cravings, Daily Wisdom gives listeners philosophical insights and meditation techniques to walk the Buddhist path themselves. For those seeking spiritual direction through Buddhist principles, Daily Wisdom is a trove of timeless knowledge and advice.

20. Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Buddhist Society of Western Australia

One of the best Buddhism podcasts out there is this gem from down under.

For over four decades, the Buddhist Society of Western Australia has shared dharma talks and teachings from their Abbot Ajahn Brahm and other monastics. With humor and clarity, Ajahn Brahm unpacks Buddhist concepts like loving-kindness, wisdom, and letting go.

His insightful explanations of core teachings and moving stories from his own practice provide listeners with an accessible entry point to Theravada Buddhism.

The podcast’s relaxed pacing allows time and space for contemplation. For those interested in Buddhism or looking to deepen their practice, this long-running podcast offers a wealth of wisdom from experienced teachers guiding others down the noble eightfold path.

19. Insight Myanmar

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Insight Myanmar

Whilst not explicitly about Buddhism, Insight Myanmar is an incredibly powerful podcast for those wanting insights from a very unique corner of the globe. The show gives voice to those fighting for democracy and human rights amid Myanmar’s political turmoil.

Through in-depth interviews, host Kelley Loper spotlights activists, protesters, politicians, and citizens risking their lives and freedom to resist military rule.

Their firsthand accounts reveal stories of incredible courage while analyzing Myanmar’s complex sociopolitical landscape. From grassroots organizers to Buddhist monks, Insight Myanmar amplifies diverse perspectives often silenced by the authoritarian regime.

This riveting podcast bears witness to the struggle for liberation, keeping global attention focused on the daily injustices faced by the Burmese people.

18. Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple Podcast

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple Podcast

We think this is one of the best Buddhism podcasts out there because it transports you to the the serene setting of Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple.

Led by resident teacher Venerable De Hong, each episode shares dharma discussions, meditation instructions, chanting sessions, and ceremonies held at the temple.

Venerable De Hong’s tranquil guidance steers listeners through Buddhist teachings on impermanence, letting go of attachments and cultivating compassion.

The temple gong signals contemplative pauses for reflection. For those seeking spiritual wisdom infused with mindfulness practices, Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple’s podcast is highly recommended.

17. Village Zendo Teacher Talks

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Village Zendo Teacher Talks

Village Zendo Teacher Talks allows you to immerse yourself in the meditative world of Zen Buddhism.

Drawing from decades of practice, guiding teachers offer nuanced dharma talks on topics like facing impermanence, staying present and the meaning of enlightenment.

Their insightful explanations of koans, mindfulness techniques, and Soto Zen principles provide a rich philosophical framework.

Between segments, periods of silence allow space for reflection. With its quiet authority and wealth of wisdom, this long-running podcast provides a peaceful yet intellectually engaging understanding of Zen.

16. The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast

Best Buddhism Podcasts - The 12-step Buddhist Podcast

Blending Buddhist principles with addiction recovery, The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast provides listeners with tools for self-healing and transformation.

Host Darren Littlejohn shares meditations, readings, and reflections that foster understanding of the root causes underpinning addictive behaviors.

With compassion and insight, he guides listeners to cultivate mindfulness, self-compassion, and inner peace to support lasting sobriety. Littlejohn draws from various wisdom traditions to offer a holistic approach addressing mind, body and spirit. For those on the path to recovery seeking spiritual nourishment, this podcast offers hope, solace and a profound sense of inner connection.

15. Yokoji Zen Dharma Talks

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Yokoji Zen Dharma Talks

Nestled in the quiet mountain setting of Yokoji Zen Center, Tenshin Fletcher Roshi shares monthly Dharma talks on the profound wisdom of Zen Buddhism.

With poetic eloquence and penetrating insight, Roshi guides listeners through teachings on being fully present, recognizing our interconnectedness, and manifesting compassion for all beings.

Like many of the podcasts on our Buddhism list, the peaceful atmosphere allows space for quiet contemplation between segments.

Listeners say the tranquility of nature combined with Roshi’s calming presence plant seeds of awakening and mindful awareness in your consciousness.

14. Buddhist Temple of Toledo Podcast

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Buddhist Temple of Toledo Podcast

This podcasts allows you to immerse yourself in the peaceful teachings flowing from the Buddhist Temple of Toledo. Their weekly podcast shares dharma talks, meditation instructions, ceremonial chanting and other community events.

Resident minister Rev. Gibbs offers practical guidance on incorporating Buddhist philosophy into modern life.

