14 Personal Finance Podcasts to Make You Rich

Personal Finance Podcasts

Managing money can feel overwhelming, but the right personal finance podcast can provide clarity, inspiration, and practical tips to help you master your finances.

This comprehensive article profiles the top 14 personal finance podcasts that deliver invaluable money advice in an approachable way.

From budgeting basics to advanced investing strategies, these shows tackle every aspect of money management with the goal of making financial independence achievable.

The hosts featured create judgment-free zones where you can learn without feeling intimated. Their relatable personal stories and genuine desire to see listeners succeed make dry financial topics engaging and empowering.

Whether you’re a total beginner or seasoned investor, this list offers something for everyone looking to take control of their money and build wealth.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts

14. Your Money, Your Wealth

Personal Finance Podcasts - Your Money, Your Wealth

Your Money, Your Wealth with Joe Anderson is a personal finance podcast that feels like a friend guiding you toward financial success. Joe’s warm and approachable style takes the complexity out of money management, making it engaging and easily digestible.

He covers a broad spectrum of financial topics, from investing strategies to retirement planning, with practical advice that resonates deeply. Joe’s relatable anecdotes and genuine passion for helping listeners build wealth create a sense of trust and camaraderie. It’s like having a supportive mentor by your side throughout your financial journey, and I’ve found his insights to be invaluable in shaping my financial future.

13. Marriage Kids and Money

Personal Finance Podcasts - Marriage Kids and Money

Elevate your family’s financial wellness and unlock the path to true wealth and happiness with The Marriage Kids and Money Podcast. Host Andy Hill engages in enlightening conversations with millionaire parents, financially independent couples, and industry experts like Paula Pant, JL Collins, and Rachel Cruze.

These discussions offer easily digestible insights and actionable advice, ensuring your family gets the life they deserve. With over 350 episodes and a nomination for “Best Podcast of the Year,” this 5-star-rated gem is a valuable resource. Topics range from mortgage payoff strategies to raising future millionaires with generous hearts.

Join the family wealth-building conversation and listen to a podcast that’s changing lives for the better.

12. All the Hacks with Chris Hutchins

Personal Finance Podcasts - All the Hacks with Chris Hutchins

All the Hacks with Chris Hutchins is a treasure trove of personal finance insights that’s both informative and incredibly relatable. Chris’s podcast feels like a one-on-one conversation with a close friend who’s mastered the art of managing money.

His genuine enthusiasm for financial hacks, investing, and wealth-building shines through in every episode. What sets this podcast apart is the practicality of the advice – it’s not just theory, but actionable tips you can immediately implement. Chris Hutchins doesn’t just share knowledge; he shares his own financial journey, including the pitfalls and victories, making personal finance less intimidating and more achievable for everyone. It’s an indispensable companion on my financial growth journey.

11. Everyone’s Talkin’ Money

Personal Finance Podcasts - Everyone's Talkin' Money | Personal Finance, Money, Money Therapy, Goal Setting

Get ready for real talk about real money issues with Shannah Game’s Everyone’s Talkin’ Money podcast. She brings heartfelt empathy and wisdom to the table, sharing her own financial struggles openly. You’ll feel like you’re chatting with a trusted friend, not just listening to a financial expert.

Shannah offers actionable money tips while also digging into the emotional side of money, like overcoming fear and changing scarcity mindsets. With candid discussions around topics like budgeting, investing, and getting out of debt, you’ll gain financial confidence. Shannah’s judgment-free zone allows you to be vulnerable so you can form new money habits. You’ll walk away motivated and empowered.

10. Planet Money

Personal Finance Podcasts - Planet Money

Planet Money brings complex financial topics down to earth with relatable stories and engaging hosts. Robert Smith and Jacob Goldstein make economics not just understandable but fascinating, even fun. They transform murky concepts like credit default swaps and subprime mortgages into compelling narratives anyone can appreciate.

Planet Money isn’t just educational but highly entertaining, with the hosts’ infectious enthusiasm and sharp wit. You’ll learn something new from each episode while enjoying the banter between Robert and Jacob. Whether they’re explaining big economic forces or personal finance issues we all face, Planet Money makes you think differently about money and economic systems in an enlightening way.

9. The Money with Katie Show

Personal Finance Podcasts - The Money with Katie Show

The Money with Katie Show has been a game-changer in my personal finance journey. Katie’s podcast feels like a lifeline of financial wisdom and support. Her friendly and relatable style instantly makes you feel at ease, even when tackling complex topics. With episodes covering budgeting, investing, and even the emotional side of money, Katie provides invaluable insights that resonate deeply. What sets her apart is her genuine concern for her listeners’ financial well-being.

She’s not just an expert; she’s a friend who’s been through it all. The Money with Katie Show has been my go-to companion for financial growth, making the often daunting world of finance feel approachable and achievable.

8. Afford Anything

Personal Finance Podcasts - Afford Anything

With her friendly and upbeat host Paula Pant, the Afford Anything podcast makes financial independence feel fun and achievable. Paula’s conversational style puts listeners at ease as she provides practical advice on saving, investing, real estate, and more.

While some personal finance shows can feel stuffy, Paula makes money talk engaging with humor and empathy. Whether discussing passive income streams or early retirement, Paula emphasizes financial freedom in service of living your best life.

