Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts for 2024

Best AFL Fantasy Podcasts

With the 2024 AFL season just around the corner, fantasy football fanatics are searching for that extra edge to dominate their league.

Who will be the best rookies? Who should you make captain? Is Marcus Bontempelli worth the money? These are questions that Podcasts can help you answer.

In this article, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of must-listen podcasts for both AFL fantasy and Supercoach gurus. Get the right info, and you’ll be cheering all the way to Grand Final glory!

So prepare to gain that winning edge for 2024. Choose your favourite podcast from the list below, press play, take notes, and watch your fantasy rivals cower in fear in 2024!

Best AFL Fantasy Podcasts

PODPOD AFL Fantasy | Point Of Difference Podcast

Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts - PODPOD AFL Fantasy | Point Of Difference Podcast

For a fresh perspective on AFL Fantasy (Classic mode), PODPOD AFL Fantasy Point Of Difference Podcast’ is a great option. The hosts Dos, Lewy, The Statesman, and Holmesy expertly navigate the labyrinth of major topics, trades, and team-tinkering throughout the fantasy footy season.

Brought to you by The Keeper League Podcast, the show focuses on those game-changing point of difference players.

If you’re a seasoned fantasy manager or a newcomer, Dos and the crew provide invaluable insights and strategies that will elevate your fantasy game to the top level.

The Keeper League – AFL Fantasy Podcast

Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts - The Keeper League - AFL Fantasy Podcast

The Keeper League podcast is great listening for serious AFL fantasy football players. Hosted by ‘Heff and Kaes’, each episode delves deep into draft strategy, long-term team building, and advanced stats analysis for deep draft, dynasty, and keeper leagues.

If you want an edge in complex fantasy formats, this podcast delivers. Tune in to hear lively debates on injury risks, rookie projections, trading tactics, and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, The Keeper League will equip you with actionable insights and information to dominate your league for years to come. Smart, passionate AFL fantasy football at its best.

AFL Fantasy with The Traders

Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts - AFL Fantasy with The Traders’s Fantasy gurus Roy, Calvin, and Warnie provide essential AFL Fantasy advice on The Traders podcast. The lively show packs insightful tips and humour into digestible weekly episodes to help you build a winning fantasy team.

Whether you’re an AFL Fantasy veteran or are just starting out, you’ll enjoy the irreverent banter and genuine passion the Traders have. They’ll help you stay up to date on injuries, trades, captain picks, loopholes, and emerging rookies.

AFL Fantasy success awaits – just press play on The Traders!

AFL Fantasy, SuperCoach and Ultimate Footy Draft Podcast

Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts - AFL Fantasy, SuperCoach and Ultimate Footy Draft Podcast

Elevate your fantasy AFL game to championship levels with the ‘AFL Fantasy, SuperCoach, and Ultimate Footy Draft Podcast.’ Hosted by John Crockett, Steve Fizz, and The Statesman, this podcast is your secret weapon for dominating your league. You’re into Supercoach, Ultimate Footy, or AFL fantasy, they break down every aspect to give you a winning edge.

Focusing on draft-based leagues, their unmatched analysis, strategy, and unique insights set them apart. Gain an advantage over your league rivals by tapping into the hidden gems that other pundits overlook. With an entertaining twist, this podcast is your must-have playbook for fantasy success. Add it to your lineup today!

Doctor Supercoach

Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts - Doctor Supercoach

Doctor Supercoach Podcast demystifies AFL SuperCoach, transforming those enigmatic weekly team selections into easily digestible segments perfect for your daily commute or workout.

The team does the painstaking research so you reap all the rewards each round with strategic adjustments tailored to the unique SuperCoach scoring system.

Learn to pick premiums at value prices across all positions. Master trading tactics, captain decisions, and loopholes for maximum points. All packaged into entertaining episodes mixing humour and heart – for the seasoned veteran or newbie just learning the ropes.

And the infectious passion behind each show extends into meaningful charity work as well, with their popular “Donate for Donuts” campaign supporting cancer research.

