Apple Podcasts makes a big move amid a high-stakes battle for listeners

Apple Podcasts Transcripts
Image by Apple Podcasts

Apple has just revealed its latest move to attract more listeners and creators to the Apple Podcasts platform.

The tech giant says it’s ready to launch new functionality that will automatically generate transcripts after a new episode is published.

The is what Apple said in a letter to podcast creators on Friday, February 26.

To make podcasts accessible to more users, we’re adding transcripts to Apple Podcasts. Listeners will be able to read along while your podcast plays or access a transcript from your episode page.

Apple Podcasts Team

Podbam can reveal transcripts will initially be available in English, French, German, and Spanish, however more languages will likely be added before the end of 2024.

Apple’s propriety artificial intelligence technology will underpin the transcriptions and historical episodes on popular and active podcasts will gradually have transcripts added.

Creators urged to prepare for Apple Podcasts transcripts

One challenge Apple’s technology team faces is ensuring its language models can accurately transcribe podcast.

Complexities will emerge in multilingual podcasts, podcasts with low quality audio or which play low-quality Audio snippets (such as sound bites from YouTube), and podcast with hosts who use regional slang or other language nuances.

Because of this, Apple is giving creators the option to switch off transcripts and upload their own.

Apple provided the following information to help creators get prepared for the new functionality.

To provide the best experience for your audience, make sure:

  • Audio quality is high and meets our requirements.
  • Your podcast’s language is set correctly in the RSS feed or in Apple Podcasts Connect. Learn how to update your metadata.
  • Your show and episode explicit setting is correct. Transcripts are not displayed for explicit episodes when content restrictions are turned on.

Apple’s terms and conditions have been updated as part of the process.

More information on this for creators can be found here.

Podcast platforms ramp up race for listeners

This major development by Apple comes amid a high-stakes battle for podcast supremacy between key players including, Apple, Spotify, and Google.

Spotify recently announced the introduction of Voice Translation for Podcasts. The impressive feature uses AI to transform the voice of podcast hosts into different languages.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is banking on YouTube becoming a hub for podcasts. It recently announced Google Podcasts would be shutting down, with shows migrating to Podcasts on YouTube Music, where new features to enhance the podcast experience have been touted.

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