Best Australian fund manager podcasts

Australian fund manager podcasts

We’ve provided extensive analysis on the best investing podcasts, but if you’re an Australian reader, there are a range of podcasts created by the country’s leading fund managers that you might not be aware of.

The hosts and guests in these podcasts are professionals that spend their working life analyzing markets, assessing opportunities and risk, and ultimately investing billions of dollars on behalf of their wealthy clients.

So, why wouldn’t you want to hear what they have to say?

We’ve compiled this list of the best podcasts produced by Australian fund managers based on content, production, and consistency of episodes.

The best Australian fund manager podcasts

Good Value | Pragmatic Value Investing

This is a show that also features on our lists of the world’s best value investing podcasts. It’s produced by a fund manager called Antipodes Partners. According to its website it has around $10 billion under management.

The podcast, which tops this list, is hosted by the firm’s investment director Alison Savas, and features interviews with prominent expert guests, company executives and members of Antipodes’ investment team. Its focus is on global stock markets.

It’s one of the first podcasts to be produced by an Australian fund manager and is now in its third year of production. New topical episodes are released on a monthly basis.

Complexity Premia

The Complexity Premia podcast is produced by Coolabah Capital, which is well-known Australian firm that specializes in trading bonds.

The podcast is hosted by Christopher Joye, who is Coolabah’s chief investment officer and a prominent macroeconomic commentator in Australia. Christopher’s co-host is his Coolabah Capital colleague, Ying Yi Ann Cheng.

The podcast is filled with macroeconomic insights and data from Coolabah Capital. It covers very topical issues such as the direction of interest rates and property prices.

New episodes are released most months and the podcast has recorded 90,000 lifetime downloads according to Podbean (to November 2023).

The Point: Professional Investing in Australia with Perpetual

The Point is a podcast produced by the Perpetual Group. Previously the podcast was produced by Pendal, however in 2023, Perpetual took over Pendal – and they took control of The Point podcast too!

The podcast was launched in 2021 and, as the name suggests, its episodes are short and to the point – usually 5-10 minutes.

Each episode features a portfolio manager from the Group sharing insights into a diverse range of investment topics.

OnTrack with Milford

OnTrack with Milford is produced by a fund manager called Milford Asset Management.

Podcast episodes are released every Monday and are titled “Monday Market Highlights”. They are short episodes – usually running for around 5 minutes.

The insights are brief, so don’t expect any deep-dives, but the weekly episodes provide a good overview of the important things to keep in mind for the week ahead in investment markets.

Firetrail Equity Edge | High Conviction Investing

Here’s a great podcast for anyone wanting a concise insight into how the professionals look at stocks.

Firetrail Equity Edge was launched in January 2024. Each episode features an interview with a portfolio manager or analyst from Firetrail Investments about one stock.

Listeners get a great overview of the stock in focus as host, Anthony Doyle, asks three questions every episode; 1) What is the company and what does it do to make money?, 2) What is the stock market missing regarding the company’s outlook?, 3) What is the worst and best case outlook for the company?

Firetrail Investments is a fund manager that specialises in what’s known as ‘high conviction ‘investing’. It manages around $7 billion invested across its stock market portfolios.

Well-produced and expertly hosted episodes are just 10 minutes long. You’ll hear about a new stock each fortnight.

Magellan In The Know

In The Know is a new monthly investment podcast produced by Magellan Financial Group, a firm that manages around $30 billion.

It provides deep dives into macroeconomic and geopolitical issues, along with stock market analysis. Episodes vary in length, but they are released monthly on a consistent basis.

You can expect feature interviews with experts from around the world and company CEOs, as well as analysis from the analysts and portfolio managers who work at Magellan.

Ethical Partners: Good Investing Podcast

This podcast is from an Australian investment management company known as Ethical Partners. The firm specializes in investing in ethical Australian stocks.

The podcast features interesting in-depth interviews with prominent investors and business leaders, along with executives from the companies Ethical Partners invest in.

“They are people that inspire us all to make a bigger difference in the things that matter in the lives we lead,” says the firm.

The podcast was launched in 2021. A new episode is published each month.

Stocks Neat

Forager Funds is the investment management company behind the Stocks Neat podcast. It’s a neat name, for a neat podcast!

It is co-hosted Steve Johnson who is Forager Fund’s chief investment officer, and Gareth Brown who is one of the firm’s Portfolio Managers.

A unique element is Whisky. Along with sharing insights into Australian and global stocks, stock market sectors, and investment trends, Steve and Gareth also sip on a new Whisky each episode and you can expect to hear a bit about it.

A new episode of Stocks Neat is released each month.

Happy Listening!

We hope you’ve found something new to listen to on this list of Australian fund manager podcasts.

Listening to fund manager podcasts is a great way to get investing insights and ideas.

These sort of insights were once only available to the wealthy clients of fund managers, but fortunately, thanks to the world of podcasting, anyone can now get access to the views and perspectives of professional investors.

Check out Podbam’s best podcasts section for more great podcasts.

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