From cultivating mindfulness to dealing with grief, these talks provide spiritual wisdom relevant to contemporary challenges. The temple gong signals contemplative pauses for reflection. For an accessible introduction to Pure Land Buddhism or support on the path, the Buddhist Temple of Toledo’s podcast provides community and compassionate wisdom.

13. Learn Buddhism with Alan Peto

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Learn Buddhism with Alan Peto

With warmth and clarity, Alan Peto guides listeners on the path to discovering Buddhism. Blending humor with wisdom, he unpacks complex philosophies into understandable concepts for beginners. Peto draws from decades of study and practice to illuminate the historical Buddha’s teachings and make them accessible.

Through stories, meditations, and thoughtful commentary, he fosters spiritual growth and mindful living.

For those curious about or just starting a Buddhist practice, this podcast provides an essential grounding along with community and encouragement. Let Alan Peto become your companion as you explore the rich landscape of Buddhist thought and find its meaningful application in everyday life.

12. Open Question

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Open Question Podcast

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel’s intimate dialogues in Open Question artfully explore existential puzzles through diverse spiritual lenses. With vulnerability and insight, she and her accomplished guests dive into life’s complexity, sitting with the uncomfortable questions that underpin our humanity.

Their thoughtful exchanges offer no definitive answers but reveal multiple frameworks for understanding the human condition.

By holding space for uncertainty and continually inquiring, Open Question models a spirit of openness, curiosity and humility. For those seeking wisdom without easy resolutions, this podcast encourages continually questioning in order to live with meaning and purpose.

11. Tricycle Talks

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Tricycle Talks

For over three decades, Tricycle magazine has explored Buddhism’s philosophical depths and real world applications. Their engaging podcast, Tricycle Talks, features lively discussions between founder James Shaheen and leading Buddhist voices like Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein and Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo.

Together they unpack enduring questions about happiness, ethics, mindfulness and more from multiple Buddhist perspectives.

Balancing profound wisdom with clarity and humor, these teachers make age-old concepts feel relevant to modern life. For those curious about Buddhism or seeking spiritual nourishment, Tricycle Talks satisfies our hunger for meaning and guides us skillfully down the path.

10. The Wisdom Podcast

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Wisdom

Hosted by Wisdom Publications, The Wisdom Podcast provides intimate access to today’s leading Buddhist teachers.

Daniel Aitken engages guests in rich dialogues that uncover the heart of their teachings with honesty and warmth. Listeners gain nuanced perspectives on concepts like interconnection, mindfulness, and overcoming delusions.

The podcast brings these timeless ideas to life through personal stories and practical wisdom that can transform everyday living. From Thich Nhat Hanh to Jack Kornfield, The Wisdom Podcast shares an inspiring diversity of voices to nourish our growth and help awaken our most compassionate, reflective selves.

9. The Zen Studies Podcast

Best Buddhism Podcasts - The Zen Studies Podcast

Through The Zen Studies Podcast, Soto Zen priest Domyo Burk makes traditional Buddhist teachings accessible for a modern audience. With scholarly rigor and a friendly tone, she unpacks topics like mindfulness, karma, rituals and koans.

Burk draws from history and literature to contextualize complex philosophies, while relatable anecdotes ground these concepts in everyday experience. Her insightful reflections encourage listeners to incorporate Buddhist wisdom into their contemporary lives.

For newcomers curious about Zen and those seeking to deepen their practice, this podcast provides an essential blend of education, inspiration and thoughtful commentary.

8. Buddhist Geeks

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Buddhist Geeks

With an emphasis on relevance, Buddhist Geeks explores how age-old principles apply to modern life. Host Vincent Horn draws from his background in mindfulness training and philosophy to demystify Buddhist concepts for a wide audience. He and his expert guests examine topics like relationships, ethics, social justice and technology through a Buddhist lens.

The conversational format, punctuated by mindfulness prompts, brings a sense of immediacy that connects timeless wisdom with the realities of our 21st century world.

For those seeking to integrate Buddhist philosophy into their work, creativity and daily living, Buddhist Geeks provides inspiration and guidance.

7. Listen

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Listen

Recorded at spiritual oasis Plum Village monastery, the Listen podcast offers rare access to dharma talks within the Zen Buddhist tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

These intimate Question & Answer sessions transmit the wisdom of esteemed monastics like Sister Dang Nghiem and Brother Phap Dung.

Their poetic reflections on mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting peace interweave seamlessly with the sounds of birds chirping. Listeners say these recordings transport you to tranquil Plum Village and quiet your mind.