With actionable tips dispensed with optimism, Afford Anything gets listeners excited to take control of their money and design the life they want.

7. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

Personal Finance Podcasts - Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

Money Girl’s finance podcast provides approachable money advice in bite-sized episodes. Host Laura Adams speaks in a friendly, relatable tone, making personal finance topics like budgeting, investing, and taxes less intimidating.

The quick tips are easy to digest and implement, helping listeners take control of their finances. While the focus is practical money skills, Laura also discusses strategies for achieving broader life goals like buying a home or taking a dream vacation. This podcast makes personal finance fun with Laura’s enthusiastic personality and emphasis on attainable money tips.

6. Financial Independence Podcast

Personal Finance Podcasts - Financial Independence Podcast

The Financial Independence Podcast, hosted by the brilliant Mad Fientist, is a beacon of financial enlightenment in the world of personal finance podcasts. Mad Fientist’s insightful discussions and warm, relatable tone make the complex world of financial independence accessible to everyone. With a touch of humor and a genuine passion for helping listeners achieve financial freedom, this podcast feels like a friendly conversation with a trusted friend.

From investing strategies to practical money-saving tips, Mad Fientist covers it all. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and actionable advice that will empower you to take control of your financial future.

5. The Money Mondays

Personal Finance Podcasts - The Money Mondays

Get ready to crush your money goals each week with The Money Mondays podcast from self-made millionaire Dan Fleyshman. He brings high energy inspiration in short 15-20 minute episodes to pump you up about your financial potential.

Dan is transparent about mistakes he’s made on his journey to success, so you know his advice comes from experience, not just textbook lessons. His enthusiasm is contagious as he shares tips to increase income, have better conversations about money, and teach financial literacy to kids. Dan speaks like your ultra-motivated friend, empowering you to get out of debt, build assets, and live the life you want. The Money Mondays provides that weekly push we all need to level up financially.

4. Financial Feminist

Personal Finance Podcasts - Financial Feminist

Tori Dunlap is a breath of fresh air in the often stuffy world of personal finance. Her Financial Feminist podcast approaches money topics in an empowering way for women, with a delightful dose of millennial humor.

You’ll learn practical budgeting and investing tips tailored to real life, not lofty six-figure salaries. More than a finance guru, Tori feels like a wise big sister who wants to see you thrive. She challenges modern money norms with empathy and wit. Whether you’re starting out or gaining traction, Tori’s sincere advice will help you gain confidence and take control of your financial future.

3. Habits and Hustle

Personal Finance Podcasts - Habits and Hustle

Jennifer Cohen, the host of Habits and Hustle, imparts her insights on personal finance while infusing it with empathy, humor, and straightforward communication. Regardless of where you stand in your financial voyage, Jennifer is there to provide non-judgmental financial guidance that is customized to your specific objectives and challenges.

You can’t help but feel supported listening to Jennifer transparently share her own ups and downs while building multiple businesses and wealth. Her uplifting spirit and strategic knowledge provide the mindset shakeup and practical tools needed to transform your relationship with money. If you’re ready to align your habits with your hopes and dreams, Jennifer Cohen is like a caring confidant who wants you to win with both money and life.

2. Money and Investing with Andrew Baxter

Personal Finance Podcasts - Money and Investing with Andrew Baxtger

Andrew Baxter, the CEO of Australian Investment Education, brings a wealth of knowledge and entertaining wit to his acclaimed Money and Investing Podcast. Drawing on over two decades of experience, Baxter provides practical tips and unfiltered opinions to help everyday investors build wealth. With his working-class British origins, Baxter brings a grounded perspective often lacking among financial gurus.

His journey from humble beginnings to multi-millionaire success inspires listeners to take control of their financial destiny. A natural storyteller, Baxter intersperses market insights with amusing anecdotes from his colorful life and career. Whether reminiscing on 1980s London trading floors or his globe-trotting adventures, he makes complex topics relatable. Baxter distills sophisticated strategies into plain English anyone can understand and implement.

His simple, proven formula for investing condenses knowledge gained from mentors like Robert Kiyosaki. Baxter empowers listeners to become informed market participants. Informed yet informal, entertaining yet educational, Andrew Baxter’s Money and Investing Podcast provides the perfect formula for DIY investors. His blunt but good-natured style makes the show a genuine pleasure. With Baxter’s help, building wealth is not only possible but downright enjoyable.

1. Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin

Personal Finance Podcasts - Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin

Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin is like having the most supportive yet honest financial therapist help you recover from bad money habits. Nicole blends empathy, humor, and savvy strategic advice to make saving, budgeting, and investing feel exciting and within reach.

You can’t help but feel motivated listening to Nicole share her own financial flaws and wins on the journey to money mastery. It’s a judgment-free zone where you can heal your relationship with money. Money Rehab provides the perfect balance of compassion and wisdom to transform your mindsets and behaviors around personal finance. If you’re ready to cure your money woes, let Nicole Lapin be your guide to a financially healthy and abundant life.

Happy listening!

The personal finance podcasts showcased in this article represent the gold standard for money advice that enlightens, uplifts, and inspires. Let them be your guide to financial independence and a wealthy life on your own terms!

If you are looking for other investing podcasts, check out our other carefully curated lists below!

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