AFL Fantasy Fanatics

Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts - AFL Fantasy Fanatics

AFL Fantasy Fanatics takes your standard fantasy football podcast and injects it with a double shot of passion.

Following that final siren each week, hosts Bailey Irrgang and Tim Guest gather a motley crew of AFL Fantasy fanatics to dissect every match in excruciating detail.

This rowdy roundtable of experts and enthusiasts produces unfiltered footy chatter that’s equal parts scrappy strategy session, locker room laughter, and fascination with Rory Laird’s every move.

Trade rages get vented. Mind-boggling selections get debated. But it’s all grounded in genuine camaraderie – a boisterous brotherhood bound by fantasy football mania.

AFL Fantasy Hat Chat

Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts - AFL Fantasy Hat Chat

AFL Fantasy ‘Hat Chat’ grants you exclusive access to the AFL Fantasy realm, where DC, Nathan, Sanch, and Jake embark on an epic odyssey in pursuit of those coveted top 100 hats.

These four fervent enthusiasts curate an engaging and enlightening voyage through the highs and lows of the fantasy season, offering invaluable insights and fostering a sense of camaraderie along the way.

Imagine it as a cozy game night with your closest friends, strategizing together while navigating the twists and turns of AFL Fantasy.

Tune in, embark on this thrilling adventure, and elevate your fantasy prowess with the guidance of these ardent pundits. Join them on their quest for glory!

DT Talk – AFL Fantasy Podcasts

Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts - DT Talk - AFL Fantasy Podcasts

For over a decade, Roy, Calvin, and Warnie have been the trusted gurus of AFL Fantasy, and their podcast, DT Talk – AFL Fantasy, is the ultimate playbook.

With an impressive track record dating back to 2007, they provide listeners with invaluable insights, strategy breakdowns, and the latest Fantasy Football trends.

Their banter and camaraderie are infectious, turning every episode into a delightful fantasy footy masterclass.

You’re a seasoned Fantasy manager or a newbie looking to up your game, this podcast is your one-stop destination.

The Coaches Panel AFL Fantasy Podcasts

Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts - The Coaches Panel AFL Fantasy Podcasts

The Coaches Panel AFL Fantasy Podcasts is your ultimate AFL fantasy football destination, covering all the bases from AFL SuperCoach to AFL Fantasy and AFL DreamTeam.

They delve into everything from the classic formats to single-season leagues, keeper leagues, and the exciting realm of daily fantasy.

This podcast isn’t just a source of insights; it’s your comprehensive hub for expert opinions, valuable advice, and real-time updates in the world of AFL fantasy.

You’re a seasoned strategist or a newcomer, The Coaches Panel offers the knowledge and guidance you need to elevate your fantasy football game to the next level.

SuperCoach Elites podcast

Best AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Podcasts - SuperCoach Elites podcast

The SuperCoach Elites podcast is a great show for those seeking the ultimate SuperCoach edge. Hosts “Corey and Bonfz” deliver an unfiltered, no-holds-barred take on SuperCoach strategies.

It’s a great mix of expert insights, banter, and the occasional hit of humor that’ll keep you both informed and entertained. But don’t worry, this is also a show for those who play to win.

Tune in to soak up the wisdom, share a laugh, and dominate your cash leagues. It’s a brilliant SuperCoach companion that’ll help you get the edge over your mates!

Good luck with your AFL Fantasy and Supercoach seasons!

With this all-star roster of AFL fantasy podcasts, you are locked, loaded, and ready to dominate your fantasy league in 2024. We’ve armed you with the ultimate fantasy playbook. Now it’s up to you to put these tips into action. As the season unfolds, keep these podcasts in your rotation to stay on top of every waiver, injury, and rookie trend. Let their expertise guide your trades, picks, and captain choices.

And if you’re a fantasy fanatic who also enjoys some good old-fashioned insights about Australia’s favourite game, check out our curated list of the best AFL Podcasts for the 2024 season.

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