6. Buddhism Guide

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Buddhism Guide

With pragmatic wisdom, the Buddhism Guide podcast illuminates the Buddha’s teachings in plainspoken language. English monk Yeshe distills complex philosophies into understandable lessons for everyday life.

Blending introspective practices with societal engagement, he encourages listeners to verify the concepts through their own empirical experience.

Yeshe embodies compassion through his charitable work in India. His calm guidance steers clear of dogma, inviting listeners to think critically. For those seeking an accessible entry point to secular Buddhism, this podcast offers clarity and tools for self-reflection. Listeners say Yeshe’s straight-forward approach help reveal the peace and insight within their own mind.

5. The Way Out Is In

Best Buddhism Podcasts - The Way Out is In

Guided by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings, The Way Out Is In podcast navigates life’s challenges through mindful introspection.

Co-hosts Brother Phap Huu, Nhat Hanh’s personal attendant, and purpose-driven journalist Jo Confino unpack topics like handling fear, transforming anger, and living with gratitude.

Their thoughtful dialogues reveal how looking within can guide compassionate action in the world. Simple meditation prompts encourage self-reflection between segments.

The Way Out Is In podcast models how quiet contemplation of our shared humanity can light the way forward.

4. Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Heart Wisdom Podcast

Weaving together wisdom from Eastern spirituality and Western psychology, celebrated teacher Jack Kornfield invites listeners into the tender landscape of the heart. His soothing voice and skillful guidance create a sanctuary for self-inquiry and awakening, placing it high on our list of best Buddhism podcasts.

Kornfield draws from decades studying with renowned Buddhist masters to share teachings on mindfulness, self-compassion and living fully.

Equally at home quoting ancient texts or modern poets, his integrative approach reveals the universality of our yearning for meaning. For those ready to cultivate understanding and transform suffering into joy, Heart Wisdom provides a trusted companion for the journey.

3. Secular Buddhism

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Secular Buddhism Podcast

Blending pragmatism with ancient wisdom, Secular Buddhism extract timeless lessons to enhance modern living. Host Noah Rasheta translates Buddhist philosophies into understandable principles unencumbered by religious dogma.

His down-to-earth commentaries make concepts like mindfulness, non-attachment and compassion seem immediately relevant for lay listeners. By focusing on the present moment, Rasheta reveals how inner freedom is available right now, amidst everyday life. For those seeking spiritual insight without converting faiths, this podcast distills Buddhism’s psychological and philosophical richness into an accessible secular path.

2. Tara Brach

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Tara Brach

With poetic grace, Tara Brach extends a welcoming hand to help seekers traverse life’s rocky terrain. Her soothing voice conjures a sanctuary where you can confront your deepest pains and rediscover wholeness. Brach artfully weaves together Western psychology and Buddhist mindfulness practices into a holistic path of self-compassion and emotional healing.

Her meditations, dharma talks and quiet moments of reflection offer balm for the spirit and food for the soul. For those ready to transform suffering through wise understanding and radical self-acceptance, Tara Brach is a trusted guide shining light into the darkness.

1. Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast

Best Buddhism Podcasts - Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast

At number one on our list of best Buddhism podcasts, is the very popular Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast.

Blending mindfulness with everyday life, host Timber Hawkeye awakens presence and purpose. He says his purpose is to “awaken, enlighten, enrich, and inspire.” (Hawkeye is also the author of of the book Buddhist Boot Camp, Faithfully Religionless, and The Opposite of Namaste.)

With compassionate insight, Hawkeye guides listeners to move beyond suffering and discover inner peace and successfully translates Buddhism’s original teachings into relevant principles for the contemporary world.

His secular, non-dogmatic approach emphasizes spiritual growth over religious doctrine. Short meditations punctuate candid discussions on relationships, self-esteem, and living joyfully.

For those seeking accessible wisdom without conversion, Buddhist Boot Camp provides tools to become your best self.

Enjoy your spiritual journey!

Buddhism offers an incredible depth of wisdom, and these podcasts help you see exactly what this ancient tradition has to teach us.

The wide variety of podcasts in this list showcase just how applicable Buddhist concepts remain today. Whether looking to deepen your compassion, understand the ego, or simply relax your mind – these 21 shows have something for everyone. They present core teachings in ways that feel refreshing and relevant.

If you also have an interest in other religions, be sure to check out Podbam’s lists of Best Religion Podcasts. And for podcast recommendations direct to your inbox, feel free to subscribe to our mailing list – it’s absolutely free!

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